Blitz Your Evil Head Fast With Hangover Medicine

The more traditional amongst us would be looking for hangover medicine to find the most effective cure to get rid of a hangover fast.

After all, that’s the whole point in medicine.

Does anything really work? Is there a real solution or a remedy for hangovers in pharmaceutical form?

Nothing works, except for abstaining

I’m tired of people smugly advising us to abstain from drinking in order to avoid getting hungover.

If I wanted to abstain from drinking alcohol, I wouldn’t be asking how to fix my hangover in the first place right?

And anyway, by the time I’m looking for a fix, it’s probably far too late to abstain anyway.

Those people need to get beaten severely with a bamboo stick for talking such crap.

Let’s face it, you’re hungover and you want some kind of hangover medicine to fix it fast.

These are my tips.

Take a multivitamin before sleeping

Taking a multivitamin before sleeping and after drinking with some water helps prevent a hangover.

It replaces and even boosts levels of nutrients that we lose during our alcohol session. Most times, you’ll wake up with a fairly clear head and much more energy than you would have otherwise.

There are multivitamins which help detox your liver too, getting rid of your hangover faster and improving liver health. This is much better than any old multivitamin pill.

It also helps protect your liver.

Avoid Tylenol or Paracetomol after drinking

These two forms of medication are great when you have a cold, a nasty headache and the shivers.

However, having them the day after alcohol isn’t recommended. They take a lot of work for your liver to break them down.

So don’t go near these to get rid of your hangovers. You body will take a severe beating.

You may not realise it at the time but it’ll catch up with you one day.

Now that I’ve said that…here’s hangover medicine that does work

This involves going to the pharmacy and is the best hangover medicine I have ever tried.

It’s ibuprofen and flat cola.

To find out about how you should take it, go right here.

Commercial cures

We’ve all heard of the various new commercial hangover cures that come on the market, claiming to be the newest surefire solution to stopping hangovers forever.

I go more into this when I write about commercial hangover cures. I don’t necessarily recommend any particular one.

For example, Chaser hangover cure is meant to be taken between drinks.

I can’t tell you if it works. I’m sure it does for some people because it’s been around for a while.

However, taking pills between drinks is just not so convenient and I’d forget to do it. Not to mention, I’d have to carry them around with me, and probably get into trouble if anyone saw me taking pills in a nightclub.

Vitamin based cures

Most other commercial remedies on the market are focused more on preventing hangovers rather than treating hangovers. 

But I tell you how to do that here, and as long as you have some vitamins in the cupboard and preferably some milk thistle around, then you’ll be making your own, homebrew style hangover prevention kit!

But any commercial prevention kit that contains a good balance of vitamins, silymarin, cysteine and various other plants (they all have different plants in them) probably works pretty well.

You just have to remember to take it before bedtime.

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