Cocaine Chest Pains And Treatments

Cocaine chest pains are one of the most negative symptoms of taking too much cocaine.

Treatments are available, but certainly the first point to make is that if you suffer from pains in the chest which occur after you take the drug and possibly during the days after, you should be looking at quitting coke as soon as possible.

Signs Of Cocaine Chest Pains

You’ll feel the first pains around your heart with a sharp stabbing in the chest area, tightness, fluttering and an irregular heartbeat.

This might make you panic at first. You have to remain calm however, as panicking can actually make you worse.

You’ll need to find a treatment to get relief from chest pains fast and preferably one that is close to you.

The below treatments can help, but if you feel worried then you should immediately seek help with either a doctor or a hospital.

1. Drink some water

Chest pains following cocaine are all heart related. Numerous medical studies conclude that dehydration is dangerous for the heart.

Some people feel instant relief from pains and fluttering after drinking just one glass of water.

Drink plenty and you may feel your pains subsiding. Try some juices too, notably banana juice which is rich in potassium.

 2. Eat bananas, honey and avocados

Eating a banana can be very helpful for cocaine chest pains.

Rich in potassium and magnesium, bananas contain nutrients which are good for your heart.

Add honey to your banana. Many people with irregular heartbeats swear that honey is one of the best things that they can possibly have for the heart and works instantly.

Another food that is good for your heart is avocado which contains much the same nutrients as bananas.

3. Deep breathing

Your chest pains are stress related and deep breathing can be very helpful for this.

Sit down in a comfortable position on your own and take deep, slow breaths for at least ten minutes.

Close your eyes and use your imagination to picture yourself on a beach lying in a hammock, with no one else around.

Keep this image in your head and let it soak in your mind while deep breathing for at least ten minutes.

Deep breathing is a great way to become calm and get relief from your chest pains.

4. Quit cocaine

If you’re at the point where you suffer from evil cocaine chest pains then you need a treatment.

Chest pains are a sign that you need to quit right away and you probably know this already.

So once you’ve managed to drink water, eat bananas with honey and avocado and practised deep breathing to relax, you need to quit cocaine right away.

Take a look at this detox program to quit:

Treatment for cocaine chest pains – Find out how to quit cocaine

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