What’s The Best Hangover Cure Ever Ever? In The World?

It’s taken me a while to decide which is the best hangover cure or remedy ever, anywhere.

You should try my free guide which gives you the ten best hangover cures and prevention treatments.

It’s much better to prevent getting hungover in the first place by taking a complete multivitamin pill before sleeping.

Some multivitamins replace nutrients that alcohol causes you to lose and boost energy levels.

The best ones have silymarin and cysteine which should help detox your liver too.

A good multivitamin for example, works out at about 60 cents to prevent each hangover if you take 3 pills before sleeping.

You have to remember to take the pills though. I leave them on my pillow so it’s impossible to forget.

I’ve tried so many other cures. From commercial carbon remedies, to natural vitamin detox based cures, to simple hangover home remediessuch as good hangover food and hangover drinks. I always try to promote natural hangover cures rather than pharmaceuticals.

I’ve talked about sweating it out, about having a bath or shower, about hangover sex and about getting fresh air.

Also, as we all know by now, hangover prevention is far better than treating your hangover when you’ve already hungover and vomiting, it’s too late for all that.

Then I realised that the most effective remedy is going to be one that makes you better when you feel absolutely awful.

We’ve all been there, with the most evil hangover ever. For this, only the best hangover cure, natural or pharmaceutical works.

You need the remedy that works the fastest and provides youhangover relief in just 30 minutes.

What can you do to get over it and get the fastest hangover relief possible?

Ibuprofen and flat Coke is the best hangover cure that works the fastest

It’s happened to me around ten times only in my life, being hungover this bad.

It’s been nasty, grim mediaeval torture every time.

The only remedy I’ve found which can help in this case is Nurofen or Advil with flat coke or Pepsi

How do I take it if I’m vomiting?

The trick is to wait until you puke, then have it right afterwards.

That way, you’ve maybe got half an hour for it to work its magic on your stomach (coke or pepsi) and on your head (ibuprofen) before you vomit chunks again.

Of course, once you pop 400mg of Ibuprofen and drink your half a pint of coke, go straight to bed, shut your eyes and sleep.

After puking you tend to be quite tired so with a bit of luck, you’ll be asleep within a few minutes.

Then what happens?

While you sleep, the coke gets to work settling your stomach and replacing lost energy by raising your blood sugar level.

A low blood sugar is of course, one of the reasons you feel so bad.Furthermore, the cola is rehydrating your body, which is exactly what it needs. This helps your head just a bit too.

But the main benefit of coke is settling a pukey stomach.

The Ibuprofen is amazing at blocking out the pain.

Not only this, but sometimes, it actually even makes you feel pretty good.

I’m not saying have some more to get high, but what I do know is that when you wake up, get up and jump in the shower, you’ll start to float pleasantly into the Ibuprofen cloud.

Which kind of ibuprofen is the best?

The coolest I’ve ever had by far is Nurofen. This is incredible and you’ll even feel happy within an hour. It’s that good.

But as it’s not always available everywhere in the world, another unbeatable painkiller is Advil.

I know this is works very well for most people.

By the way, I’m not a doctor. I’m just sharing the tips that work the best for me. Read the notices on any medication before taking it.

What do I do when I wake up?

Say you sleep for one hour or so. You’ll wake up, not yet realising the effect of what you’ve had.

Jump right in the shower and freshen up. Pour hot water on your neck if you can take it.

By the end of your shower, you’ll be realising that you don’t have a headache anymore and you no longer feel like dog poop warmed up.

You’ll be entering what I refer to as the “Ibuprofen Cloud”, aided by coke or pepsi. This is a pretty good feeling considering one hour before you were at death’s skanky, pukey dark door.

Then what? Is that it?

Not quite.

There’s still a really low chance that your hungover state manifests itself once more a few hours later, when the effects of the best hangover cure ever ever wear off. So it’s not worth taking the risk.

But just to be sure, make sure you drink plenty of water, fruit juice and tea. Have some hangover drinks to flush your body and go out for a walk in the fresh air.

Happy now? The rest of the day will be a breeze and it’s all so easy when you know how…

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