MDMA Addiction – It Just Isn’t For Real!

First of all, forget about MDMA addiction. Being addicted to ecstasy is not technically possible.

MDMA is simply not an addictive drug.

Ecstasy, or MDMA is a drug which you can come to depend on. However, please don’t believe that you’ll be addicted to it. You can become dependent on ecstasy, just like marijuana dependency is possible.

MDMA addiction and withdrawal symptoms are just not possible. It’s very important that you understand that some sources of information may try to tell you that you’re addicted. If this is the case, it might be because they are promoting a drug or rehab clinic.

You cannot become addicted to ecstasy.

If you experience symptoms similar to those of drug withdrawal after taking ectasy, then you have probably been taking a substance other than MDMA.

It’s common to find pills that have been mixed with amphetamines and even cocaine.

If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, then check out the links below.

If not, skip the links and read on. 

Cocaine addiction symptoms 

Cocaine paranoia

Treatment For MDMA Addiction Or Dependency

While there is no such thing as being addicted to MDMA, dependency on the drug is entirely possible.

Some users may feel that they need to take ecstasy in order to enjoy themselves on social occasions. Others might find that they can only be friendly and open after taking MDMA.

What do you do if you’re dependent on MDMA?

Change your lifestyle

A change in lifestyle can work wonders for MDMA dependency problems.

Finding new friends, taking up new activities and avoiding the same clubs, bars and parties where you often spend time can help you to move on from ecstasy.

Taking up a hobby, regular exercise and travelling can help you to turn the page faster.

Tell all your friends that you’re stopping ecstasy and that you’d like them to avoid talking about it and taking it around you.

Accept that you’ve had many good times already and that these enjoyable moments will forever be a part of you. This is a way of valuing the experiences that you’ve had and being satisfied with your life.

Hopefully, this way you’ll be able to shut the door on MDMA and feel good without it.

  1. There were several inresetting and productive experiments done with psychotherapy combined with hallucinogens in the 60 s. These drugs are used legally in Native American religious ceremonies today, and mind-altering techniques have been part of many religions. Without guidance of someone like a therapist or shaman, the hallucinations might be a positive or negative experience. From the experience of a friend who was involuntarily hospitalized at that time as an alcoholic and a lesbian, and cured of neither, many treatments did not go particularly well then.Just because a patient takes medication during the course of his recovery does not mean his recovery is not the right kind. I assume neither of us are physicians or pharmacists, and there is a big difference between using a therapeutic drug effectively, and using a drug to escape. There are times, though, when we must ask: Is this appropriate for my condition, doctor , because I know so many people who have been prescribed benzodiazepines or whatever.

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