A Marijuana Hangover – Cure The Hangover From Weed

Do you have a marijuana hangover or hangover from weed? Are you searching for a cure or remedy right now?

Smoking too much poor quality weed can send you off into a superficial sleep, cause you to wake up too early with a dry mouth and give you a lingering headache the next morning.

You’ll feel tired (but unable to sleep), lethargic, you’ll not have much motivation to do anything and above all you’ll need an instant remedy or cure for your marijuana hangover.

I know how it feels!

This is where my advice can help you.


The Best Marjiuana Hangover Cure

A hangover from weed can be cured with a combination of techniques.

First of all, here’s what not to do. You’ll make your marijuana hangover worse if you:

– smoke more low quality weed

– smoke lots of cigarettes

– stay in watching TV or playing games with all the windows shut

– drinking loads of coffee or crappy caffeine energy sugar drinks

Avoid popping pain killers too. You may think they work because for alcohol hangovers they are sometimes effective.


Weed hangovers are DIFFERENT!

Instead, you need to be trying a combination of the following.

1. Weed recovery drinks

The best recovery drinks are juices.

Get good, natural juices from your local store. Orange, tomato, cranberry, banana and loads of mineral water.

Drink about 3 litres of good juices and mineral water. This will flush out the bad stuff mixed in with your weed.

Understand that the reason you feel like poop warmed up is because of your weed being low quality and mixed with evil stuff like candle wax or fake grass. Sometimes, dealers even put glass in weed!

Other times, your marijuana hangover may be caused by the growing techniques of your supplier. They may use too many chemicals to boost the plant growth.

Regardless, it’s essential for you toflush out the bad stuff now.

What else is good? Get some green tea now! Make a whole big pot and drink 4 big cups of it. This stuff is your saviour!

What to do to avoid this happening next time

You need an all in one, electrolyte ready drink around you at home that is high in vitamins and minerals.

The perfect solution for you is simply to grab some Gatorade powdered drink mix now.

Next time you awake feeling like someone jumped on your head the complete vitamin rehydration solution will be in your room, ready to mix with water!

There’s no better way to avoid a hangover from weed than this.

2. Take some vitamins

Instead of pumping your body full of chemical pain killers and crappy drugs, get some vitamins inside you instead!

Painkillers don’t do much for real weed hangovers anyway.

Vitamins help you recover naturally and boost energy levels. You’ll feel weak and lazy after some bad weed.

High doses of vitamin C are great if you have them. If not, eat some oranges.

What to do to avoid this happening next time

Get yourself a ready supply of Oxygenating Multivitamin Drink Powderto boost yourself for when you feel like this.

This will work wonders from the inside out and works faster than capsules.

If you get marijuana hangovers often then take this before sleeping and after smoking.

3. Get lots of air to recover faster

Trust me, staying in your room with the windows shut is awful for recovery from a marijuana hangover.

You’ll feel depressed, useless and you won’t get better fast. It’ll take you all day before you feel good.

Ever noticed how when you sleep with good air circulation you feel good in the morning? Yep, and when you sleep with poor air circulation, you feel like crap!

Get outside NOW and get some fresh oxygen in your body.

Oxygen is given to people in hospitals for a reason: it helps boost recovery.

Right now, your body needs to recover faster and there’s nothing better than fresh air for it.

Walking around will help blood circulate in your body, and you’ll process out the bad stuff which makes you feel ill.

What to do to avoid this happening next time

Sleep with the window slightly open if you like.

Or just get yourself a Portable Oxygen Can  which will re-energise your body in minutes, making you feel good again instantly.

4. Eat food for for feeling better

When you have a hangover from marijuana, eating helps to boost blood sugar levels, making you feel better inside.

Your energy levels will return, your metabolism will be kick-started and you’ll be on the road back to normality once more.

I’ve taken time to recommend some food for getting over a marijuana hangover for you.

  1. Sone garbage here.
    How can a person clean their weed and not notice glass or wax? And useless vitamins recommended over pain killers and caffiene?
    Just useless.

    1. Caffeine makes you feel like rat’s piss though, as it dehydrates you. Otherwise it’s great.
      People get hangovers from weed because their gear was mixed with either fertilising chemicals or substances like wax or even plastic. How does a painkiller get rid of the chemicals?

      Yep painkillers work fine, but for many just combine the effect of a groggy weed hangover with it. Also, when the effect wears off, your headache kicks back in. At least try to avoid relying on them and flush out your toxic crap instead.

      Cleaning your weed? I don’t know where that came from. Get homegrown if you are unsure. Free of evil dealer crap. Like drinking alcohol with no impurities, homegrown is organic and hangover free.
      There are tiny, tiny bits of glass in some weed. As for wax it is often mixed with hash. If you don’t believe me then burn your brown chuff and watch it closely. If it bubbles slightly, then wax is in there.

  2. It’s all about hydration. Alcohol in large qutiiatnes can lead to dehydration. The best way to have a hangover . other than avoiding alcohol . to avoid is to try to drink a glass of water to every 2-3 drinks alcohol. Keep yourself hydrated if you can then avoid a hangover. Hope this helps.

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