Hangover Horn! Get It On With Morning After Sex

Many of us know exactly what the hangover horn is. A sex session the day after being out on the razz is the one sparkling glint of hope in the eye of a hungover, sweaty, feeble and pathetic man.

A man who drunk far too much, mixed his drinks, woke everyone up when he crashed in through the front door and nearly pissed the bed.

The next morning he’s a picture of suffering anguish. An embarrassing wreck of a human being.

However, there is one minute glimmer that keeps his spirit alive. If he gets this, his hungover condition may even…subside? Could it really cure the evil headache and sweats?

Cure Your Hangover With Sex

Just the slightest chance of getting some hungover boning action is the only, tiny light at the end of a morbid, dark, painful, tortuous and viciously vindictive tunnel of headaches, sweats, aches, a dry mouth and nausea. 

Now it’s not gonna be easy, but he’ll do anything to cajole his girlfriend/wife/mistress into some nookie. Absolutely anything within his power.

So watch out ladies, you’ve got a live one here. For those of you girls who don’t get action as often as you should from your man, now is the time to take advantage of his unusual condition.

Hangover Horn Is Common

Especially with males the hangover horn appears to be a very common experience. Far more so than with women, who apparently aren’t so familiar with this phenomenon.

The funny thing is that, no one seems to know why this bizarre pang of intense morning desire to thrash the beast even exists, or what the hell it even is! Surely somebody has a clue?

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