Ibuprofen Hangover Cure For Fast Results

An ibuprofen hangover cure works extremely well most of the time, but I’d advise against getting used to it and taking it too often.

Why is this?

I recommend hangover prevention if you possibly can do this instead.

How do you prevent a hangover successfully? I do it by taking a large glass of water and a pretoxx multivitamin pill which boosts levels of depleted electrolytes while you’re sleeping. It’ll also help to protect your liver from too much alcohol.

Don’t take painkillers before sleeping. Mixing them with alcohol is dangerous and can be harmful to your health. Take vitamins instead.

But sometimes we forget to take anything. We just fall asleep in a drunken state.

This can sometimes mean we awake with a very bad hangover the next day. A pulsating head, nausea, the shakes, sweating and bad breath are just some of the symptoms!

Ibuprofen hangover cure

When you feel this terrible and you need to recover fast, preferably in the next 40 minutes or so, then that’s when you can reach for someIbuprofen.

That doesn’t mean you should take it every time you get a little headache.

If you find yourself getting regular headaches, then you can find natural remedies too. 

Go here for my reviews on herbal headache remedies

How to take ibuprofen

First of all read the label. You should only follow acceptable doses and you should never mix with any other medication.

You should try to eat at least a small amount of food before taking your pills. Drink some water too. It’s best to avoid taking medication on an empty stomach as your stomach has probably taken a battering from last night’s alcohol.

Many people suggest that taking flat cola with ibuprofen is unbeatable and works very fast.

You probably won’t need to take more than 400mg of it for it to be effective. But once again, read the notice to be certain.

Once you’ve had some, it should start working within 30-50 minutes. During this time, either go back to sleep, take a walk in the fresh air or have a bath or shower.

Anything that can help accelerate and improve its effectiveness will be beneficial to getting rid of your headache and pain.

Even more effective is to have vitamin enhanced drinks to detox your liver and boost electrolyte levels.

Remember, the pain killer blocks pain only.

Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug which blocks mediators of pain in your body and reduces the swelling in your brain. Dehydration makes your brain swell and makes your head hurt.

Taking Ibuprofen should reduce all symptoms fast, but during that time, you should drink plenty of water and fruit juice and eat some hangover food.

Which ibuprofen hangover cure works the best?

We’re all different and I can only speak from experience.

My favourite cure is definitely Nurofen.

These are pretty amazing and work so well for me that I feel better than usual. They’ve brought me successfully out of the worst hangovers I’ve had. That’s really saying something.

I do know that these are relatively unknown in the USA, and a similar equivalent in the US is Advil.

Many people claim Advil is extremely effective and they always have it in their cupboard.

Of course, there are other types of ibuprofen too, but I haven’t had a chance to try them all.

What do you find works the best for curing hangovers? Is it Advil or something different? Let me know and leave me a comment below.

  1. FYI, the reason why we (and this has hnpepaed to many of us) hung over, because we are dehydrated. Try to drink a bottle of water before bed and I’ve noticed if I drink a few glasses of water during the night when I’m at a party, I can not seem to have hangovers. The next day, when you start dealing with a glass of water, avoid caffeine, as it seems to make things worse. Then you eat fresh fruits, oranges are good for vitamin C and a B-complex vitamin. Usually works for me. Well, if still suffer a bit to make room for your favorite burger and fries

    1. Yes but not always. Congeners ruin your head no matter how much water you drink.

      Think about it – do you get a hangover when you are dehydrated after going on a run?

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