Head Or Neck Rub Is A Massage Hangover Cure

Ever heard the one about getting a blissful head and neck massage hangover cure?

Yep, part of having a hangover is a tight headache and we all know about that. So you’ve followed all the best hangover tips and tricks,you’ve been trying out various home remedies and you still feel as though Medusa is projecting shards of blinding white light deep into your head through your eyes after poking them with knitting needles.

It’s ok, I understand. It can happen to anyone. If all else fails, you may well have a tight neck.

What’s a tight neck? Does it give you a headache?

You work in an office like nearly everyone? You sit down for a lot of the day at a computer screen? Your pillow resembles that bit of wallpaper that was chewed up by a dog last week?

It may well be that a swift 5 minute neck and head massage will release floods of blood into your head and open up your capillaries nicely.

A gentle rubbing and kneading of the muscles both sides of your vertebra improves the circulation of blood to your head. Your sharp headache may owe its existence to poor circulation and tight blood vessels and nothing else.

But how do I know that a massage can cure a hangover?

Once I was at a party where this pretty girl had a sharp pain on the side of her head. She had been drinking, but wasn’t drunk. Her headache was really bothering her though, and she was about to go home.

Sensing my opportunity, I explained to her in a very “doctorly” way, that her intense head pains could well be due to tight muscles in her neck and that this could especially be true if she’d been working on a computer for prolonged periods.

She allowed me to proceed to massage her neck gently, and then her head, giving special attention to the temples. Naturally, she immediately felt much better and stayed at the party.

Of course, I could tell you I didn’t go home alone that night, but that would be another story…

I mean, how do I know if this hangover tip is effective for me?

Even if this hangover tip isn’t fully effective in getting rid of your hangover headache, it’s certainly likely to help you get over it.

So you should try it anyway, whatever you do. It feels great and is instant.

What if I’m on my own?

You should improve your chat up lines and make sure you never wake up alone. Got it?

Only joking.

If you can’t persuade anyone to massage your back, get a tension relieving massage machine instead. The users of these machines swear that they cure any headache!

Otherwise, you’ll just have to pace it to Chinatown, if your city has one. Chinese people give great massages and for a good price. Just watch out for the “full body” deals in seedy dives. You may get more than you bargain for! Happy ending anyone?

Make sure you tell them you need a massage hangover cure or remedy. They’ll know what do to.

If you don’t have anyone in the world to give you a massage hangover cure, then head to the shower or bath and blast hot water on your neck. Or try to massage at least your head and especially your temples by yourself. It will do some good.

  1. Hey!
    I’ve been having a pain in my head, the kind where it feels extremely tight. I went for a massage and the masseur told me I have poor blood circulation as she massaged me neck. After massage, the head feels even tighter..is there a reason to it?

    1. Yo
      You might have some muscular pain due to a poor sleeping position, vertebrae that are out of place or even a disc that is slightly pinched. This can even happen due to stress or a poor posture when working on a keyboard. You should see someone about your spine and consider physio. If that doesn’t work then you should already have checked your pillow, posture and stress levels.

      1. 1) Drink a light alcohol (white wine inaetsd of red, vodka inaetsd of whiskey, etc) .2) Do you drink to drink a glass of water with every alcoholic beverage3) fatty foods (like nuts, avocados, red meat), we4hrend4) to front of the bed go, drink at least two full glasses of water and eat a banana or zwei5) Not tea, coffee or lemonade drink the next day. Avoid fatty foods. Do not take aspirin or other OTC pain relievers, if they are trinken.Diese tips really help prevent that one could try Kater.Sie under Po Chai pills (available at available at Chinese herbs) to help with the digestion, the day after upset trinken.de hangover headaches caused by dehydration, your body is actually pulls water to hydrate from the brain to help themselves, drink plenty of water (Gatorade and other sports drinks can also be helpful to replenish lost electrolytes).

    2. A ttaomo beer. I swear by it. Get a beer and add ttaomo juice or V-8. You can even use salt, pepper and / or tobasco sauce. It might not sound too great, but if you try it just for a hangover, you’ll feel like a champ. Remember, only one or two, or you have to probably get drunk again!

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