Alcohol Effects and a Effects Hangover

Knowing what the alcohol effects and a hangover effects are can hopefully help your reduce your alcohol intake if you’re drinking too much.

Long term, the effects of excessive alcohol consumption are quite simply negative. The effects of a hangover too are pretty grim. You’ll know that if you’ve ever suffered from a bad one.

The effects of alcohol in moderation aren’t harmful. Feeling relaxed, euphoric and more outgoing can be beneficial to your social life.

However the alcohol effects are different when consumed in higher quantities too: slow reactions, word slurring, poor decision-making, falling asleep, getting a bad hangover..the list goes on and on.

We all react differently drinking. Your reaction may also depend on your mental state and surroundings at that time.

Long term alcohol effects

Long term however, if you overindulge repeatedly, it’s not so funny. Go easy on the regular drinking sessions in general.

Alcohol can age people’s faces and bodies faster if consumed too often in quantity and no one wants that.

Further signs are poor memory, poor cognitive functions, paranoia, depression and impotence. Still feel like drinking? 

Read all about the negative effects of alcohol here

Hangover effects

The effects of a hangover can be quite nasty and can last for over 24 hours if severe.

You don’t have to get hungover every time. 

See how hangover prevention can let you wake up with a clear head. 

If you used to drink a lot, you might want to know how to help your liver recover 

See here for how to cure a hangover and get rid of alcohol effects fast.

What if I drink too much alcohol?

You may find you’re simply consuming too much alcohol, you have difficulty following my hangover tips for avoiding the morning after and you’re coming home to a drunken existence 3 or 4 times a week. You may find yourself regretting it each time, only to do exactly the same thing a few days later!

You admit that you feel as though you need a drink to have a good time, to enjoy yourself and that you can talk to people more easily.

One of the alcohol effects is relaxation and feeling less timid or tense.

Some people can only chat and dance when they are drunk, others end up doing things they regret. We all know about that one!

It’s all very well us giving you these tips about moderation, telling you what the best guidelines for drinking are, and giving you advice on preventing hangovers but if you do have trouble drinking responsibly then you may need to address another issue: that of your self confidence.

Many people have low self esteem and would benefit from having improved self confidence and a higher opinion of themselves.

We’ve all met people who seem to have a weakness with alcohol, we may have had one ourselves at some point. On the other hand, we all know people are self confident and happy and who don’t seem to need to drink to excess.

This is why I’ve added a few tips on self esteem and confidence for those of you that may drink to excess too often. Please check them out right here where I give some self confidence tips for drinkers. 

If you’re wondering what are the signs of alcoholism are then read this

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