Hangover Food To Cure Headaches And Evil Bad Breath

You need some hangover food now. We’ve all been told that certains food are hangovers remedies. But which ones really work?

How many times have you heard the following?

– “Eat before you go out drinking won’t you?”

– “Don’t drink on an empty stomach”

– “I ate a greasy meal after drinking and woke up feeling fine”

Why do these age old sayings survive?

Because certain good hangover food has sugars and complex starch in it which brings you back to the land of the living by raising your blood sugar level and/or by diluting the level of alcohol in your blood.

Hangover food doesn’t ‘soak up’ the alcohol as such. It does speed up your metabolism which in turn, metabolises the alcohol faster and hence expels it from your body faster, helping you recover from the symptoms.

This can be a remedy for certain types of hangover. It can be all you need.

You however, need to know which hangover food is the best for curing your hangover and what to avoid if you’ve just woken up with a bad head.

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1. Eggs on toast

An interesting choice for the number one hangover food spot you may say.

Eggs contain the vital element known as cysteine in abundance.

Cysteine cleans the toxins in your liver and the rest of your body.

More specifically cysteine cleans up a certain toxin called acetaldahydewhich is in part responsible for your hungover feeling.

The toast or bread with which you eat your eggs is helpful as it will raise your blood sugar level, diluting the alcohol in your blood and making you feel less tired and depleted of energy.

In short, you’ll come back to life at least to a certain degree after some eggs on toast.

My recipe recommendation:

2 eggs, poached or fried without oil (if possible) on toast without butter.

Grilled bacon on the side. Add salt and pepper.

2. Bacon Sandwich

Bacon is high in protein, which breaks down to amino acids, which are important for recovery from the night before and even improve your brain’s performance.

Plus it’s pretty tasty when you’re starving.

The starch in the bread will raise your blood sugar level, giving you so much needed energy.


How does a bacon sandwich cure a hangover?

3. Bananas

Why would I eat a banana to prevent or cure my hangover?

Simply because bananas contain reasonable amounts of potassium, magnesium, fructose and natural sugar.

You can eat them after drinking and when you wake up.

Magnesium and potassium are lost when you consume alcohol, and bananas replace both. Fructose helps your body to process the alcohol faster.

My recipe recommendation: blend 2 bananas with lots of honey & add another fruit if you have it, such as 1 orange or 1 kiwi. 

See how to make a bananas hangover cure milkshake

4. Toast with honey or marmite

My recipe recommendation: Toasted bread, preferably wholegrain bread, without butter and with Marmite, Vegemite, honey or blended tomato.

5. Hangover Soup

My recipe recommendation: Add beef stock to water while it’s being heated. Add onions, leeks, celery, carrots, ginger, garlic, pepper and salt to the mix. Add beef if you eat it. Whip it up.

All of the above are effective helping you recover from a hangover to different extents for different people.

Of couse, it’s better to combine these foods with a vitamin drink or one of the hangover drinks suggested by me.

This way, you’ll rehydrate your body too and you’ll be well on your way to a curing your hangover. 

It’s MUCH easier to prevent a hangover – try this next time

What foods to avoid when you’re hungover

Not everything is hangover food as many of us have had the misfortune to find out.

I’d suggest avoiding consuming the following in your food when you’re feeling a bit ropey:

– Cream

– Milk: especially full fat milk

– Rich, spicey sauces

– Kebabs that have been out for ages gathering bacteria

– Last night’s pizza (we’ve all done it BUT sometimes it weirdly works)

– Liver or kidney (because it makes you vomit when you’re sober anyway)

As you need to replace the liquids, vitamins and minerals in your body, that have been lost, resulting in your hungover condition, a good hot broth, full of vegetables and herbs, can work wonders for you.

For those that don’t feel like eggs’n’bacon with their toast, you can have toast with honey instead.

Honey raises your blood sugar level fast, increases the rate at which you metabolise alcohol and tastes great.

If you don’t have any, have toast with marmite or vegemite that may help you recover fast from last night as the spreads contain high levels of Vitamin B6, which you need to replace what you lost the night before.

  1. I’ve been telling ploepe for years that a big greasy bacon filled brekkie’ is a definite hangover cure, the only problem of course is holding it down long enough to let it take its course! I mean some hangovers will allow you to eat and others keep you on the throne for 2 days straight so yah wait until you can properly digest it! Excellent article all round!

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