Tension Headache Relief – Finding Permanent Cures

Finding tension headache relief if you suffer from recurring headaches that are caused by poor posture, bad circulation or eating the wrong foods is far easier if you understand the causes of your headache.

No one wants to be having to buy expensive medication each time a bad headache appears out of the blue (as they often do). Not every painkilling pill works for headaches and we can’t always find the right one when we need it.

So what are the long term or permanent solutions for providing sufferers with tension headache relief?

How can you cure your headache problems for good? The most effective methods are the following.

Improving circulation in the head and neck

The pain you feel from tension headaches and from various other types of headaches is often due to poor circulation in the neck and shoulders.

Poor blood circulation caused by incorrect posture is very frequently a cause of recurring bad headaches.

Tension and stress in your life can further contribute to the tightening up of the muscles in your neck and result in a terrible headache that can last for hours.

Finding a solution for tension and stress

An alternative method for reducing the stress in your mind and thus in your body is hypnosis.

There’s no need to seek out a hypnotherapist as self-hypnosis solutions can now be found for many different problems, one of which is stress.

Downloading an MP3 file and playing it back to yourself using your MP3 player is all you need to do to start the process.

Hypnosis to live stress free has helped many people who suffer from tension head pains to live a calmer, more relaxed life.

Muscular tension

Head pains are also a result of muscular tightness, which you may or may not be aware of if it’s happening to you.

Tight muscles constrict blood flow to your head, causing pain and discomfort.

The muscular tension in your shoulders, head and neck can be relieved by using a massage machine, such as a deep-tissue, kneading massager.

Some automatic massagers receive excellent reviews from migraine sufferers due to their ability to automatically knead the tension away from your upper back and your neck.

Migraine sufferers testify that this automatic massage machine can completely cure their migraines permanently.

Improving blood circulation

When you have a headache, you may feel tightness around your temples and straining on your blood vessels.

Even when your posture is apparently optimal, your back is straight and you haven’t been looking at a screen all day, headaches can tend to pop up unexpectedly.

Improving your blood circulation is just one of the ways to get tension headache relief using natural methods.

Low fat and carbs

If your diet hasn’t been great for a while, it’s very important that you fix it right away.

Reduce your intake of white carbs such as bread and pasta. Avoid any junk food and especially avoid soda drinks.

Go easy on caffeine and drink more water. Eating more fresh fruits and replacing carbs with vegetables can help to improve your blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Furthermore, a healthy diet can help you to manage the challenges of everyday life free of stress and free of headaches.

Take vitamins

You may be suffering from headaches because your body and brain are deficient in essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium and vitamin B. Such deficiencies can even be preventing you from reaching deep sleep which in turn, causes you to feel more tired and stressed.

Taking homeopathic herbal headache remedies has been beneficial for many headache sufferers who wish to avoid taking painkillers each time a headache comes along.

For helping to prevent head pains, vitamins that boost levels of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6 which can give tension headache relief.

Eating bananas, which contain magnesium and potassium, can also have a very beneficial immediate effect on relieving your pain.

Regular Exercise A regular exercise program further helps your blood circulation to remain constant in order to stop headaches occurring.

Many people testify that migraine relief programs help their general bodily circulation, reduce stress and improve general well being.

Only permanent treatments are effective and the great news is that they work for good!

Red Wine Headache Remedies

Having a red wine headache can be pretty unpleasant.

Waking up after having drunk just a few glasses of wine the night before, you’re pretty surprised to have pains around your temples, around your eye sockets and feeling groggy and slow.

Sometimes, you don’t even drink that much and still wake up with a bad head!

My tips can help you to prevent hangovers from red wine and teach you how to spot poor quality wine so you don’t get hungover again.

What is the cause of a red wine headache?

The main cause of headaches and hangovers the morning after drinking red wine is congeners.

These are chemical impurities that occur as a result of the fermentation process of wine.

You may find that drinking lots of water does nothing to make your headache disappear when congeners give you a headache.

When you feel hungover and you have a headache but the rest of your body feels more or less fine, it’s often down to congeners. 

Find out more about congeners and a red wine headache

What tips can help to avoid hangovers from red wine?

The ideal tips for avoiding hangovers and a red wine headache is to stick to higher quality red wine and avoid mixing it with other types of alcoholic drinks.

Choose your wine

If you’re at a dinner party, take a look at the bottle before filling your glass. Insist on checking out the wine before drinking it.

This could save you the next morning. People who drink better quality red wine rarely get hungover, unless they drink too much of it.

Gauge the quality

How do you know if your wine is of decent enough quality to avoid getting hungover?

Here are a few tips:

The year it was bottled

Look for wines which display the year on the label. If there is no year available, avoid drinking that particular wine.

Opt for wines that are around 3 years old as they’re often in optimal condition to be consumed.

Of course, the wine can be younger or older than 3 years of age. Beaujolais can be consumed the same year as it was bottled for example.

But as a general rule, a wine that displays its year is better than one that doesn’t.

The name of the wine

If the wine has a specific name and vineyard, it’s more reliable that a generic, mass produced cheap wine.

Look for names like “Chateau de…” or “…Vineyard”.

Often with a reasonable wine, the label will be more classical and with writing on it.

Wines with colours and drawings on the label and little else are rarely anything but low quality.

Avoid vin de table or table wine

Never drink wine with “vin de table” on the label, unless it’s just one glass only. This is table wine, and is really only used for cooking or for cheap, headache inducing drinking. 

These are great hangover tips to avoid headaches

What is the best remedy for a red wine headache?

If you have a hangover headache from too much poor quality red wine or you’ve mixed with other drinks, then I have some great natural remedies and tips for you to get rid of it fast.

For example, taking a multivitamin pill before sleeping and after drinking can help you avoid getting hungover. You should wake up feeling far less hungover than you would if you didn’t take it.

These work pretty well by replacing electrolytes, boosting vitamin levels and detoxing your liver. In theory, this is what you need to avoid the morning after head pains.

If all else fails, there is a last resort fix that works very fast that you can buy from the pharmacy or find in your medicine cabinet.

New Daily Persistent Headache – How To Treat NDPH Syndrome

New Daily Persistent Headache (NDPH) is a chronic headache condition that was recognised only a few years ago as a recurring disorder.

Finding a treatment for NDPH those who suffer from it is a priority.

New Daily Persistent Headache can be very painful, having a negative impact on many aspects of life.

Keep in mind that many people who believe that they have NDPH could be mistaken.

Checking to see if you have NPDH

NDPH obviously occurs on a daily basis and consists of a pressure or tension type headache that builds up during the day, occuring at no particular time of the day.

To be a New Daily Persistent Headache sufferer, such headaches will have been occurring daily for months.

The condition may have developed following an illness of a cold or flu type, or an infection, possibly in the sinuses or ears.

Finally, many of those who suffer from NPDH complain of feeling mild nausea symptoms at the same time.

Treatment For NDPH

You should exercise caution when looking for an effective treatment for New Daily Persistent Headache syndrome.

Using too much medication can be detrimental to your health and can even lead to more headaches.

Furthermore, you should consider a variety of different treatments and solving the cause of the problem, rather than focusing on treating the symptoms, which is what many doctors might try to recommend you.

The challenge in finding the best treatment, is that NDPH is different for many people. For a lot of people, the condition is similar to chronic migraine.

The most effective approach is to look at treatment which removes the cause of your headaches.

You may not be aware of the causes of your chronic daily headaches, you should be prepared to try a few different methods of treating it.

Improving body position

Many headaches are caused by poor posture (body position) and bad circulation.

You should have a good pillow for sleeping. This is essential to optimising circulation, keeping your neck and head in the correct position and ensuring that you reach deep levels of restful sleep at night.

The best pillow is one which supports your neck and head, allowing it to move freely in different directions when you sleep.

A great example of a pillow that’s unbeatable for improving body position while sleeping is a waterflow pillow.

The investment on a good pillow will bring you back much more in terms of comfort, improved performance and especially reducing the money you may be spending on doctor’s fees and medication.

Improving lifestyle

Headaches are sometimes caused by blood circulation.

If you are already paying attention to how you sleep, sit and stand then there may be another reason for your chronic headaches.

How can you improve your circulation?

Massage can help, and so can reducing your intake of white carbs and increasing your intake of healthier foods such as raw vegetables, organic fruit and water.

Drink more water, fruit juices and exercise more frequently.

Performing yoga or tai-chi (you can easily find videos to use at home) at home every morning is highly beneficial for your body and helps countless people to avoid headaches and various health problems.

Other treatments for NDPH

Finally, there are effective treatments that are available online that involve combining a number of techniques that resolve the causes of the problem directly, ensuring that you never suffer from NDPH again.

The most important thing is that these programs are written by former headache sufferers, which is definitely an advantage.

If I wanted to learn anything at all, I’d ask an expert in that field who has experience of the subject. This is why you should take a look at a migraine relief program.

Natural Headache Remedies – Find Cures For Pain

Rather than reaching for medication and painkillers, it makes sense to find effective natural headache remedies instead.

Headaches can be very counter productive, debilitating and can completely ruin your day.

Medication is costly and inconvenient, not to mention the fact that it can have side effects.

The best natural headache remedies are reviewed here.

Posture for headaches

Tightness and tension in the back, shoulder and neck area can cause recurring headaches.

The priority in this case is to check that your posture is correct.

Many of us work all day in front of a computer screen and as a result, our posture can suffer unless we take care to maintain and optimal sitting position.

Your chair can be the cause of your poor seating position. Your back needs to become stronger to support an erect spine and upright neck and shoulders.

This is where a Knee Chair can be very useful.

Knee Chair keeps your back naturally straight without real effort. As a result, your posture improves and your headaches eventually subside.

Massage for head pains

Again, where posture is the cause of your recurring headaches, relaxing muscles in the neck, shoulder and head area is necessary to improve blood circulation and relieve pain in your head, fast.

A massage is one of the best natural headache remedies. It’s great if you can afford regular massages, but unless you live in Thailand, a massage can cost quite a bit.

There is a way to have regular massages automatically, whenever you like, without having to pay for it every time.

You may like to check out a Shoulder Flex Massager which is a deep-tissue, kneading massager.

The Shoulder Flex Massager has rave reviews for getting rid of headaches naturally.

Chronic migraine sufferers report that their headaches have disappeared since using this machine.

Herbs to cure headaches

Herbal natural headache remedies are also very effective.

Circulation blend is a great example of a naturally occurring herb that improves blood circulation, especially in the neck and head areas.

Taking such herbal supplements regularly can improve your general circulation and be beneficial for your whole body, as well as relieving head pains.

Other great homeopathic herbal headache remedies exist for providing long term solutions to head pains.

Hypnosis for headaches

Hypnosis doesn’t mean searching for a guy in the directory who you can trust who will dangle a watch in front of your face until you drop into a trance.

These days, you don’t need to consult a hypnotherapist to cure your problems.

You can simply download the best programs and then listen to them on your mp3 player, or on your computer speakers or stereo.

Times have really changed.

You can simply self-hypnotise to help to cure your headaches this way. It’s completely safe.

If you’re not sure about hypnotism, then no problem, there’s even a 90 day money back guarantee.

Finding reliable hypnosis programs that are reputed and have a low rate of return should be your priority.

Hypnosis for headaches can be very effective.

You may like to see what they have to say and then decide if this is for you.

Acupuncture for headaches

Acupuncture can work very well for headache sufferers who need to relieve tension.

Acupuncture works by relieving pressure in key points by improving the flow and unblocking poor flows of energy which may be causing pain or tension.

If you don’t have an acupuncturist or if you find it expensive, then you can find a book on acupuncture, or if you’re the visual kind of person, a DVD on acupuncture is also available for you.

Natural Headache Relief – The Most Effective Natural Remedies

Natural Headache Relief refers to the remedies or techniques used to cure headaches and pains only using entirely natural methods.

This means complete freedom from doctor’s prescriptions and painkillers from the pharmacy which can be expensive and can have undesirable side effects for some of us.

Instead, opting for plant and herb based remedies makes much more sense and can result in improvements in general levels of health.

For many former sufferers, natural headache relief is the only remedy.

Natural Remedies Reviewed

Just as the causes of recurring headaches are varied, there are many different natural headache relief solutions. Some may work better or faster than others.

Headaches can be due to stress, back pains, muscular tension in the neck, caffeine, dehydration, poor blood circulation and eating the wrong kinds of foods.

Stress headache relief

For those of us who suffer from stress headaches, there are several effective techniques to becoming free from pain.

First of all, it’s important to sleep properly and to reduce stress. This can be done by boosting serotonin levels in your brain naturally using a herbal supplement such as 5HTP which encourages your body to increase serotonin levels and has a very calming effect for many people.

The effects on reducing stress have been proven by this 5THP study

Back or neck pain headache

If you are already getting sufficient levels of deep sleep and the problem is coming from your neck, then your head pains should be relieved by deep kneading massages.

Hopefully, you’ve got someone to do this for you. However, if they’re not an expert at massages and you find that the results are not effective for you, then a DVD about massage techniques can be very helpful.

Migraine sufferers claim to have been permanently cured by using such a massage machine. The best thing is that you can have as many massages as you want!

Tension headaches

For those of us that suffer from headaches due to pent up tension and energy, acupuncture can provide very effective natural headache relief.

Acupuncture treatment can balance your energy levels and optimise nerve communication pathways so that tension is reduced around your neck and head areas.

You should search for a specialist acupuncturist nearby who can treat the problems.

If this feels like something that you can do yourself, then there are DVDs on acupuncture that teach you exactly how to find solutions for your pain.

Poor blood circulation

Sometimes, our blood circulation is not as fluid as it should be due to the food we’ve been eating, drinks we’ve been drinking or other habits that can affect health negatively.

You need to drink lots of water and fruit juices, get regular exercise and cut down on alcohol and caffeine first.

You need to eat more fruit, vegetables and nuts and consider eliminating white carbs such as bread and pasta from your diet.

You can add some homeopathic herbal headache remedies to your diet to obtain results faster.

Not enough nutrients

Too much work and not enough time to eat properly is a familiar phrase we hear these days.

A poor diet including too much carbs, not enough fatty acids and lack of food and vegetables can lead to health problems such as regular daily headaches.

Not only do you need to eliminate the wrong foods, alcohol and caffeine, but you should also stock up on a good multivitamin that boosts levels of B group vitamins, magnesium and can cause your general health and energy levels to improve.

If your energy levels increase, you should be able to get more workdone in less time. This will leave you free to concentrate on improving your diet.

Mal de Tête – Le Traitement Naturel Qui Fonctionne Vite

De plus en plus les gens se tournent vers un traitement naturel pour le mal de tête.

C’est très facile d’aller à la pharmacie et de se trouver des médicaments qui bloquent les douelurs pendant quelques temps.

Mais ceci de résout pas l’origine du problème. Ce n’est qu’un traitement naturel qui travaille sur les racines du mal vous permettant d’éviter les maux de tête persistants et récurrents qui aura du vrai succès à terme.

Les causes des maux de tête

L’origine de votre mal de tête peut être le stress quotidien, la mauvaise posture, le manque de sommeil ou la tension musculaire qui empêche la circulation sanguine.

L’alcool et la nourriture peuvent aussi provoquer des douleurs bien evidemment.

Comment alors réduire le stress, améliorer la circulation sanguine, avoir une posture idéale et bien dormir?

Réduire le stress

C’est conseillé d’éviter de boire trop de cafés dans la journée.

Le caféine est un excitant et trop de café peut nous ennerver, intensifiant le stress qu’on subit déjà avec le travail et d’autres activités quotiediennes.

Pour se détendre, c’est bénéfique de faire du yoga regulièrement.

Rien que 15 minutes par jour du Yoga à la maison réduira votre stress et vous mettra en très bonne forme physique.

La posture

On peut facilement oublier ce qu’il faut pour maintenir une bonne posture qui empêche les maux de tête.

Surtout si on travaille toute la journée sur un ordinateur, on peut oublier de s’asseoir droit et le dos souffre des tensions qui donnent mal à la tête.

Beaucoup de gens ont profité du tabouret ergonomique qui nous aide à muscler notre dos naturellement, sans donner l’impression de faire de l’effort.

La tension musculaire

La tension dans le haut du dos et dans le cou peut entrainer des maux de tête sevères et persistants.

Un bon traitement naturel est un massage profond. Le massage chinois par exemple est excellent pour soulager le corps et les maux de tête.

Un massage n’est pas toujours facile à se faire, et c’est quand unappareil de massage peut nous être utile pour se faire masser à tout moment et à chaque fois qu’on sent l’arrivée imminente d’un mal de tête.

La circulation sanguine

S’assurer d’une bonne circulation sanguine est essential pour éviter d’avoir mal à la tête.

Parfois les douleurs dans la crane peuvent être dues à un problème de circulation dans le dos, le cou ou même dans la tête.

Comment faire en sorte que le sang puisse circuler?

Mis à part une bonne posture et l’activité physique on peut manger plus de légumes et du poisson et éviter les boissons sucrés et le café.

Le complément alimentaire Oméga 3 est connu pour sa capacité d’améliorer la circulation sanguine.

Un remède ou camomille pour le mal de tête est conseillé aussi.

Herbal Headache Remedies – Cure Headaches Naturally

Having herbal headache remedies instead of using medicine makes sense to many of us.

After all, if there are natural and plant based remedies to cure headaches that work, then why not use them? They are kinder to your body.

Why do you get headaches?

The causes of headaches are varied and are very often related to stress, poor posture and result in bad blood circulation.

Of course, being hungover often means you have a headache too. If that’s your case, then the best prevention treatment is to take a hangover preventing vitamin after drinking and before sleeping. This very often means you get to wake up with a clear, lucid head and more energy than usual.

Herbal headache remedies don’t block the pain like pharmaceuticals. Instead, they work to relieve the cause of your pain. In many cases, improving blood circulation in the correct areas together with the right minerals can make your headache dissolve.

Help with blood circulation

Some headaches are caused by poor posture and poor circulation of blood to your head.

Natural ingredients such as cayenne and ginger stimulate circulation and energy.

Make sure you are fully hydrated, drinking plenty of water and fruit juices too.

Some effective homeopathic herbal headache remedies have also got very positive reviews for relieving head pains naturally.

Vitamin based herbal remedies

Sometimes, simply supplying the brain with the right vitamins can be very beneficial to headache pain.

Some migraine sufferers reach for bananas when they have a bad headache. The natural energy, magnesium and potassium provides some relief to headaches.

Supplements containing the correct amount of vitamins are also beneficial because they can promote deep sleep.

ZMA is one such combination of vitamins and minerals that can be beneficial both to headaches and to getting a good night’s sleep.

Lack of sleep can also make headaches more intense than they usually are.

Taking ZMA regularly can help by boosting levels of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. This is food for your brain.

Get Rid Of A Hangover Headache That Kills Your Eyes

I can’t stand getting a hangover headache even when I’ve done what I can to try to cure it and yet, it keeps coming back for more.

You know the tight, lingering kind of pain? Not like a migraine, but more a nipping flame behind your eyes, or an ache just around your temples.

You rub around the tops of your eye sockets and it hurts like hell. You can’t even stand the light coming through the window and looking at a computer screen is like being forced to stare at the sun!


4 times out of 5, I put this down to poor quality alcoholCongeners can be found in low grade drinks. Congeners are defined as chemical impurities or side effects of the fermentation process when beer, spirits or wine are made.

Generally, they are more present in cheaper and lower quality beverages.

My special tip: Avoid nasty tequila and rum. They are loaded with congeners, despite being clear. They’ll get you the next day with a vicious head stab.

Just one glass in the night is enough

Just because you’ve been sticking to high quality vodka all night, which we all know hardly ever gets you hungover, it only takes one glass of something evil to confine you to head pain hell the next day.

All you need is one glass of cheap wine, a shot or two of rum or tequila and the next day your head seems to have its own nervous system.

Watch out for dodgy beers too

Likewise, even if you stick to Japanese Sapporo (my favourite beer) or pure German brewed pilsch, just one glass of nasty p*ss is enough to undo your good intentions.

Some of my worst hangovers ever have been from beer so take care to avoid pubs where you awake the morning after feeling like the devil farted on you after just 3 or 4 pints.

You’ll learn to recognise the pubs where they’re probably keeping their beer for too long. You’ll feel like someone poked your eyes with needles the day after going there.

So what’s the cure if I already have a hangover headache?

The best is to stop getting hungover before it even happens.

Taking a multivitamin with liver protection the night before can mean you wake up much more clear headed and awake. Most of the time, you’ll hardly have any of the usual symptoms and more energy.

If you do forget to take a multivitamin (we all forget sometimes) then this is the ideal morning after recovery program.

In this order, try:

1. Massage cure for hangovers You’ll need to get the blood flowing around the neck and head first of all.

2. Tea for hangovers This will open up your blood vessels further and stimulate more circulation.

3. Bananas remedy for hangovers The potassium and magnesium will be essential for lifting your brain out of the pain and replacing what you lost whilst drinking. You’ll also help increase your blood sugar level, which is another cause of your hangover feeling. 

4. Hot bath or shower Heat relaxes the muscles around your neck and head. A hot bath will help you sweat out the poison. This should help fix a medium level hangover headache.

Try alternating between hot and cold. Don’t hurt yourself though.

Help! Even after that, my hangover headache is still there.

I always try to avoid taking any painkillers, but if after all that, you still feel like the intense throbbing is not about to go away, then you have a pretty severe hangover headache. You’ll have to go for the direct and most effective ibuprofen hangover remedy now.

Within half an hour, you’ll have forgotten your pain was ever there.

I’d still recommend taking a vitamin tablet like Hangover Formulathough. This will help to keep you feeling good even after your painkiller wears off. It can also help your liver.

If you don’t have this pill or can’t get it, just get a general multivitamin from a shop or pharmacy.

What about you? Any interesting remedies you want to share? Leave me a comment and your name in the box below. I want to hear from you.

Get Rid Of A Tension Headache Forever Using Natural Methods

The only techniques that can permanently get rid of tension headaches are natural treatments that directly address the causes of the headaches rather than treating the symptoms.

What is a tension headache?

Recurring or chronic headaches of this nature are related to tension generally in the upper back and especially in the neck area.

The causes of the tension are generally related to either underlying stress that is not being dealt with consciously and is manifesting itself as pain in the body, or due to poor posture.

Stress, muscular tension or spasms cause the neck to prevent correct blood flow to the brain.

This can result in regular headaches occurring causing tiredness, discomfort and sometimes a lack of energy.

In order to find a solution, you should ask yourself what the cause of your recurring headaches is, and then choose a solution according to the cause.

1. The cause of your headaches is bad posture

To get rid of tension headaches you need to understand how it may be happening to you.

Bad posture combined with everyday stress, working long hours in front of a screen and failing to relax properly can create a tight group of knotted muscles at the base of the neck.

Incorrect posture can also generate extra stress and tension due to you not breathing correctly and as a result, further worsen your headaches.

The solution for bad posture

In order to improve your posture, you need the best sitting chair possible.

Whether it’s at work or at home eating your dinner, or both, an ergonomic knee chair is the best solution for strengthening your back and keeping your neck and spine straight.

With an ergonomic knee chair, you’ll feel that your back stays straight naturally, without any effort.

After a few weeks, you’ll walk with a straight back, be able to sit straight and you’ll get rid of tension headaches that were plaguing you.

This chair is an investment on your health and will save you a fortune in doctor’s fees, painkillers and massages.

2. The cause of your headaches is your pillow

Many people don’t realise that their pillow is poorly designed and is causing them to become susceptible to suffering from muscular tension while they sleep.

Body positions while sleeping are a major cause of recurring and chronic headaches and especially muscular tension in the neck.

You may notice tension around your neck area occurring when you change your bed or your pillow, to find that you suddenly have troubles sitting up straight or simply that you get tightness in your neck.

The solution for a new pillow

Your pillow is something very important to your life. The reason why it is so important, is that you spend one third of your life with your head on your pillow.

Surely, if you’re going to be spending one third of your life lying on that pillow, you need to make it a good one.

There are pillows that are especially designed to accomodate your head and have helped numerous sufferers to get rid of tension headaches.

The The Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow is the best example of a pillow that helps thousands of people with neck pain to get relief.

3. The cause of your headaches is your mind

A friend of mine was suffering from neck pain, upper back tension and headaches. He was also grinding his teeth regularly at night.

Having found out that hypnotherapy could resolve both back pain and teeth grinding, he resolved to book an appointment with a local hypnotherapist.

He had suffered from pain for years, was spending a fortune on massages and had completely given up on painkillers, which did nothing to address the root cause. Doctors hadn’t provided him with any solution either.

Get Rid Of A Caffeine Headache And Relieve Tension

caffeine headache can be tiresome, lingering and can be related to tension or negative reactions to caffeine.

Often, those who complain about a caffeine headache find that it hits them unexpectedly and that they don’t always get headaches as a result of drinking or not drinking coffee.

Sometimes, such a headache can hit you unexpectedly. For example, you could drink plenty of coffee for 4 days running and on the 5th day, when you drink less coffee, a bad headache hits you and lingers for some time.

Cure or cause?

Scientific studies have proven that caffeine boosts the effectivess of over the counter painkillers such as ibuprofen which is often used to effectively treat pain relief from headaches. That is to say that taking a coffee or can of cola with a painkiller gets you headache relief in less time.

To understand why you may be getting persistent and recurring headaches from coffee or other caffeinated drinks it makes sense to look at the causes.

Caffeine withdrawal

When you drink caffeinated drinks, your blood vessels tend to get tighter and restrict. This is actually the reverse of what happens when you feel a migraine coming on.

A migraine is partly caused by the blood vessels in your head that dilate and cause great discomfort and pain. Reversing the process of a migraine is likely to provide you with increased relief, which explains the reason behind caffeine’s ability to boost pain relief fast with some people.

Caffeine withdrawal is when your body has got used to consuming too much caffeine. When you begin to drink less, your blood vessels no longer restrict as easily as they used to. They may even end up more dilated than normal on occasions.

This means you’re more likely to suffer from occasional headaches as a result of reducing your caffeine intake. Your headaches can still occur around the time you drink coffee bizarrely enough.

This also means you’re drinking too much coffee in general and you need to cut down.

Reduce coffee intake

Cutting down first to 2 coffees per day (one in the morning, one after lunch) is relatively easy to do. After this, cut down to one coffee per day. If you are able to, only drink coffee on occasions like when you’re tired and need to perform well.

Replace coffee and cola with tea and water when possible. Alternate between black and herbal teas (green tea). Within a week or two, your headaches should start to ease off and you’ll feel awake more naturally in the mornings with less of a need of a caffeine kick.

Caffeine dehydrates you

Being a diuretic, caffeinated drinks cause you to urinate more often. Did you notice that when you drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee, you need to go more often?

Indeed, dehydration can cause headaches.

When liquids are expelled from the body at a faster rate than normal, water is taken from parts of our bodies such as the brain.

You’ll notice that in some countries water is served with coffee in cafés. This is not only to rid the mouth of the taste of stale coffee, but also to dehydrate your body after drinking the coffee.

If you’re dehydrated you increase the risk of a headache. Make sure you drink enough water together with coffee.

Furthermore, expelling water from your body at a higher rate than normal can deplete essential nutrients from your body. This, combined with dehydration, can intensify headache pains and migraines.

This brings us to the next point.

Lack of essential vitamins & nutrients

Like what happens with a hangover, your body can become low on essential vitamins and nutrients.

When this happens, you may feel sluggish, slow and have problems concentrating. And of course, you’ll probably have a headache.

Does this sound familiar to you? Low levels of vitamin B and magnesium are known to cause headaches. In fact, migraine sufferers are strongly advised to boost their own levels of magnesium.

What can you do about this?

Taking a daily multi vitamin drink is excellent as it boosts all your essential levels of natural nutrients and energy.

In addition to this effervescent vitamin solutions ensure a better distribution of electrolytes in your body and help protect you against headaches.

Low blood sugar level

On occasions, getting a groggy, thick caffeine headache from withdrawal of caffeine is a result of having a low blood sugar level. 

Combine a low blood sugar level with reduced levels of magesium and you’ll at risk of having frequent, uncomfortable caffeine headaches.

What’s the best fast solution for this? Eat a banana or two, or make yourself a banana milk shake that works to booth boost your blood sugar level and increases levels of magnesium and potassium; all important for caffeine headache prevention.

Another fast way to feel better is to drink a soothing tea to relieve a caffeine headache or a hangover, which can be combined with cinammon to improve efficiency.

Improve blood circulation

Many caffeine headaches can be relieved by simply improving blood circulation.

Even if you are fit and healthy with excellent blood circulation, you may be low on essential oils that your brain and body benefit greatly from.

Add plenty of fish such as sardines, anchovies and salmon to your diet. These are rich in essential oils.

If you’re not so keen on cooking or eating fish, then fast track yourself to health by taking Omega 3 supplements

Another great way to prevent headaches is to improve your sleeping position and invest in a great pillow!

A water pillow will support and adjust to your head’s position however you move during your sleep.

You’ll reach deeper, more restful levels of sleep and reduce circulation problems and eliminate neck pain this way.

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