A Bacon Sandwich – Can it Cure a Hangover?

Can a bacon sandwich cure a hangover? Certainly it can help you climb your way out of one.

How does it work?

Making a simple, grilled sandwich of good quality bacon wedged nicely in between two slices of toast can help process your hangover out whilst simultaneously clearing your head.

Add some pickles to the mix (eat them beforehand) and you’re on your way to a full hangover recovery.

Obviously, don’t expect it to perform miracles if you go binge drinking and mix up low quality industrial cider with tequila, followed by cheap red table wine.

That would be silly. But we are all silly sometimes so don’t worry too much.

A bacon sandwich can work well for a moderate hangover.

The pickles hangover cure

How does a bacon sandwich make you feel better?

Munching on bacon is munching on protein.

When you let the fat drip off (grill it) the bacon will become lean and semi crispy.

Bacon is extremely tasty when it’s grilled. So when most of the fat is on the bottom of your grill pan, you’re left with a tasty strand of meat that’s high in protein.

Digesting bacon breaks it down into amino acids (amines) which are food for your brain.

As well as the pleasure you’ll get from eating this delicious snack, the amino acids help to clear your head and awake you from your hangover fog.

How does the toast make you feel better?

The toast is starchy in composition. Given that part of the reason you’re hungover is because your blood sugar level is low (known ashypoglycemia) a boost in blood sugar level is exactly what you need.

Food, especially the right kind, helps you metabolise the alcohol faster, meaning you recover from your hungover state in less time.

The right quantity of food

When you’re badly hungover, having too much food can cause you to go into a digestive meltdown the next day.

Don’t overeat, or you’ll be digesting all day. You’ll feel groggy, slow and your headache can even come back.

A bacon sarnie is the right quantity of food to sort you out, without you having to overeat.

Preventing hangovers instead

Of course, if you can remember to do it, eat your bacon snack after drinking and before bed.

This way, you’ll give it a chance to start working before you feel all the bad effects the morning after.

The bacon and bread will be helping your body out while you sleep.

You want an even more effective hangover remedy? Take a multi-vitamin tablet too before bedtime.

You’ll be helping your liver out as well as your head and the rest of your body, all while you sleep.

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