Confidence Tips For Alcohol Drinkers

Feel like you need some confidence tips and you’re drinking too much?

If you feel too shy, tense or lacking confidence to be yourself without drinking, then you could benefit from some self confidence tips.

This isn’t a self help website, but anyone can benefit from this advice. Especially alcoholics and heavy drinkers.

1. See yourself as confident

Every confident person has a clear and concise image of themselves as a confident, high achieving individual who realises their potential.

Take a few minutes every night, when you’re relaxed, to imagine yourself clearly as someone strong, confident, successful and charismatic. Even if you’re not that person yet, you’ll become it.

2. Focus on your successes

Everyone in the world has successes and failures. Those who concentrate more on their successes in life tend to be the most self reassured and confident, and have the highest self esteem.

Acknowledge and learn from your failures, and then move on. Dwell on what you do best and your successes, because everyone has them. Write them down and read them at least once a week, if not once a day.

3. Adapt your body language

It’s your body language which determines your mood, not the other way around. Try it and you’ll see.

Make yourself smile and a good feeling will follow. Hold your head up straight as a confident person would, look people in the eye and speak clearly and loudly enough.

4. Check your thoughts

Your thoughts are essential to the way you feel. Develop a habit of monitoring your thoughts and eliminating any negative ones by replacing them with positive ones.

Thinking positively and concentrating on the benefits of any situation can help immensely.

Regret is pointless as the past cannot be changed. Learn and move on to a brighter future.

5. Set your goals

Setting goals can help you achieve them. Achieving them gives you confidence, confidence means you may not feel that need to drink and get hammered too often.

Write down your goals clearly, with deadlines. Make them realistic, make them exciting. You’ll feel great when you achieve them.

Read them and think about them as often as possible, every morning and night if you can.

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