How To Quit Cocaine – Cure The Habit

Knowing how to quit cocaine can save your life. Coke is a serious stimulant which has very negative long term side effects and health symptoms.

Cocaine is an addictive drug, unlike most other drugs, and when you start to wonder if you’re dependent on it then it’s the time you need to kick the habit right away.

What you should know is that it’s not physically addictive, butpsychologically addictive.

This is a key indicator for you in knowing just how to quit cocaine.

Psychological addictions can only be treated by you and the solution can only really come from you.

Of course, you can get some good help on the way, and I’m here to share some advice on making it easier for you.

Signs Of Cocaine Addiction

What are the signs and symptoms that you’re starting to get hooked?

Well, the first obvious sign is that you’ll be looking for ways to organise finding coke for almost any social occasion.

Generally, these habits form between friends and there are often one or two in the group of friends that push the option to organise some coke for the night.

If you notice yourself systematically looking for coke solutions each time there’s a night out planned, then you are doing the right thing by finding out how to quit cocaine. Your habit is likely to worsen if you don’t.

Other symptoms

You’ll need to know how to quit cocaine if you start to feel restless without taking a line on social occasions. Constantly thinking of how it would be to get high, wondering how you can get some for yourself and asking people is a bad sign.

Your body and brain also get used to the high that cocaine produces.

If you’re starting to take more and more coke every time you get the chance then you’re in danger of getting dependent or addicted.

Another sign that you need to quit is when you get tight feelings in your chest and bad headaches. You may also get irritable and angry for no apparent reason.

Fortunately there are ways for you to find out exactly how to quit cocaine before it’s too late and it ruins your life.

Treatments For Quitting Cocaine

Forget drug clinics that sap your bank account and just give you more drugs, there is a part of the treatment that only you can master.

You’ll need to develop some resistance to coke and understand why you took it in the first place. Remember, this is a psychologically addictive drug and the treatment comes from you.

1. Change your friends

The first step for you is to change your friends.

This will be really tough for some of you. Explain to your friends that you’ll be detoxing now and you can’t go out for a while.

You have to be strong and remind yourself that this could be the difference between a happy life and a miserable one, ridden with health and money problems.

Focus on meeting new and positive people. Start thinking positively and you’ll end up with people who are like that too.

Avoid your cokehead friends until they get clean. Otherwise you’ll end up drunk one night snorting away with them.

2. Take up new activitites

New activities are essential for you when you’re trying to quit cocaine.

Restlessness, sleeping problems and boredom are common symptoms of withdrawal.

You’ll need other activites to concentrate on to take up your attention and help you to forget about taking coke.

Try a new hobby, learning a new skill or simply doing something you’ve always dreamed of. 

Learning a new hobby making your own music, making funny videos, writing comedy or taking up sport are all good ways to move on.

3. Find some herbs that make it easier

As well as making sure that you stick to a good diet and to drink plenty of water (which eases the process of quitting cocaine) you’ll probably be interested in some natural herbs and supplements that help you to quit coke.

There are 2 known serotonin boosters that ease negative and irritable moods, help to calm you and make it easier to resist taking or thinking about coke.

You should try at least one of these.

5HTP to help you to quit cocaine 

My review on natural herb L-Tyrosine

4. Find a detox program that helps you to quit

Search for “detox program” on Google and you’ll probably get a whole load of clinics websites telling you you’re addicted and that you instantly need help. Help from them!

As your addiction is psychological, the only way you’ll cure it is on your own. A clinic isn’t you, so it can’t cure your habit. It can empty your bank account faster than any drug though, so be careful about that if you’d like to find a rehab clinic.

Many users are getting clean instead these days using detox programs.

I tracked down and compared a number of these, as a handful of them have excellent success rates.

Whether you decide to get clean on your own, using a rehab clinic or using a guide like this is up to you. But you should definitely check this out to see what it can do for you.

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