Definition Of A Hangover – Ok You Asked For It

You might know what the definition of hangover is but how do the boffins define it?

Sometimes, it’s interesting to see what a dictionary would say about being hungover. Or a medical encyclopedia even.

But rather than do that, I’m going to translate it into layman’s language for you so you don’t have to scratch your head in pain.

After all, you are probably hungover now and wondering if you have all the classic hangover symptoms. You don’t want to read any complicated words.

The most succinct definition of a hangover is my own interpretation.

Basic definition of a hangover

A hangover is a combination of unpleasant and disagreeable physical symptoms following heavy alcohol consumption.

Translation A hangover is when you wake up feeling bad after getting trashed by drinking loads.

Symptoms of a hangover

These are the symptoms you suffer from when you have a hangover.

Headache – head hurts like it got hit with the devil’s bumhole

Nausea – feel like vomiting chunks on the wall

Sensitivity to light and noise – the computer screen is burning holes through your eyes

Lethargy – laziness and desire to stay all day in bed and jazz around

Dysphoria – feeling down and sorry for your poor little self

Diarrhea – wanting to go for “not so solid” poopie 8 times in the morning and not cleaning up

Thirst – dry, parched mouth like someone threw sand in it when you were asleep (they did)

Other weirder symptoms of a hangover

Weakness – feeling tired and floppy and annoying people with your incessant whining

Sweating – sheets are yellow and stink of evil

Halitosis – nasty disgusting bad breath that chokes people

Lack of concentration – can’t remember what you were talking about? Go away then.

Anxiety – getting stressed about small things and just acting like a cheese head.

So there you go, that’s your definition of getting hungover.

Now keep reading to see now you know what the definition of hangover is, what you can do to get rid of it.

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