Get Rid Of A Hangover In Record Time

Knowing how to get rid of a hangover fast can make a massive positive difference to your life.

Being badly hungover is no fun. Nausea, a splitting headache, low energy and the sweats can completely ruin your day and your performance at work. Your concentration is terrible, you feel like vomiting and you just wish for your bed.

Even your weekend or holiday can be spoiled by hangovers.

There are some techniques to help you get rid of a hangover fast.

Knowing how they work and how to apply them to get fast relief can help you a great deal.

Very badly hungover?

If you feel so hungover that you can barely move, and if your head is splitting with pain then you have a choice.

1. You stay in bed and sip water and try to eat food in a few hours.

2. You can take Advil which should take about 40 minutes to work, sometimes less.

Advil is ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory, which reduces the painful swelling in your brain caused by dehydration and temporarily blocks pain receptor pathways for relief from chemical impurities in the alcohol you drunk the night before.

How can you take Advil?

To get rid of a hangover fast you’ll need a can or bottle of flat cola. If you don’t have this then water or juice will do.

You need to let the majority of the bubbles from the cola escape. Once you have waited for this to happen, take a small sip from your drink and swallow the pill.

You should only need 400mg of this pain killer to say goodbye to a bad headache.

The flat cola should settle your stomach and provide your body with sugar, which is much needed as your blood sugar level will probably be very low.

Sleep, fresh air or shower

Once you’ve done this, you can either fall back to sleep for 30-40 minutes, take a shower or bath, or take a stroll in some very fresh air.

Sometimes, a bad hangover is caused by low levels of oxygen in the room where you sleep. Fresh air is important for recovery.

If you feel really terrible, then just sleep to relieve your tiredness (alcohol can mean you only get low quality sleep). When you wake up, you should be feeling much better.

If you can manage it, have a shower or bath. Warm water on your shoulders, neck and head can work to improve blood circulation in your head and give you some relief from your headache.

A hot bath can induce sweating to evacuate the toxins from your body faster, as well as improving circulation.

Finally, a walk in fresh air is a great pick-up for your bad hangover. It will also help your body to process the pain killer faster, as well as process the hangover in less time.

This is a great fast working way to get rid of a hangover.

 How to avoid hangovers

The nasty morning after effects can all be avoided should you remember to take a multivitamin pill the night before.

Just before sleeping, put a multivitamin pill with a glass of water by your bed so you remember to take it.

This will work while you sleep to replace essential vitamins and minerals that you lost through drinking, boost your liver’s capacity to expel alcohol from your body and greatly reduce the symptoms of your hangover.

As we all know, avoid mixing your drinks and avoid congener laden beverages such as rum and tequila.

Taking PreToxx for Hangovers before sleeping is another cool way to prevent hangovers and wake up feeling more or less clear headed.

These herbal tablets work well because they protect your liver as well as boosting natural vitamin levels while you sleep.

Does ibuprofen with flat cola work for you? Remember to carefully read the label of any pill before swallowing it. Let me know how it goes and leave me a comment below.

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