What Milk Thistle Can Do For Your Liver After Alcohol

Heard about milk thistle extract or silymarin being supposedly good for your liver, especially after a night drinking alcohol? Or maybe you thought it would help you recover from your hangover?

First of all, what is this stuff?

Milk thistle is a simple plant which is meant to grow in the hills of some countries like Scotland. Right?

What is the point in this stuff?

It can detoxify and clean your liver, which is especially beneficial if you drink regularly or if you got drunk last night.

Why? Because your liver should now perform at a higher level, processing all the toxins from your body at a faster rate and making you feel better in less time.

So is it a real hangover cure?

Milk thistle, whether in capsule or tincture form, is not considered to be a hangover remedy or cure on its own. It’s more of a complement to a hangover cure or remedy. You may call it an add-on or a plug-in if you’re a bit weird.

I tend to have it nearly every day to get my liver on top form. I don’t know how it works and do I really care? I just know I feel better.

I also have more of it when I’ve been drinking.

It can also help those of you who insist on eating crap food every day.

Is it real though, or just a silly thing people make up?

What I do know is that do any search for information on this, and some of what you find will mention the fact that the beneficial effects of milk thistle extract (or silymarin) are unproven.

Honestly though, anything is unproven until we discover it. The world being round was unproven until someone actually proved it wasn’t flat by sailing around it.

People didn’t know what lightning was until it was proven. So just because something isn’t proven, doesn’t mean it’s rubbish.

What I’m trying to say is: be open-minded.

And see for yourself. Take some Liver Detoxifier and get back to me after a few weeks of taking it.

So how does it make you feel?

Questions questions.

I first heard of this from a friend who said her grandmother had it every day and looked and acted extremely young for her advanced age.

This friend of mine took milk thistle extract regularly and claimed she rarely got hangovers anymore.

Of course, I had no idea if this was true but I had some anyway, as I was feeling kind of hungover that summer morning.

She loaded me plenty of it in a glass of water then I took off home.

On my way back I felt a kind of lightness in my digestive tract. As though something was being broken down slowly and that it was helping me to digest.

I felt kind of lighter and more streamlined. Hard to describe.

So since that, I admit having regular milk thistle seems to help digestion. If that is the case, then it must give you a better and faster metabolism. Having a better liver apparently means you digest better and therefore, it must mean you metabolise alcohol faster.

So milk thistle (or silymarin) has reportedly and apparently a similar effect to cysteine, which is in eggs.

So what’s the verdict?

Have it with a multivitamin and water after drinking and the next day when you awake.

The tincture form (liquid) appears to be better, for me anyway. Although others say capsules are more effective.

Just do it because with all the toxins in food and in drink, your liver needs serious help.

It’s worth keeping your liver in good condition.

Taking it in concentrated capsules is a faster, more effective way to take it.

It has good levels of silymarin and cysteine (helps to clean toxins) which are like cleaning agents for your liver.

Even you’ve been partying a lot, you should do this one way or another, whether it’s through eating the right foods to detox or by taking supplements.

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