Cocaine Detection – Times Needed For Detox From Blood And Urine

There are many different theories when it comes to cocaine detection times and the number of hours or days that it takes to fully detox from cocaine so that it doesn’t show up as positive in a drug test.

Unannounced drug tests can be very unpleasant as many people have found out.

Having a drug test sprung upon you unexpectedly can result in job loss, expulsion from the institutions and exclusion from sporting events.

It’s really not worth the risk of failing a drug test. This is especially true when you consider that many people take drugs without realising it, in small quantities, in a cigarette or drink.

Others may take a line of coke when they are drunk and can hardly remember it. This is certainly no reason to be losing your job!

Cocaine Detection Times

Remember that while the effect of cocaine wears off after a few hours (6 or 7 hours) the cocaine detection times are longer.

Cocaine can be traced in your blood or urine 72 hours after using.

This means that 3 full days after taking just a small amount of cocaine, your drug test can turn up positive.

For some people who have a slow detox rate, a test will turn out positive 4 or 5 days after using!

Cocaine detection times tend to vary according to the person’s body.

How to proceed in the event of a test

A drug test that’s taking place in just 48 hours from now can be distressing if you suspect that the cocaine you took during the past day or two could still be in your body.

Here’s how I recommend to proceed to be absolutely sure that you’ll pass your test and keep your job!

1. Drink loads of liquid

You need to increase the amount of liquids that you drink by an important amount.

This doesn’t mean that you should drink alcohol. Your liver needs to remove all traces of cocaine from your body and alcohol won’t help this.

Instead, drink 4 litres of water every single day and at least 1 litre of fruit juice.

Take milk thistle with your water in order to help your liver to process the toxins out faster.

2. Intense exercise

Hard, intense exercise is the only way you can be sure to help your body accelerate the cocaine detox process.

As well as drinking plenty of liquid, you should work out every single day before your test.

Only intense workouts where you sweat and tire yourself out will help.

Try combining cardio excercises (bike, running) with toning and weight training exercises.

3. Taking detox products

The other way to get clean if you are very concerned about the potentially negative consquences of your drug test is to buy an online guide or kit which teaches you exactly how to get clean.

I tracked down the most effective guide in terms of results. Many people with drug tests used Drug Test Friend to pass a test after taking cocaine.

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