Alcohol Poisoning – It’s More A Danger Than Just A Hangover.

Let’s not get alcohol poisoning confused with having hangover symptoms.

Alcohol is poisonous to your body, especially in large quantities. So people who take part in binge drinking are not only a bit stupid, but they’re putting themselves in real danger.

What if I have alcohol poisoning?

You’d better hope that someone who cares about you is nearby.
Because generally, you won’t be in the right state to do much about it if you’re at an advanced stage.

So the person who is with you has to look for the symptoms and be able to recognise them in order to decide whether they need to call the emergency services.

You can be vomiting a lot without it necessarily being to do with alcohol poisoning.Read on to find out what the real symptoms of being poisoned from alcohol are It may just be a bad hangover.

It does happen that people think they are poisoned when really they just have a bad hangover and are vomiting.

If you are suffering from the worst hangover ever then you have to try to find the right cure for it. And you have to do this pretty soon. My best advice for you would be the following:

  1. Hangover Drinks to have an alcohol detox
  2. Milk Thistle to help your liver to recover
  3. Tea to further detox and wake you up
  4. Hangover food if you can manage it

And please try to follow my hangover tips so you don’t get so hungover ever again. And don’t go with any of the myths that coffee or a cold shower fixes you up. These are entirely fake.

Symptoms Of Real Alcohol Poisoning

If you’re concerned that the person you’re with appears to be poisoned, you’ll know by checking the following:

Their breathing

If it’s irregular breathing and it appears to be slowing down then this is a bad sign. Call the emergency services.

They’re vomiting

Any person who is poisoned will be vomiting often, probably every few minutes and even when their stomach is empty. This is the body’s reflex to expel the poison.

However, just vomiting on its own does not mean that the person has alcohol poisoning. Other symptoms have to be present too. The person could simply just be drunk and have a sensitive stomach.


This goes without saying but if someone has a seizure, they could be in deep trouble. The seizures could be due to hypoglycemia. So call an ambulance.

They are cold

Their body is getting colder and may even have a bluish tint. If left untreated then this person could catch hypothermia.

They don’t react to anything

If the person doesn’t react to anything, despite you trying to shake them out of the stupor, then check their eyes.
A very good and simple test to make is to see if their pupil reacts to a torch being shone directly on it.

If it reacts then that’s a good sign. If it fails to react then it’s a cause for concern and they should go to the hospital.

If you’re ever in doubt just call an ambulance

Don’t take the risk of someone’s heart stopping, or them getting brain damage because of an alcohol overdose.
It’s not worth the risk.

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