Hangover Sex – Does The Hangover Horn Work?

Is it just me or is hangover sex the best thing ever?

It seems to be mainly men that get the hangover horn, more than ladies at least. Tell me if I’m wrong ladies.

But when you can get it, having sex whilst hungover is an ultimate experience. For boys at least. And some girls. Maybe.

I feel like donkey poop when hungover. Why is sex good?

Why is sex good? Because it just is. It’s meant to be, otherwise the human race wouldn’t survive and we would be extinct.

Oh, why is it amazing when hungover? No idea, but wow it’s waaay better than normal.

Kind of like an aphrodisiac, and a remedy for your sweating, gibbering wreck of a body at the same time.

Now you must be thinking, being hungover isn’t really so bad after all?

After all, you get to enjoy sex more than normal, and cure your hangover it all in one go. What could be better?

There is sunlight behind every dark, menacing cloud after all.

If you didn’t know this before then try it

The next time you awake hungover, unless it’s the worst hangover ever, ever, then try getting it on with the person you wake up next to.

What I’ve heard from others and what I’ve experienced myself it’s definitely all pretty cool.

Why is it fun though?

The sex is great

Probably because you’re a little uninhibited with the alcohol still in your blood, you’re up for anything.

Also, you’ve got the horn because alcohol speeds up the transmission of dopamine across your brain.You know what what I mean? That’s why we alcohol gives most of us the horn.

You sweat like crazy

Now let’s get this straight. Sex is a two way affair. You get me? I mean, it’s not about one of the two of you doing all the work. You both should be humping away.

If one of you just lies on your back all the time like a sack of potatoes expecting to get serviced, you ain’t gonna get the benefits baby. You have to sweat too.

Because when you sweat, you sweat out the alcohol. And sweating it out means the hangover dissolves slowly into the air. Or onto the bedsheets, which will most likely end up soaked. Watch out though, this is some nasty, slimy sweat! Don’t try to be kinky by drinking it.

You feel so much better

Being hungover is of course, partly mental. Try thinking positively next time you’re hungover and and see what a positive mental attitude can do for you.

The mental lift sex can give you when you feel shitey is extremely beneficial. Having sex releases more dopamine and you just feel happier. Kind of like, the good guys taking out the bad guys in your head. Yeeeaaah.

You do it for ages

Now forget brewer’s droop and other such nonsense. When you’re hungover, you can go for hours. And the longer you can do it, the better. More endurance equals more enjoyment.

So unless you’re known around town as “Quick Draw McGraw”, “Thrust 2”, or “Firefox”, or even if you are, this is good news.

This isn’t to say that long term drinkers are better performers though, they’re not. Alcohol eventually takes its toll on the liver.

So don’t think getting hammered every night forever is gonna make you a supreme porn star.

It’s a welcome distraction

Kind of like the guys who go out and perform a round of golf when they’re hungover, getting it on in bed takes your mind off it.

And there’s nothing better than a distraction as natural and beneficial as this to feeling hungover.

You’ll find you just start ignoring that beast of a headache when the chance of having sex presents itself. See for yourself next time how it works. Your mind just pushes your headache to the back, and sweeps it under the carpet.

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Does it work as well for girls?

Yes it can do.

According to reputable source the effect a tomato juice followed straight up by a tidal wave orgasm can have on a girl who is extremely hungover is positive.

This girl was in a hell of a state in the morning. But afterwards, she was instantly better. Right away.

But this was just one girl, so I don’t know about the rest.

Try it girls and see. Your man had better be ready to get you there though, otherwise you’ll have to do it yourselves.

Ready, steady go.

What about you? Do you agree with me or is this bullshit? 

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