Hangover Tips To Help Get Relief And Feel Awesome

Quite simply, follow my hangover tips and live by these rules and your hangovers will be almost non existent!

Then you’ll be so cool everyone will want you.

What to drink and what to mix

One of the best hangover tips to follow is that the lighter colour the drink, the less of a steaming head you’re likely to have in the morning.

The darker drinks, such as red wine, tend to have more congeners,which are chemical impurities but are actually responsible for the taste, flavour and colour of the drink.

About congeners

Congeners are sometimes one of the main reasons we tend to wake up feeling like we got punched in the head by Mike Tyson.

What drinks you should avoid at all cost

Drinks that tend to give less of a headache:

Vodka, Gin, lager beer, good white wine, good Scotch whisky.

Drinks that can make you feel like a dwarf hit you on the head with a baseball bat:

Brandy, red wine, certain darker beers, certain cheap white wine, bad, cheap whisky, bourbon, port, rum, tequila

The above drinks are the ones that are more often than not loaded with congeners. Especially tequila and rum.

Try to follow the above guidelines. However, you may be different and there are exceptions.

I once got an evil headache from hell from just draught beer! Maybe it was past its sell by date.

Certain, good quality red wines are fine, but of course, you don’t know until the next day.

And watch out for rum and tequila. They are clear in colour, but loaded with congeners.

Check the bottle to gauge the quality before deciding what you’re drinking, use your experience and common sense.

If you do insist on drinking the darker beverages such as brandy and red wine, at least stick to the same drink all night and don’t mix with beer or other spirits.

Try to drink good quality alcohol too, not table wine paint stripper mixed in with low grade industrial brandy.

However, there are naturally exceptions to the rule. For example, after drinking some good quality red wine you can still wake up feeling more or less fine, without a headache.

Rum and tequila are clear drinks, but have been known to give worse headaches than anything else!

Beware of exceptions to the rule, they will get you.

1. Pre-empt getting hungover

However ratarsed you may be, make sure you have a vitamin tablet or soluble vitamin drink before sleeping.

Some people put the vitamin detox tablet on their pillow or table so they have to take it before bed.

One of the best hangover tips I can give you is to advise you not to take painkillers after drinking and before sleeping as it’s dangerous for your liver.

2. Food before and after drinking

Another one of these cool hangover tips is to eat your dinner before going out, which will slow down the absorption of the 10 pints of beer you are planning to drink.

You can also eat after drinking too, which dilutes the content of what you’ve consumed in your blood.

If you really have nothing to eat at home before sleeping, at least drink water and keep a bottle next to your bed.

3. Avoid drinking and smoking

We’ve all done it too. As adolescents or responsible adults, even as non smokers, we’ve had a puff when we get drunk.

Not only can it make you feel ill, but the next day your head will probably feel as though it got used as a trampoline by a Sumo wrestler.

Yes if you’re a smoker you’ll smoke when drinking. But be aware, smoking constricts your lungs and a result you’ll have less oxygen circulating in your body, so a worse headache, which brings us to:

4. Air quality

Make sure that when you sleep, you have some proper air circulation or a window left a tiny bit open at least.

A proper oxygen supply to the blood helps your whole body recover faster from the pounding you took with that last double vodka and 8 tequila slammers your friends made you down just before sleep.

Try to sleep with the window open; even if it’s mid-winter, you won’t get cold anyway, you’re out of your face!

5. Juices

As you near the end of the night, feeling a bit hammered, try to mix your drinks with juices or make your last drink a fruit juice such as orange, apple or cranberry.

Juices will hydrate your body and give you some fructose, which is better for breaking down the alcohol in your blood.

By the way, at the end of the night, you tend to be pretty trashed already anyway, so you won’t need more alcohol by that point, which brings us to the next point:

6. Drinking Patterns

When you’re on a night out, if anything, it’s best to slow down on your alcohol consumption in the second half of the night.

Pace yourself, and when you feel the need for another drink, go and have a dance or talk to someone different and put it off for a while.

Moving around or dancing helps to process the alcohol faster too and you’ll consume less during the night.

If people are buying rounds, you can always opt out of one or two. Who cares what they say. Have a water instead if you feel like it.

7. Never ever binge drink

The bes hangover tip I can give you, is to advise you never to binge drink.

Yes we all did it a bit when we were 16 and trying to impress our friends, only to end up lying in our own puke gurgling and heaving, feeling a complete fool and swearing we’d never ever do it again and getting caught by a parent, teacher or policeman and your whole family finding out about it.

Yes we all slept on the toilet seat too at some point. I mean, come on, you only live once.

Now that’s cleared up, we have to say, binge drinking is totally ridiculous and for losers. There you go!

You get the idea – follow the above tips, and not only will you rarely get another hangover again, your health will also improve and your quality of life too.

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