Dealing With Your Ecstasy Hangover Or Mdma Comedown – Cures and Remedies

Drugs give us a hangover too and an ecstasy hangover (or MDMA comedown) may not be the worst, but nonetheless those of you who take it have to be ready in case you have a rough day.

MDMA comedown

First of all, real MDMA doesn’t often give you a bad feeling or a ecstasy hangover the next day.

Many people actually still feel very happy the day after consuming ecstasy as the effects of the drug are still being felt, producing light feelings of euphoria.

This is more common if the MDMA they have taken is of higher quality. Sometimes, an MDMA comedown can be felt as long as 2 or 3 days after consuming it, but rarely the very next day.

An ecstasy hangover is fairly rare, but can happen on occasions.

What is an MDMA comedown?

For those that get it, an ecstasy hangover or MDMA comedown can consist of feelings of boredom, sadness and maybe slight depression.

Irritability, sleeping difficulties, dull headaches and tiredness are other potential side effects.

Pure MDMA is less likely to induce such side effects unless it’s taken in higher quantities.

Fake MDMA or ecstasy is much more likely to make you feel bad.

Other drugs are now passed off and consumed under the name of ecstasy, even if they are not MDMA.

One particular is MDA, which has been known to give severe comedowns as soon as the very next day.

Mixing ecstasy with other stimulants or alcohol

A nasty comedown from ecstasy could be down to your pill/powder having the MDA ingredient in it, or otherwise that you mixed the drug with another stimulant or depressant.

A bad ecstasy hangover (even after pure MDMA) are not necessarily always down to the ingredient in the drug (MDMA or MDA) but can be because you drunk too much whisky, beer or wine with it.

Maybe you took speed, cocaine or smoked some low quality hash. Rarely is a bad comedown due to ecstasy alone.

Mixing alcohol with MDMA isn’t generally advisable, not only because it will lessen the euphoric effects of the ecstasy but also it can dehydrate your body even more.

This puts a strain on your kidneys and give you a nasty chemical hangover. According to some sources, mixing alcohol and ecstasy makes you more susceptible to overheating too.

You may have decided a line of coke or speed was needed to bring you up faster only to realise it was a little bit too much when everything hit you at the same time.

Speed and cocaine will both intensify any hangover you may get from ecstasy. You’ll probably have the kind of comedown where you feel mostly irritable and unable to sleep, maybe depressed. Go easy on mixing the class A drugs.

So what do I take for the ecstasy hangover?

A few more tips for avoiding that MDMA or MDA comedown for you:

Herbal Remedies

St. John’s Wort is the most well known and effective according to many party drug takers.

It’s said to improve mood and lift the clouds when you feel low and a bit depressed a day or two after having ecstasy.

Make sure you know what you’re taking. While many have reported very positive reactions to St. John’s Wort, you should read the label first to check before you take it.

Other herbs to lift your mood

I find that anything that improves energy, circulation and perks up your mojo helps you through a hard day.

If you can’t get any of these, grab yourself some ginseng tea from a shop. That will help some, giving you more energy and better circulation.


As soon as you can the next day, have a well balanced meal.

Ideally, go for a balancedroast dinner at the local pub or café where you can have a mix of vegetables, carbs and some light fats.

Your blood sugar level will be optimal following a solid meal, so your energy will return.

Levels of vitamins and minerals will also be boosted and the likelihood of headaches reduced.

Make sure you eat good food and not junk or low quality rubbish.


Fruit juices, smoothies, liquidized’s all great for your ecstasy comedown.

Any fruit or vegetable juice is great and will leave you with a clearer head and higher energy levels.

Try liquidizing carrots, tomatoes and even add some garlic and pepper to your juice too.

Ginger, salt and olive oil are also welcome additions.

Teas & hot drinks

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: tea will massage your brain after you’ve been having it crazy at a hardcare rave.

Green and ginseng tea are excellent. Add honey to them for taste and fructose. Black tea is also fine and some sugar won’t go amiss if you like. Avoid milk in your tea!

British and Indian people often add milk to their tea (chai) but don’t bother. The effect will be nicer on your body without milk.

My latest favourite drink is squeezing a lemon into hot water and adding honey. Drink it on an empty stomach when it’s luke warm. This is unbeatable for any day of the week. And you can find a lemon or lime at any corner shop in any town, even on Sundays.

Mental Stimulation

Boredom, loneliness, low moods…many people have reported experiencing these feelings after taking what they believed to be ecstasy. Some tips for getting through this for you are:

– see your friends: share the experience with them, go and see a movie, go for something to eat..even go to the pub!

– go for a walk: fresh air and visual stimulation will distract you and make you feel better.

– sex: call up that ex who is still single and get it on. Undeniably the best remedy for boredom ever.

  1. Awesome stuff man, you helped me through my day.

    I try to get as much fresh air as possible and see trees and go to parks.

  2. The very next day after taking ecstasy was not so bad for me. I just slept a lot. However, the day after that I decided to go for a run and it was really hot outside and I got pretty dehydrated. It was miserable. I usually don’t get that dehydrated from running in the heat, so I’m wondering if it was because of the ecstasy? The ecstasy I took was pretty intense, and I’m pretty sure it was cut with meth. I also smoked weed and drank alcohol. Is this the reason for my dehydration? And how long until my body can handle exercise again?

    1. Alcohol would definitely have been a major contributor. If you run after a night out like that for sure take care doing so. It’s good to sweat and you need to but drinking loads of water is a must. It’s like forcing out a hangover faster instead of having a lingering one that stays around for hours on end. Exercise when you feel normal again. A good sleep works wonders.

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