Cure A Drugs Hangover? Weed, Ecstasy, Cocaine…Whatever Baby.

Many of us are aware you can suffer from drugs hangovers or a hangover caused by drugs (also known by many as a comedown) and you might be wondering what the best remedy or cure is.

This site covers alcohol hangovers and guess what – alcohol’s a drug too. And it’s a fairly potent, harmful and potentially addictive one.

So let’s find you some treatments which cure your cocaine, ecstasy, speed or weed comedown right now.

Of course I’m not going to recommend you take drugs. But I know that many people will do so regardless of what people recommend.

Hangovers from different recreational drugs are also known ascomedowns or in some cases, cold turkeys. I cover how to deal with the most common of recreational drug comedowns here.

1. A marijuana hangover

Known as a bongover to some (apparently Australians call it that); themarijuana, weed or pot hangover of the next day, generally consists of a groggy feeling, a lack of energy, possibly a bad throat and slow reactions. Some people also complain of a persistent and annoying headache.

If you suffer from a bad head (or throat), try taking pot a different way. A vaporiser is generally considered to be the healthiest way to consume marijuana. This may not be cheap to purchase, but is easily worth the investment you’re making on your health.

You can get decent vaporizers at lower prices now. A pretty good model is Arizer Vaporizor

This kind of model would cost $300-$400 a year or two ago.

There are few low cost vaporizers. Real ones are sophisticated and will cost you $200 or so.

But if you can’t afford it there are alternatives.

There are still lower cost models of vaporizer that still do the trick if used correctly.

The Vapor Genie is probably the best one for a low cost.

If you can’t get anything else then this could be right for you.

No more groggy bad head in the morning, just clean highs.

Bad weed

For those who have next day headaches after chuffing, try changing the weed or hash you consume.

It may have impurities. Some resin even has candle wax and some plastic substances to increase its weight. Ugggh!

These should be avoided at all costs as not only will they leave you with grim morning headaches and lethargy, they’ll damage your lungs and who knows what else.

If you feel groggy, try lots of fresh fruit and/or fruit juice the next morning. This can also help boost energy levels and concentration.

Flush out the baddies

Really, it’s a case of flushing out whatever it is that’s making your head nip. So breathing exercises, sweating it out and drinking loads of liquids and teas is the only real way.

Don’t hesitate to go to the gym or for a swim.

In addition to this, giving yourself a head massage and if possible neck and shoulder massage. This has reportedly helped a great deal of people kick their weed headache into touch.

Often, pain killer tablets make little difference to weed headaches. Improving blood circulation and flushing with liquids does.

Or maybe you’re quite simply smoking too much chuff? If over smoking is the reason behind your head pains, then you’d best stop for a while.

But for an good lift, many people use St. John’s Wort to help them feel better.

2. Cocaine

Cocaine is a hard drug, classed in many countries in the most dangerous category and yet it remains one of the most consumed recreational drugs in the world.

Why? Because people know they can consume it in low quantities and get away with it.

This doesn’t mean that it’s ok to do this, of course it’s not. Those who develop an addiction to cocaine can develop serious psychological problems sometimes for years following withdrawal.

I’ve seen this with friends and it’s really not very pleasant at all.

A short term cocaine hangover may happen just a few hours after taking the drug, or the next day.

Generally, you may feel tired and unable to sleep, nervous, irritable and maybe sad or depressed.

Detox instead

Obviously, don’t take any more cocaine if you feel like this. Instead, drink lots of water and green tea (not coffee)which will help to flush out the drug and calm you down. Get yourself some green tea now, it’ll be worth it.

Going for a walk to tire yourself out may make you feel better. You can also try stretching, yoga or tai-chi exercises which involve deep breathing.

As well as relaxing and breathing, you should be trying to get the toxinsout of your blood with some exercise.

If you find yourself hungover and feeling bad from coke too often then maybe you should drop it. Or at least take a break. You can simply try a personal addiction treatment You can do these kind of courses from home, without shelling out for expensive rehab and doctors.

But there are other ways to relax and improve your mood using herbs too.

You need good sleep for your body and brain to recover and detox properly.

To find out just how to do this, read the below articles by clicking on the links.

3. Amphetamines

Amphetamine or speed as it’s also know as has an especially unpleasant comedown. A few hours after the intial high feeling, people sometimes complain of feeling very sad and depressed, extremely tired, irritable and unable to sleep.

The best remedies that people claim to work effectively are:

– eating a decent, well balanced meal

– exercise: try going for a run or a bike ride and sweating

– drinking 1 or 2 glasses of red wine (no more)

– drinking lots of herbal tea

– taking St. John’s Wort

– smoking cannabis: watch out, not all weed will help you here. Homegrown organic and light is recommended. 

How to recover from a speed comedown fast

4. Ecstasy

Since the 1980s, ecstasy (or MDMA) has been a common recreational drug, known for its euphoric effects and association with the dance music scene.

In recent years, the price of ecstasy tablets has come down in direct proportion with the decrease in MDMA in each tablet.

What does this mean? It means that there is less MDMA, therefore less ecstasy, and more impurities and other substances.

The other substances in your pill could be baking soda or amphetamine for example. Many people have taken ecstasy only to find out it was nearly all speed in the tablet.

So a comedown could be a combination of a having a slightly low feeling which is what some people have approximately 2 days after consuming MDMA, together with some of the after effects you may experience from speed at the same time.

First of all, try to avoid taking tablets which are mixed with other substances. What we’d suggest if you have a low feeling after taking MDMA, is:

– take some multivitamins and ginseng

– drink green tea and/or some St. John’s Wort

– eat balanced, healthy meals

– drink fruit juices and water

– 5HTP is excellent for balancing your body and getting better sleep

This is really the best you can do, apart from maybe watching some funny shows on TV which perk up your mood, or seeing some friends which lifts your spirits.

People have also claimed that a coffee perks them up very well when they feel like this, although as caffeine is a stimulant, we can’t really recommend it.

I only cover these 4 recreational drugs because that is what have knowledge of.

However, other drugs such as ketamine, heroine and crack all have negative side effects of course, the latter two requiring specialist medical knowledge and advice that I cannot give on a site like this.

Please note also, that the above knowledge is only intended as general tips and advice garnered from my experience for recovering after consumption of certain substances; we cannot guarantee that it will work every time for everyone.

If you require medical or psychological help, please see a qualified specialist or, if you are just sick and tired of feeling lousy and wish to understand why you continue to abuse yourself, you may want to check out a site that teaches you how to care for your body through Self-Love.

What do you think? Do these work for you? Let me know and leave me a comment! Ask me a question if you like. Maybe I can help you out

And just remember: The drugs don’t work, they just make you worse and I know I’ll see your face again..

      1. Burnt toast with grilled csheee and soda with lots of carbonation. The charcoal in the burnt toast sucks all the toxins, the alcohol is transformed into the melted csheee is a food puts back on the stomach and the soda replaces the fluids and glucose (a sugar alcohol) is lost. The carbonic acid speeds up the work. And promise never to drink again. This promise itself automatically canceled after noon.

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