Get Hangover Relief Fast And Get Up

1. Instantly Fix a Hangover

Suffering from a bad hangover is no fun at all.

You don’t want to stay in bed. Or if you do, then you want to feel better right away.

Instant hangover relief is almost impossible, but you can fix your head in around 30-40 minutes.

How does it work?

It involves ibuprofen and flat cola.

You need this right now.

But hold on, you need to know how to take it.

Get fast relief from the best hangover cure

2. Natural relief from being hungover

I prefer natural remedies for hangovers and I know many of you agree with me too.

Ever wondered which cures really work?

I’ve tested every single one, and I’ve come up with some great recommendations for providing faster relief.

Some of these solutions may be in your kitchen right now, lying just a few feet away.

The best natural hangover remedies

3. Diagnose your hangover to fix it!

Just as the causes of being hungover vary, the solutions for relief vary too.

There are many different types of hangover and loads of treatments that correspond with each condition.

Diagnose yourself now

Save loads of time by finding out the right remedy for your morning after condition. 

How you can get hangover relief adapted to your condition

4. Oxygen and exercise

To feel better fast, you’ll need to exercise your body.

Getting the blood circulating is essential for recovery, if you can handle it.

Don’t be lazy, be brave.

Get out of bed, get some fresh air and stretch those legs.

Sweat out that alcohol. It’s nasty, poisonous stuff.

Fresh air is essential for recovery and healing your battered body and brain. 

How oxygen can cure hangovers fast

5. Headache Relief

Sometimes when we wake up hungover, most things feel fine.

Most things.

Because the one part of your body that doesn’t feel right at all, is yourhead.

And this is the one part which you’d prefer to feel good!

I have tested plenty of solutions that are adapted to fixing your head after drinking alcohol. 

Relief from headaches 

5 different morning after remedies 

How to cure a whiskey hangover fast


A Whiskey Hangover – What Causes It And What Is The Remedy?

Getting a grim whiskey hangover is no fun at all. This tends to happen when you’ve been doing one of the following:

– Drinking low grade, cheap whiskey

– Mixing whiskey with bourbon

– Mixing different kinds of whiskey

– Mixing other drinks with whiskey

So now you know how you got to be a shivering, sweating wreck with a splitting headache, nausea and lethargy, what can you do about it?

Cure a whiskey hangover

Curing a whiskey hangover fast is probably what you’re looking for now.

Or otherwise, you’re here looking for ways to fix your hangover from whiskey the next time round.

Or even better, you’re intelligent enough to be looking to prevent your hangover from even occurring the next time.

If you like a drink but you’re feeling terribly hungover now, then you need a fast fix.

Follow these tips to get yourself feeling better fast.

1. Ibuprofen for a very bad hangover

If the pain is unbearable and you can’t handle it anymore, then taking some fast acting Advil to relieve the pain.

Advil is ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory which reduces swelling in your brain causes by the dehydration. It also blocks the pain receptors so you can’t feel the pain caused by the chemical impurities that were present in your low grade whiskey.

Sip a sugar drink with it to raise your blood sugar level simultaneously. 

More on the ibuprofen hangover relief cure

2. Get fresh air and exercise

If you can handle it, then getting some very clean, oxygen rich fresh air can help you recover faster from your hangover.

Medical staff and doctors who arrive at work after a party reach straight for the oxygen tank for deep breaths of pure oxygen.

Why? Because oxygen and fresh air provide your blood with much needed molecules which help your body to break down the alcohol faster, thus expelling it from your body.

If you’re walking fast, or sweating (remember to drink water) then you’ll be processing your hangover faster as well.

In fact, for many people, a good workout is their primary hangover remedy.

Not all of us like to work out though, and many of us who live in cities find it hard to get real fresh air.

This is where portable oxygen can be excellent for providing energy to the body and relieving headaches.

Ask anyone working in a hospital if it works. Doctors give you oxygen when you’re in pain and athletes sleep in oxygen tanks to recover faster from injuries.

The effects of pure oxygen on a bad hangover can be very fast working.

Portable Oxygen in a Can

3. Take vitamins

You should always have a stash of multivitamin pills in your cupboard.

Taking these the night before, right after you’ve finished drinking can work wonders to prevent hangovers.

These tablets should be taken with a big glass of water. They’ll work to replace lost electrolytes while you sleep, and to help your liver to process out the hangover faster.

You can try a tablet like PreToxx for Hangovers , which has timed release and is very effective at greatly reducing hangover symptoms.

These are entirely natural vitamins and don’t contain drugs.

If you forget to take them the night before then it’s best to take them as soon as you wake up, then to go back to sleep for an hour or two.

Even if you feel better you should take them to improve your health and build up resistance to hangovers.

4. Drink good whiskey

Follow these tips and you’ll rarely suffer from hangovers by drinking whiskey:

1. Drink only good quality whiskey

2. Don’t mix different types of whiskey in the same night (eg. don’t mix single malt and blended Scotch)

3. Avoid single malt. Avoid bourbon.

4. Don’t mix other drinks with whiskey (avoid Cognac, Tequila, Rum, wine)

If you stick to the same good blended Scotch all night, your hangover should be less severe.

Bourbon tends to be the main culprit in causing morning after headaches.

Treating Hangovers That Slap Your Head

Treating hangovers is tough because we suffer from so many different types of hangover.

Therefore, the remedy varies according to your condition.

Rather than treating your hangover with a cure the next day, you’ve surely realised that the best way to avoid getting hungover is simply to prevent it instead of than waiting until you wake up the next day when the pain is already there.

But we forget

The unfortunate truth is that many of us forget to take a vitamin drink or to have the right amounts of water, fruit juice and food after drinking and before sleeping in order to prevent their hangovers.

Why is this? Because we’re basically too drunk to remember what to do and despite leaving the multivitamin effervescent pill on the pillow so we don’t forget to take it, we do forget.

In our inebriated state, we do sometimes forget, contrary to all the great advice that people give us about how hangovers can be prevented, we totally forget everything.

Treating hangovers isn’t a simple matter and finding the right cure or remedy for your evil condition can be a challenge as we all know.

If you’ve read about the different levels of hangover you can suffer from, you’ll probably looking to match your condition up with the correct remedy or cure.

So for treating each type of hangover in a different way, here’s what I recommend.

1. Next Day Buzz

The next day buzz is hardly a real hangover. You’ll maybe get away with drinking an espresso coffee and water. Yes coffee is not generally recommended for treating hangovers, but this time you can give it a go to wake you up as it won’t dehydrate you too much, hopefully.

Pop a vitamin drink too and enjoy your lunch.

2. Gas Head Hangover

Tired and unable to think too straight or concentrate for too long, you need a bit more of a pick up for treating your languid state.

Drink lots of fruit juice throughout the day and have a multivitamin. Make sure the foods you eat are starch based like pasta and toast and maybe have a banana. Don’t eat too much otherwise you may fall asleep.

See the hangover food and hangover drink pages for more on what to eat and drink to treat hangovers.

3. The Classic Hangover

To remind you of how you feel:

You still feel a bit drunk the next morning and have a classic next day headache, dry mouth and your guts are moving around a bit.

Hmmm. The recommendation for treating this type of hangover is:

– eggs and bacon

– 2 bananas

– lots of water and fruit juice throughout the day

– an energy drink without caffeine

4. The Beast Hangover

Now we’re talking. You really went for it last night if you’re suffering from The Beast today. A bee stung your brain, your breath is worse than Rover the dog who just ate a 2 week old steak he found in a bin in the street and you feel like you’ll vomit if you even think about alcohol.

You’re never going to drink again, ever. Well, until Friday maybe.

A tough, delicate condition to overcome.

To get back on track, you need:

– big multivitamin pill (preferably effervescent)

– sugar drinks, (like Coca Cola or Pepsi) to rehydrate & increase your blood sugar level

– when you can handle it, eat a banana with honey on it

– have a hot shower or a bath to sweat out some alcohol, then blast cold water on your face and on your head

Try to resist having a painkiller unless your head is really still unbearably painful, even after drinking and eating all.

5. The Worst Bad Hangover

If your hangover is any worse than the beast, you must have the worst bad hangover. I feel very sorry for you and I understand what you’re going through.

As far as a cure goes, you’ll just have to stay put, drinking water or sugar drinks before you can stomach anything solid.

Try to sleep through the pain.

How to Prevent a Hangover with One Killer Natural Method

Knowing how to prevent a hangover can make life a lot easier.

Personally, I can’t stand wasting half my day, or sometimes my whole day, with a splitting headache and on the verge of vomiting every time I think of either alcohol or food.

It’s not just that the pain and discomfort are debilitating, it’s that I like to be active and do stuff. Whether it’s work or play, I can’t stand lying around hungover.

Once you find out how to prevent a hangover and get into the habit of it, all that changes.

Using just a simple technique leads you to wake up with a more or less clear head and much more energy than you would have without taking it.

It works approximately 9 times out of 10 for most of us and it’s only when you’ve done something a bit stupid like binge drinking, mixing your drinks or downing low quality alcohol that you may still get hungover when trying this technique.

Your hangovers will always be less severe though.

You should try my free guide which gives you the ten best hangover cures and prevention treatments.

A multivitamin with liver detox prevents hangovers

When we drink alcohol we lose a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from our bodies.

One of the causes of hangovers is the loss of these nutrients.

So what’s the best remedy or prevention trick?

Replacing what you lose and even boosting your vitamins levels a bit more than normal even before you even feel the effects of any hangover is great for preventing morning after headaches and nausea.

You take a natural vitamin pill with some water after drinking and before sleeping and you wake up feeling so much better.

You just need to find the right kind of vitamins that work better than the others.

Which multivitamin works?

Considering that you don’t want to be paying too much to prevent getting hungover, you should be checking out Function.

Ideally, take one of these before going out and two after drinking and before sleeping. That means it takes 2-4 pills to prevent a hangover successfully.

Personally, just 2 for me after drinking mean I wake up with a clear head, and able to perform normally.

As I work on Saturdays this is particularly useful.

Why is this hangover pill any good?

I like it particularly for two reasons. First, because it has vitamins C with magnesium and calcium. Essentially, if you take these vitamins in the right quantities after drinking, you sleep pretty well and wake up clear headed.

It also has 5HTP which helps to boost serotonin.

It contains cysteine and silymarin which means it can protect and detoxify your liver as you sleep; important when you drink alcohol.

Liver detox

What happens when your liver performs more efficiently? As well as your general health levels improving, having a high performance liver should be helping you get rid of hangovers faster.

Function has silymarin, the essential liver cleaning element that is extracted from milk thistle and it has L-cysteine. Cysteine is found in eggs and helps to clean toxins from your body.

These detox herbs are perfect for ridding your body of acetaldehyde (the toxin produced when your body breaks down alcohol), which is another cause of your hangover.

Just make sure you take one tablet before drinking and two more when you’re finished drinking.

More tablets to prevent hangovers

Looking around some more there are some great vitamins which boost energy and help to prevent you getting hungover.

Having oxygenated vitamins before sleeping and you might even jump out of bed the next morning!

I’m exaggerating, but this vitamin pill is so full of the best electrolytes that you’ll have some great energy levels the next day.

I’d say this one is great for those of you working in events and sales that need to entertain clients regularly.

All that eating and drinking takes its toll, but a boost of vitamins after drinking means you can still have a productive day the next day.

Oxygenating vitamins should work well for general energy and for getting more out of your day too, if you work or if you study.

Pretoxx Hangover Cure – Does Preventing a Hangover Really Work?

I came across Pretoxx hangover cure (or hangover prevention) pills when testing various commercial hangover treatments that are available on the market today.

On a quest for the perfect hangover preventing pill, I wanted to see whether Pretoxx would help me wake up with a clear head, no nausea or shaking, no lethargy and pains.

Did it work?

First of all, what is Pretoxx?

Pretoxx hangover cure is a health supplement that is used to prevent you from suffering from hangover symptoms and which can have beneficial effects on your health if taken regularly.

It’s available in capsules and contains only natural herbs and vitamins. More specifically, it contains vitamins and herbs that are designed to prevent your body from feeling the unpleasant side effects of drinking too much alcohol.

How do you take Pretoxx hangover cure?

Pretoxx works best if you take it every day as some of the ingredients are beneficial to your liver and help you build up a healthy resistance to hangovers.

It’s recommended to take it before and especially after drinking and before sleeping.

To avoid dehydration it’s best to take the tablets with a large glass of water.

Do you take it between drinks?

Pretoxx is made in such a way that you don’t need to keep taking it throughout the night, unlike other hangover prevention pills. After all, who remembers to actually take pills every few drinks? And who wants to be seen popping pills in a nightclub? It’s a sure way to get kicked out.

What’s in it?

The ingredients are:

Vitamins B1, B6, B12: this is main vitamin group that gets depleted when you drink. Low levels of B vitamins can leave you feeling slow and lethargic, with a headache.

Vitamin C: As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C helps to prevent the effects of toxins from making themselves felt.

Milk thistle: An age old herb used for promoting healthy liver function.

N-acetyl cysteine: Cysteine is found in eggs (hangover food) and is great for cleaning up toxins. It does this by boosting the liver’s levels of glutathione, used to help the liver detoxify your body.

Prickly pear extract: This has been proven in a study to reduce levels of nausea.

On paper, Pretoxx hangover cure should be great for preventing a hangover. You just have to get into the habit of taking it with plenty of water before bed. But did it really work?

Pretoxx put to the test

I decided to test Pretoxx on a night when I knew a few different drinks would be flowing. What better way to test hangover prevention pills?

So after taking 1 tablet, I started off on red wine at an evening art exhibition. I had about 3 glasses of wine (good quality) then moved on and had a couple of vodkas at a friend’s place before going out.

Once we hit the bars I knocked back about 3 pints of beer. Then I think I had two smaller beers at a club.

Fairly drunk

This wasn’t a huge binge drinking session, but by the end I was getting pretty drunk. The beer I had was around 6% alcohol content and I tried a couple of different brands to mix things around a bit. By the end, it was a fairly drunken night although I remember most things.

Back home I had another pretoxx with water and went to bed.

When I awoke the next day I’d forgotten I’d even had any pills. It wasn’t until mid-afternoon that I remembered that I had been trying a new prevention pill.

I’d reached mid afternoon feeling awake and quite normal. When I started wondering why I felt quite good after a night of drinks mixing and talking codshit to strangers, I remembered what I’d had after drinking, the night before.

The verdict

I’d say Pretoxx works pretty well and tackles all of the symptoms we suffer when hungover.

You wake up with a much clearer head, no nausea and no pain. You’re more energetic than normal and can get up and do things, instead of lying in bed.

You still have a dry mouth and maybe dry eyes, but that’s from dehydration. You might still feel a bit tired too, although not as tired as usual. So it’s up to you to drink more liquids before bed or when you wake up in the night.

In my opinion, Pretoxx is a great way to prevent hangovers without the hassle of taking pills every few drinks.

The only improvement that could be made is making an effervescent version of the tablet. Maybe version 3 will surprise us.

Where can I find Pretoxx?

Pretoxx is available at Amazon for $15 for 30 tablets.

How The Oxygen Hangover Cure Can Have You Feeling Better In Minutes

It’s funny because using a pure oxygen hangover cure as hangover prevention or a remedy for a hangover the next day has always been something I was aware of, but never something I really looked at in detail.

Then I saw an ad for it. “Oxygen in a can” it said.

I was “kind of” aware of the oxygen hangover cure helping you to recover because I realise that my hangovers are always less severe when I go skiing or snowboarding, or when I hit the countryside pubs and wake up with green grass around me. Fresh air hangovers just lack the intensity of city ones.

Why is this? Why do we recover faster from being hungover when driving a few balls around a country golf course?

It’s for the same reason you should always try to have a window open in your room after drinking, just like I mention when I explain how to prevent hangovers.

Good air quality can prevent hangovers

The answer is simple: the air quality of course. If there is less pollution and more oxygen in the country air, you recover much faster.

Now that you can get portable oxygen, you can fix a hangover when you wake up, wherever you are!

We obviously aren’t all doctors or divers with unlimited access to our own air supply whenever we like. So portable oxygen is the more affordable alternative.

These cannisters just for those of us who get hangovers and headaches. The main consumers are sports athletes and those who have injuries of some kind and who need to recover faster.

A Hangover when scuba diving                            

For those of you that have ever been scuba diving, you probably took to the sea with seasoned pro divers.

I was at Key West once and our instructors were real party animals who would sometimes arrive late and bleary eyed.

When I asked them how they did this so often and so hungover, they told me that their oxygen tank works wonders on an evil headache.

One of them actually puked when he was 20 metres under the sea though, so maybe it doesn’t totally cure everything!

This doesn’t mean you should dive hungover though. It’s not advised and you may get decompression sickness because of dehydration. Don’t do it.

So why does oxygen, or pure air, help you recover faster?

Ever hear about top level atheletes sleeping in oxygen tanks so they could get over their injury faster and in time for the start of a major tournament?

When you’re hungover, your body has just taken a hit from the alcohol, plenty of which is still in your blood. You’re still breaking down the alcohol and the side effects of this are the hangover symptoms you’ll be feeling.

Oxygen plays an important part in any kind of recovery. When your liver is breaking down the alchol into acetaldehyde, it takes 3 oxygen molecules to break down 1 alcohol molecule.

The acetaldehyde is then subsequently broken down into water (comes out in your pee after being removed from your blood) and also into carbon dioxide (which is expelled when you breathe out).

If you’re loading your body with oxygen, it will be breaking down the alcohol and expelling from your body much faster.

So what’s the verdict? Do I buy this little oxygen can?

If you’re a crazy drinker then, yes why not? You can try it out.

I agree that the portable oxygen is great at helping relieve your hangover headache and reducing nausea.

You’ll certainly get over a hangover faster than you would otherwise.

But I’ve got no cash to buy this oxygen tank thing

If you don’t want to spend any cash, then just sleep with the window a bit open, or make sure you freshen the air in your room before sleeping. Turn off any radiators.

I have yet to try taking a blast of oxygen hangover cure to get rid of a hangover myself, but I think I’m going to get one pretty soon.

I’ve met people who work in hospitals who use their own oxygen supply as a remedy for the morning after headache quite regularly.

Or just become a scuba diver

Or alternatively just take up diving and get yourself your own oxygen hangover cure tank.

It’s not cheap, but you can make a cool hobby out of it and have a tank on standby to cure your hangovers. Sounds pretty good to me! Just make sure you don’t dive hungover and you follow all the precautions.

Really though, instead of waiting until the next day, it’s far better to take a multivitamin pill the night before to completely prevent getting hungover in the first place.

The Top Ten Best Natural Hangover Cures

If you’re like me you’ll be wanting only the best natural hangover cures and remedies. A remedy that involves hangover medicine isn’tnatural after all.

Our ancestors’ bodies were accustomed to natural plants and herbs to cure hangovers, so that’s what we want to give ourselves.

Most natural hangover cures have to involve herbs and plants.

Without further ado, here are my top natural remedies for hippies with hangovers!

1. Vitamin with a drink

Rather than stuffing yourself with dangerous medication the next day, have water with vitamins the night before.

Most times, you’ll wake up feeling pretty good and far more awake.

The best vitamins are soluble or effervescent ones that dissolve in water.

But if you don’t have these, than any decent multivitamin will do fine, as long as it’s not too old!

A multivitamin is great because it contains plenty of the right electrolytes (vitamin C, B6, magnesium, calcium) as well as herbs that detox your liver (silymarin, cysteine). Taking a couple of these before sleeping will generally help you wake up with a much clearer head.

For some tips this see how I explain it in more detail in hangover prevention.

2. Liquids

Whether you take them it’s the night before or the morning after, liquids lighten up your path back to the real world.

Given that dehydration is one of the main causes of hangovers, you should be hydrating yourself like crazy.

Which liquids are the best natural hangover cures?

Water, vegetable and fruit juices blended down and gulped up by your dry mouth are the best. I could tell you to drink coke or pepsi too, but you might not consider it natural.

Either way, you can find here which drinks are the best remedies for hangovers.

3. Exercise

When I get hungover, I go to the gym or go for a brisk walk. It turns out to be a great natural hangover cure.

Friends of mine play golf and find that it’s a great welcome distraction from their hangover headache. 

Whatever you decide to do, make it your goal to get your blood circulating around the body and to sweat out the alcohol as well.

The more you sweat, the better you’ll feel. This can be a great remedy if you’re reasonably healthy and able to to exercise.

If you’re in bad shape, then it’s not for you.

4. Hot bath or shower

Having a hot bath or shower relaxes your muscles, improves circulation and above all, causes you to sweat.

If you’ve had plenty of alcohol in the past 48 hours you’ll sweat bucket loads.

Many people say that alternating their shower temperature between hot and cold does the trick.

If you feel too rancid to move far, then pour yourself a baking hot bath and feel the poison ooze from your pores.

5. Eggs and bacon on toast

Having eggs is a perfect remedy because they help to clean up the toxin that’s making you feel terrible: acetaldehyde.

Your body breaks down alcohol into acetaldehyde, which is far more painful than alcohol itself once circulating around your body.

Any help in cleaning up the toxins is appreciated by your hungover body at this point.

Toast will raise your blood sugar level as you’re most likely feeling weak and need this sugar kick.

Avoid having too much toast though, as you’ll feel bloated and may fall into a digestive meltdown afterwards.

If you’re not that keen on eggs or bacon to cure your hangover, then see which food cures hangovers fastest.

6. Fresh air

Maybe telling you to get fresh air is a little obvious but many of us forget it.

If you slept with little air or the radiator on, it’s likely that your head feels like a turnip by the time you wake up.

It’s really essential to get fresh oxygen in the room to help your body to recover from the battering it took the night before.

I explain just how it works when I talk about oxygen as a hangover cure.

7. Hangover Tea with honey

Amazing honey can work wonders for you and your hangover.

Especially if you add it to tea and mix some cinnammon in as well.

This is the real deal home remedy natural hangover cure.

See how to make tea to cure your hangover right here.

8. A head and neck massage

For certain types of hangover, massaging your head and neck will provide some much needed relief to your suffering head and prove to be a great remedy.

You need the blood to circulate better to relieve pressure on your brain and around your eyes and temples.

I explain how best to perform a massage hangover cure here. 

Go here to find herbal headache remedies

9. Pickle juice or pickled onions

Surprisingly effective, a few pickles or some pickle juice pick you up and clear your head almost immediately.

For a really bad hangover I wouldn’t rely on pickled onions alone. But otherwise, they’re great in helping your head steer itself out of the clouds.

You can see all about how pickled onions cured my hangover here.

10. Sexual Activity

Most people know what I mean when I mention the hangover horn. 

This means waking up with a hangover with a real need for sex.

It’s pretty good really because it turns out that sex is one of the most effective natural hangover cures!

Sweating, flooding the brain with dopamine, exercise and orgasms nearly always blast right through the worst of a bad hangover.

See what I have to say about the hangover sex remedy.

The Morning After Remedy – Get Relief for YOUR Pain

Trying to find the best morning after remedy is no joke when you’re crawling around, close to vomiting, with a darth vader headache and breath that makes your dog run off whimpering with pain.

And then you try some new remedies and cures that you’ve looked up through your bleary eyes on the Internet, only to find that they don’t work at all and they’re FAKE!

Hair of the dog? No chance. That just makes your hangover last longer after a brief respite. Coffee? You’ve got to be joking, that just makes your headache worse.

No, instead what you need is a morning after remedy that fits your level of hangover.

Level 1 – Rough Diamond

The Poison

A few drinks last night turned out to have a bit of a stronger effect than you first anticipated.

You’ve got to be active today, but you’re a little slow and having troubles concentrating. Your computer screen is a bit blurry and you pause for a second or two when anyone asks you a question.

You feel a bit thick and you need to get up to speed.

The Remedy

Drink a can of flat cola and if you can find it, some 5 hour energy or half a can of energy drink.

Eat a mix of fresh greens and starchy food at lunchtime. Don’t eat a lot, it’ll slow you down even more.

Level 2 – Fat Head

The Poison

You wake up thinking you’re fine, have a shower and go about your daily business. Let’s just say you go to work and have to do a normal Friday.

Then when you hit the office the lights are kind of bright and start giving you a headache. You realise you’re hungover and can’t be arsed to talk to anyone. You smell a bit.

You drink a couple of coffees to try to wake up, but they just dry you out. So you try drinking loads of water and go for lunch.

After lunch you feel the thick, slowness and second, warbling fat headache settling in. No, and that 4 cheeses pizza didn’t help either.

The Remedy

Drink 4 big glasses of fruit juice during the morning and take a multivitamin pill. Instead of a 4 seasons pizza at lunch time, have Vietnamese or Chinese noodles soup. A real soup, not some prepared packaged one.

Soup with herbs, spices and ginger will wake you up and cut through your headache whilst rehydrating you.

Level 3 – The Real Deal

The Poison

You don’t know what you had last night to cause this but your head is pounding this morning and you couldn’t eat any breakfast.

Getting to work was a struggle and a couple of colleagues ask you why your eyes are puffy.

Did you sleep in a stuffy room? You may have a head like a cabbage and coffee just makes your headache tighter and dehydrates you.

The Remedy

You need some wake up juice and fresh air. Hop to the gym at lunchtime, or go for a run. Do it. You’ll sweat out gallons of nasty alcohol. You have to sweat loads.

After that have lots of water to rehydrate and you’ll feel fine.

Level 4 – Wicked Witch

The Poison

Last night was a late one. You had a few beers, but you think someone bought a round of shots at one point. Then another.

The problem is that you don’t know what was in these shots.

Oh, didn’t you have some kind of cocktail too? You can vaguely remember a friend giving you a cocktail that they didn’t want.

Today is pretty evil. Your head is pounding like the drums in that hardcore AC/DC tune. You try not to think of alcohol and your colleague annoys you when shouting out asking who’s up for drinks tonight.

Today’s a virtual write off. You’re going through some automatic motions and trying to smile but you may as well be at home.You desperately want a magic morning after remedy to fix everything in your life.

The Remedy

Oh dear. This isn’t much fun. You need to try a few different remedies to get fixed.

Try the oxygen morning after remedy, followed by some brisk walking in fresh air when you have a break.

Right after this, it’s time for some fast working morning after remedy hangover fixing drinks. Try them all.

Level 5 – Beast of Bodmin

The Poison

If ever there was a time you should call in sick it’s NOW.


Because you are sick, that’s why. Horrendously, doubly, nastily and sweatily sick.

You feel nauseous, your head feels like it has 3 different heartbeats pounding inside, you stink of beer. Your eyes are puffy, you’re a pale deathly white and you’re constantly on the verge of puking.

You wonder if you have alcohol poisoning. You wonder why your eyes are puffy and if you should have left the window open.

You wonder about that red rum that passed your lips at the end of the night. Where were you again?

You get fed up with wondering about stuff and go and puke, to make yourself feel better. But you don’t feel better. No.

An hour later, you have to go back to bed again. Lethargy and a splitting, deathly headache tell you that’s the only place in the world for you right now.

Are you going to die? What’s the morning after remedy for this?

The Remedy

When you can possibly handle it, the only way out of this one is to try the ibuprofen morning after remedy. 

It may not be a natural remedy, but it’ll get you better faster.

Taking an anti-inflammatory pill which blocks pain mediators is the best way to get you out of bed, eating and drinking and on the road to recovery.

Just remember, if your hangover was this bad, you should take care to eat, drink and take vitamins the next day.

Ideally, take something for your liver too, such as a natural liver cleaning supplement with milk thistle.

Head Or Neck Rub Is A Massage Hangover Cure

Ever heard the one about getting a blissful head and neck massage hangover cure?

Yep, part of having a hangover is a tight headache and we all know about that. So you’ve followed all the best hangover tips and tricks,you’ve been trying out various home remedies and you still feel as though Medusa is projecting shards of blinding white light deep into your head through your eyes after poking them with knitting needles.

It’s ok, I understand. It can happen to anyone. If all else fails, you may well have a tight neck.

What’s a tight neck? Does it give you a headache?

You work in an office like nearly everyone? You sit down for a lot of the day at a computer screen? Your pillow resembles that bit of wallpaper that was chewed up by a dog last week?

It may well be that a swift 5 minute neck and head massage will release floods of blood into your head and open up your capillaries nicely.

A gentle rubbing and kneading of the muscles both sides of your vertebra improves the circulation of blood to your head. Your sharp headache may owe its existence to poor circulation and tight blood vessels and nothing else.

But how do I know that a massage can cure a hangover?

Once I was at a party where this pretty girl had a sharp pain on the side of her head. She had been drinking, but wasn’t drunk. Her headache was really bothering her though, and she was about to go home.

Sensing my opportunity, I explained to her in a very “doctorly” way, that her intense head pains could well be due to tight muscles in her neck and that this could especially be true if she’d been working on a computer for prolonged periods.

She allowed me to proceed to massage her neck gently, and then her head, giving special attention to the temples. Naturally, she immediately felt much better and stayed at the party.

Of course, I could tell you I didn’t go home alone that night, but that would be another story…

I mean, how do I know if this hangover tip is effective for me?

Even if this hangover tip isn’t fully effective in getting rid of your hangover headache, it’s certainly likely to help you get over it.

So you should try it anyway, whatever you do. It feels great and is instant.

What if I’m on my own?

You should improve your chat up lines and make sure you never wake up alone. Got it?

Only joking.

If you can’t persuade anyone to massage your back, get a tension relieving massage machine instead. The users of these machines swear that they cure any headache!

Otherwise, you’ll just have to pace it to Chinatown, if your city has one. Chinese people give great massages and for a good price. Just watch out for the “full body” deals in seedy dives. You may get more than you bargain for! Happy ending anyone?

Make sure you tell them you need a massage hangover cure or remedy. They’ll know what do to.

If you don’t have anyone in the world to give you a massage hangover cure, then head to the shower or bath and blast hot water on your neck. Or try to massage at least your head and especially your temples by yourself. It will do some good.

Ibuprofen Hangover Cure For Fast Results

An ibuprofen hangover cure works extremely well most of the time, but I’d advise against getting used to it and taking it too often.

Why is this?

I recommend hangover prevention if you possibly can do this instead.

How do you prevent a hangover successfully? I do it by taking a large glass of water and a pretoxx multivitamin pill which boosts levels of depleted electrolytes while you’re sleeping. It’ll also help to protect your liver from too much alcohol.

Don’t take painkillers before sleeping. Mixing them with alcohol is dangerous and can be harmful to your health. Take vitamins instead.

But sometimes we forget to take anything. We just fall asleep in a drunken state.

This can sometimes mean we awake with a very bad hangover the next day. A pulsating head, nausea, the shakes, sweating and bad breath are just some of the symptoms!

Ibuprofen hangover cure

When you feel this terrible and you need to recover fast, preferably in the next 40 minutes or so, then that’s when you can reach for someIbuprofen.

That doesn’t mean you should take it every time you get a little headache.

If you find yourself getting regular headaches, then you can find natural remedies too. 

Go here for my reviews on herbal headache remedies

How to take ibuprofen

First of all read the label. You should only follow acceptable doses and you should never mix with any other medication.

You should try to eat at least a small amount of food before taking your pills. Drink some water too. It’s best to avoid taking medication on an empty stomach as your stomach has probably taken a battering from last night’s alcohol.

Many people suggest that taking flat cola with ibuprofen is unbeatable and works very fast.

You probably won’t need to take more than 400mg of it for it to be effective. But once again, read the notice to be certain.

Once you’ve had some, it should start working within 30-50 minutes. During this time, either go back to sleep, take a walk in the fresh air or have a bath or shower.

Anything that can help accelerate and improve its effectiveness will be beneficial to getting rid of your headache and pain.

Even more effective is to have vitamin enhanced drinks to detox your liver and boost electrolyte levels.

Remember, the pain killer blocks pain only.

Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug which blocks mediators of pain in your body and reduces the swelling in your brain. Dehydration makes your brain swell and makes your head hurt.

Taking Ibuprofen should reduce all symptoms fast, but during that time, you should drink plenty of water and fruit juice and eat some hangover food.

Which ibuprofen hangover cure works the best?

We’re all different and I can only speak from experience.

My favourite cure is definitely Nurofen.

These are pretty amazing and work so well for me that I feel better than usual. They’ve brought me successfully out of the worst hangovers I’ve had. That’s really saying something.

I do know that these are relatively unknown in the USA, and a similar equivalent in the US is Advil.

Many people claim Advil is extremely effective and they always have it in their cupboard.

Of course, there are other types of ibuprofen too, but I haven’t had a chance to try them all.

What do you find works the best for curing hangovers? Is it Advil or something different? Let me know and leave me a comment below.

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