How To Avoid Hangovers With Easy Natural Techniques!

You want to drink without ever getting a hangover. In other words, you want to avoid hangovers.

No, I’m not going to tell you to abstain from drinking.

That would be rather weird. Let’s keep that “don’t drink to avoid a hangover” stupid bit of advice for annoying, boring bullshit munchers who we don’t like ūüôā

There we go.

Instead, I’m going to give you my top ten tips which help to avoiding hangovers or prevent you getting hungover:

 1. Prevent hangovers with a vitamin drink

Preventing hangovers is far better than treating them once they’re already there. It’s far easier too, if you remember what to do.

I explain exactly how to take vitamins after drinking for hangover prevention right here.

2. Drink some quality drinks – and don’t mix them

Go for better quality beer, spirits and wines.

Don’t touch drinks laden with¬†congeners and impurities,¬†like Tequila and Rum.

If you want to avoid hangovers, stay right away from low grade wine or beer. Watch out for draft beer from dodgy pubs and bars too.

I got the worst hangover ever once and it was all from drinking beer.

3. Food before and after drinking

A more well know drinking tip to avoid hangovers is not to drink on an empty stomach and if you can remember, have something to eat at the end of the night.

Not only will eating¬†before¬†drinking protect your stomach from the alcohol but it’ll dilute the alcohol content in your blood.

Eating when you get back does something similar and is very effective.

It also kick starts your metabolism going so you’ll process the alcohol faster.

4. Have some fresh air in the house

Air with high levels of oxygen is great for helping your body recover.

Try to sleep with the window open if you can and radiators off.

If you forget, then open it the minute you wake up, even if it’s cold outside. That fresh air is better than anything else right now.

That’s why¬†oxygen can fix a hungover head.

5. Have breaks between drinks

It’s all too easy to drink until you don’t know what you’re doing anymore.

But of course, by that time it’s too late. Enjoying your night? You won’t remember if you do the next day.

If you really want to prevent hangovers then chill out, have a pause between drinks. Slow your tempo down a bit.

This isn’t a race.

6. Have water by your bed

Obvious but not everyone remembers to do it of course to avoid a hangover.

Get a big glass of water and put it by your bed. That way, you can gulp some down every time you wake up from dehydration.

Often, people wake up for a pee in the night. Try to drink some water then.

7. Juice is the word

Rather than soft drinks, mix juices with your alcohol.

This is more relevant if you drink vodka and orange, or vodka and cranberry juice.

Drinking this will help you avoid getting hungover for sure. As you drink and lose essential vitamins from your body, the juice replaces them. To some extent.

So stick to the best juices when you add to alcohol.

8. Always have fruits at your place

Fruits are the best for making yourself a great blended fruit smoothie drink the next day and bringing you back to life.

Or even better, for having at home, before you go to sleep.

9. Don’t hang around with binge drinking losers

If you find some of your friends are into¬†binge drinking,¬†then either don’t do it yourself or don’t hang around with them.

You can still find some new friends who drink for enjoyment and not for passing out.

10. Stay fit and healthy

Eat well, get regular excercise and fresh air and stay in reasonably good health.

Don’t be surprised if I tell you unhealthy people get worse hangovers then healthy people.

Their bodies function less efficiently and they can’t process the alcohol out as fast as healthy people.

Being healthy means that if you do get hungover, you’ll get over it faster.

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