Cocaine Paranoia – How To Feel Better From Negative Effects

Cocaine paranoia, or feeling paranoid from cocaine use is a common symptom or side effect of using cocaine.

Feeling worried, anxious and nervous is a typical symptom of both short and long term cocaine use.

Cocaine paranoia can be fairly extreme if you’ve been using it for a long time. It can lead to aggression, hostility and even criminal behaviour.

The Signs Of Cocaine Paranoia

When do you know if cocaine is making you paranoid?

During the hours following cocaine use, in the cocaine comedown period, you’ll start to feel anxious and nervous.

You may start to feel hostile and mistrust people who are around you. You might start to believe that people are talking about you, plotting against you or about to attack you.

Your heart will be beating faster than usual and it may be hard to calm down and reassure yourself.

Added to this is the effect of being tired without being able to sleep and lacking in nutrients that have been depleted by cocaine use.

 The Solutions For Cocaine Paranoia

Finding an instant solution for the effects of cocaine and paranoia is far from easy.

Some cocaine users smoke marijuana to calm them down.

However, while smoking may relax you initially, you eventually risk depending on it for comfort. This will just end up costing you more money and leave you with an additional habit that you find hard to kick.

Some users report that marijuana can occasionally make them even more paranoid following cocaine use. Obviously having 2 dependencies is not really the best solution, even though it may be able to relax you short term.

In addition to this, once you’ve developed a long term cocaine habit, paranoia may hit you unexpectedly at any moment of the day: when you’re working, dealing with people or at a social gathering.

Rather than smoking a joint or taking more coke to get rid of paranoia, it’s best to check out some solutions which get rid of the cause of the paranoia.

Solutions For Cocaine Addiction

Withdrawal symptoms from cocaine can involve feeling very paranoid and having a psychological dependency.

Using a combination of hypnosis and detox techniques works directly on solving the problem from within.

Rather than spend more money on an expensive drug treatment clinic, why not just treat yourself?

Drug clinics make millions every month from addicts who are sick of their paranoia and addiction problems. The problem is that these clinics cost a lot of money and don’t tend to treat problems from the inside. They may provide you with relief from addiction, but when you exit the clinic, you are just as likely to fall back into old habits.

The only person who can really get to the root of a psychological dependency is yourself.

If you’re considering getting clean from home then the great news is that other former addicts have done just the same thing as you with some help a home rehab program.

Relief from severe withdrawal symptoms

This can help yourself get rid of paranoia, anxiety and other symptoms of coke use.

This particular program has helped many suffering coke addicts get through their withdrawal symptoms pain free and prevented them from developing bad habits.

Combining alternative healthy nutrients, nutritional medicine and integrative/holistic medicine with the best modern medicine has to offer, makes detoxification and withdrawal easier.

  1. Fast-food is always there for me. I usaully do not eat junk, but when I’m hungover I grab a chicken burger and fries from McDonalds. I then go back to bed for a few hours and wake up and feel good. I think there is something about the fat and fat that my stomach capacity and prevents me from getting sick. Also, as a preventable measure, drink at least 1-2 glasses of water before going to bed. It may be hard to swallow, but you’ll thank yourself for the next day.

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