Does Bloody Mary Give You Hangover Relief Or Is Everyone A Liar?

I love a well made Bloody Mary. Whether it’s a real remedy for hangovers remains open to debate.

It depends on the type of hangover you’re suffering from. 

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Bloody Mary is not quite typical hair of the dog

Theoretically, a Bloody Mary is a hair of the dog hangover remedy.

Anything that you take with alcohol the next day is effectively hair of the dog: having alcohol to soothe the negative effects of alcohol.

However, I’m inclined to give more support to this morning after drink as a remedy. After all, depending on your level of hangover, it’s the alcoholic drink most likely to soothe you the morning after.

What is a Bloody Mary?

Originally, it was a drink with just vodka and tomato juice.

During the 1960s, a fella name George Wessel added spices and new ingredients to make it a fully loaded and far more interesting cocktail.

Nowadays, to make a real one, you need salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and Worcestershire Sauce to the mix, along with some ice for a complete experience. Don’t forget the vodka and tomato juice of course. Some add Tabasco as well.

This is far better than typical morning after drinking to relieve hangovers. 

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Why is this cocktail good for when you’re hungover?

What makes this particular, more recent way of making it better than just having a beer to soothe your bad head, is the extra ingredients.


Lemon Juice – Source of Vitamin C which you lose when drinking

Salt & Pepper – Good for hangover recovery and replacing lost nutrients

Tomato Juice – Possibly the best juice for when you’re hungover

Cayenne – Clears your head and improves circulation

How about the Vodka?

Normally, I wouldn’t recommend having vodka if you’re hungover.

However, exceptionally and with a low dose of it, it could help you as long as your hangover isn’t too severe.

What’s the verdict?

The fact that you have this drink with such excellent accompanying ingredients, which are all helping you to get relief, mean that any effect of Vodka drawing out your hangover any longer is countered by the tomato juice, lemon juice and other ingredients.

For example, if you’re not severely hungover but you do have a headache, then this drink can certainly soothe you for a couple of hours.

Not to mention, it’s pretty good!

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