How To Prevent A Hangover Before You Even Wake Up Out Of Your Bed

Is Hangover Prevention possible? Yes it is and it’s soooo much better knowing how to to prevent or avoid a hangover rather than waking up feeling like donkey dung and trying to find a hangover cure when you have tippex in your mouth.

Hangover prevention beats the hell out of any hangover remedy for the morning after.

You can get to have your cake and eat it: get drunk and avoid getting hungover the next day.

This is one of my friend’s facebook status today (exact copy): feeling as chipper as a lumberjack thanks to the multivitamin-magnesium wonder drink he had before going to bed.”

This guy was my guru in teaching me how to prevent hangovers.

And he was sending me drunken silly messages on Skype the night before with lyrics in them. So I know he’d had quite a few drinks and yet managed to wake up with a clear head.

You can do this too.

Is that really all it takes, vitamins and water for hangover prevention?

Well maybe almost 9 times out of 10 yes. For fit and reasonably healthy people.

On occasions, this technique may not be as effective.

For example when people binge drink, mix their drinks or if they’re unhealthy to start with.

Or if they sleep in a room with really stuffy, low quality air.

But most times it rocks.

And if I have nothing in my cupboard for hangover prevention?

You really are difficult aren’t you? Just drink water then.

But anyone knows you should drink water to help prevent hangovers. People learn to leave a glass by their bed instead they wake up with dry mouth, which happens all the time.

Got it. Any other tips for preventing a hangover?

Well yeah. Loads.

Oh there is something else important to help you prevent a hangover:make sure your room is not stuffy.

Air circulation is essential for your body to recover.

See why oxygen is a hangover cure. 

Poor or low oxygen levels make your headache ten times worse. Your body recovers faster with better air. Ever wonder why hangovers are less severe in the countryside?

Having said that, once I got hammered then slept in a closed tent. A fat, smelly friend of mine was obviously breathing in all my air. As a result I got a terrible “stuffy head” headache the next morning.


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