A Cocaine Headache – Find The Ideal Remedy Or Cure For Relief

Finding a cure for a cocaine headache is no fun. The headache itself is actually very painful and can be as bad as physical torture according to some users.

Having a horrendous headache after cocaine is different and arguably even worse than a pounding hangover headache. 

At least when you’re hungover, finding a fast solution to headache relief is relatively easy with an ibuprofen headache cure

However, when it comes to a lingering, vicious cocaine headache, ibuprofen is not recommended and is even considered dangerous for heavy users, especially when combined with exercise.

Furthermore, a coke headache may be combined with sadness, irritability, tiredness and paranoia. This makes it more of a challenge to deal with.

The causes of a bad head after cocaine

Low quality powder or coke that has been cut with a substance that causes headaches is almost always the real cause.

Your head pains are caused by a chemical substance cut with your powder. The headache inducing effect of this alien substance is what is actually causing the pain.

The residual effects of cocaine are what make your already bad headache even more intense.

You can compare this kind of experience to what happens the morning after drinking. Many people wrongly turn to coffee for their morning after alcohol remedy only to find that it actually makes their hangover worse.

Impurities in the alcohol together with dehydration have conspired to give them a headache and drinking coffee dilates the blood vessels, making the headache more intense.

Similarly for you, cocaine affects your blood vessels by restricting them, intensifying the cocaine headache you have.

The residual effects of the coke you took last night are still affecting you and making any headache caused by the nasty chemical that it was cut with worse.

This can be a very unpleasant experience and when combined with paranoia, inability to sleep and nervousness it can be worse than any alcohol hangover.

Cocaine Headache Cure

What is the cure or remedy for this terrible pain?

As the substance you have taken is alien to you and you can’t possibly know exactly what it is, the best single way to cure this headache is to detox and flush your body.

If it really is unbearable, you can combine this detox with a relaxing cold flu relief painkiller such as Nyquil, which one of my site readers kindly submitted.

People say that such a painkiller helps you sleep as it is designed to help you get through both night and day.

Take care when consuming any medication. If in any doubt, go to see your doctor immediately. Remember, mixing medication with street drugs is not the best way to feel better and is certainly not the healthiest. Only do this if you are really desperate.

Read the notice on the package carefully.

Painkillers just block the pain

Remember that while a painkiller is great for escaping from severe pain temporarily and while it can help you sleep, it only blocks pain. It’s not a real solution, only a temporary one.


Medication like this only works for a few hours too. When it wears off, your nasty head pains will come back to hit you with an evil vengeance.

While the pain from your bad head is blocked you’ll feel better.

During this time, it’s essential to drink as much water as possible, to get some fresh air and walk around and to eat some food to process and metabolise the poisonous junk from your body.

Only by flushing your body will you be able to eject the chemical rubbish out of it and get rid of your cocaine hangover.

Your liver will metabolise the toxins at a faster rate and eject it from your body via your kidneys into the urine. You’ll end up peeing out what is causing the pains in your head.

Some good drinks, food and detoxing the liver will help you to stay feeling in control even when your painkiller stops working.

Follow the below links for the best tips on food, drink and detoxing..

  1. A minor? Most states have a falmiy court procedure for it.An adult. No such luck.The danger to herself and to others will allow you to get a civil commitment where she’ll have to undergo psych evaluation. That has some likelihood of resulting in a quickie detox that will be undone minutes after she hits the street and will have permanent legal implications.Until she WANTS it, no rehab will take. If she isn’t stupid, she’ll say and do the right things and count the days until she can get high again.A drug addict who doesn’t want help CANNOT be helped. Go ahead and try. She’ll work the program and everyone will be real impressed until she’s busted using again. . . . and again, and again. She will stop when she chooses and will probably need help THEN and will beg you to help her get it.

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