Get Rid Of A Hangover Headache That Kills Your Eyes

I can’t stand getting a hangover headache even when I’ve done what I can to try to cure it and yet, it keeps coming back for more.

You know the tight, lingering kind of pain? Not like a migraine, but more a nipping flame behind your eyes, or an ache just around your temples.

You rub around the tops of your eye sockets and it hurts like hell. You can’t even stand the light coming through the window and looking at a computer screen is like being forced to stare at the sun!


4 times out of 5, I put this down to poor quality alcoholCongeners can be found in low grade drinks. Congeners are defined as chemical impurities or side effects of the fermentation process when beer, spirits or wine are made.

Generally, they are more present in cheaper and lower quality beverages.

My special tip: Avoid nasty tequila and rum. They are loaded with congeners, despite being clear. They’ll get you the next day with a vicious head stab.

Just one glass in the night is enough

Just because you’ve been sticking to high quality vodka all night, which we all know hardly ever gets you hungover, it only takes one glass of something evil to confine you to head pain hell the next day.

All you need is one glass of cheap wine, a shot or two of rum or tequila and the next day your head seems to have its own nervous system.

Watch out for dodgy beers too

Likewise, even if you stick to Japanese Sapporo (my favourite beer) or pure German brewed pilsch, just one glass of nasty p*ss is enough to undo your good intentions.

Some of my worst hangovers ever have been from beer so take care to avoid pubs where you awake the morning after feeling like the devil farted on you after just 3 or 4 pints.

You’ll learn to recognise the pubs where they’re probably keeping their beer for too long. You’ll feel like someone poked your eyes with needles the day after going there.

So what’s the cure if I already have a hangover headache?

The best is to stop getting hungover before it even happens.

Taking a multivitamin with liver protection the night before can mean you wake up much more clear headed and awake. Most of the time, you’ll hardly have any of the usual symptoms and more energy.

If you do forget to take a multivitamin (we all forget sometimes) then this is the ideal morning after recovery program.

In this order, try:

1. Massage cure for hangovers You’ll need to get the blood flowing around the neck and head first of all.

2. Tea for hangovers This will open up your blood vessels further and stimulate more circulation.

3. Bananas remedy for hangovers The potassium and magnesium will be essential for lifting your brain out of the pain and replacing what you lost whilst drinking. You’ll also help increase your blood sugar level, which is another cause of your hangover feeling. 

4. Hot bath or shower Heat relaxes the muscles around your neck and head. A hot bath will help you sweat out the poison. This should help fix a medium level hangover headache.

Try alternating between hot and cold. Don’t hurt yourself though.

Help! Even after that, my hangover headache is still there.

I always try to avoid taking any painkillers, but if after all that, you still feel like the intense throbbing is not about to go away, then you have a pretty severe hangover headache. You’ll have to go for the direct and most effective ibuprofen hangover remedy now.

Within half an hour, you’ll have forgotten your pain was ever there.

I’d still recommend taking a vitamin tablet like Hangover Formulathough. This will help to keep you feeling good even after your painkiller wears off. It can also help your liver.

If you don’t have this pill or can’t get it, just get a general multivitamin from a shop or pharmacy.

What about you? Any interesting remedies you want to share? Leave me a comment and your name in the box below. I want to hear from you.

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