Hangover Nausea – Get Rid Of That Scut

Hangover nausea is in my opinion, the worst part of being hungover.

Along with the hangover headache, feeling nauseous is the biggest cripple to your day.

You don’t feel like eating because you may vomit. You feel a bit dizzy. Your guts feel like a tumble dryer and you can’t do anything. Taking a car or bus ride is out of the question.

And even thinking about food or drink makes you nearly puke!

At least with a headache, finding a remedy is straightforward.

With hangover nausea, it’s more delicate.

How can you cure hangover nausea fast?

It’s always tough to give the best tips on remedies for hangovers when you’re feeling nauseous and sensitive.

After all, if something doesn’t work out, then you could end up vomiting all over the place.

The trick to curing hangover nausea is to go very slowly but surely, regardless of what remedy you choose.

1. Hangover Drinks

When feeling nauseous, you don’t feel like eating or drinking.

What you do need to do is increase your blood sugar level and rehydrate your body fast. And the best way to do this is hangover drinks in small doses.

What drinks are the best?

If you’re feeling really fragile, have sips of water with sugar dissolved in it.

Don’t overload on the liquid here. Just sip slowly on water with sugar mixed in.

When you’re still feeling weak, stay put and don’t move around too much.

Drinks that fix hangovers fast

2. Lemon and honey tea for curing hangovers

Even if you feel pretty bad, you can still gently sip some tea.

Don’t add any milk to it as it might make you feel worse.

Instead, have black tea, and add lemon juice with honey and cinnammon.

Lemon juice replaces lost vitamin C very fast, honey increases your blood sugar level, cinnammon improves your blood circulation (relieving headaches) and tea massages your brain gently.

It’s pretty effective. Drink it slowly though. 

See how you make the best hangover remedy tea

3. Flat cola

A fast way to hangover relief is opening some cola, letting the bubbles air out, then drinking it.

The sugar will boost your energy, whilst other elements in cola improve your mood and wake you up.

Cola’s pretty good for settling a bad stomach and rehydrating your body.

Just make sure it’s flat when you drink it. 

Drinking flat cola with ibuprofen can make you better in record time

4. Bananas

Bananas are great for nausea and hangovers as they contain natural fruit sugars, potassium and magnesium.

Your head and your blood sugar level return you to the land of the living very fast.

If you’re feeling shaky then don’t add milk to your bananas. Add honey instead. 

Bananas help cure hangover nausea fast

5. Oxygen

Fresh air can work wonders when you’re hungover and shaky.

Country air, oxygen tanks or simply stretching your legs outside in a cool breeze can help you on your way to hangover recovery.

Open the windows, take deep breaths and eventually, go outside.

You’ll feel much better.

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