The Negative Effects Of Alcohol – They Really Exist

If you’re a drinker, becoming aware of the negative effects of alcoholcan certainly add a few years to your life.

When you become aware of how alcohol can affect your brain and body, you become conscious of putting into practice some common sense health tips and you might start to drink sensibly.

Overwhelming amounts of evidence conclude that consuming alcohol in moderate or low amounts is beneficial for your health whereas excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous for your health.

Being aware of the negative effects of alcohol can help you to curb your drinking habits and learn about some highly recommended health tips for drinkers.


Short Term Effects Of Drinking

Most of us are aware of what happens for the next few hours after drinking.

In high quantities, your body becomes dehydrated and intoxicated (poisoned).

Your attention span and concentration are reduced, your speech may become slurred and incoherent.

Behaviour can become unpredictable and irrational, and your blood sugar level decreases (hypoglycemia). 

Those most at risk of suffering are binge drinkers. 

As you probably know, the morning after heavy alcohol consumption results in a bad hangover.

Long Term Negative Effects Of Alcohol

Long term heavy drinkers are at serious risk of damaging their health!

The negative consequences of repeated heavy drinking come at a huge cost to the human body.

Alcohol addiction, withdrawal symptoms, heart disease, cancer, low libido, memory loss, digestive problems and premature ageing are all potential side effects of long term heavy drinking habits.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol can be addictive and can result in you becoming an alcoholic.

Eventually, your body will become malnourished and low in quantities of nutrients. This can lead to depression, indigestion, loss of appetite, and paranoia.

Giving up drinking can be very hard for alcoholics.

Those that are concerned about that they are becoming addicted or are suffering from highly negative health as a result of alcohol should read the following links. 

How to recover from alcohol addiction 

Alcohol detoxification 

Alcohol detox diet

Dementia – how alcohol affects the brain

Drinkers are all conscious of how alcohol affects memory and cognitive function.

Many of us can notice an increase in alertness and an improvement in memory function when we abstain from alcohol for some time.

Long term heavy drinkers are at increased risk of suffering from dementia due to the fact that alcohol depletes levels of nutrients that are essential for the brain to function correctly.

It has also been reported that upon withdrawing from heavy alcohol use, the effects of withdrawal are actually harmful for the brain.

Withdrawing from alcohol is not easy. If this is your challenge, then you’d be advised to read about how to cope with alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Cancer and alcohol

The shocking fact is that alcohol can cause cancer.

In the UK, this study on alcohol and cancer reveals that up to 6% of cancer deaths in the United Kingdom are related to alcohol.

This is a suprisingly high amount of cancer cases to be linked to alcohol.

Being aware of this one statistic can be enough for you to cut down significantly on drinking. 

How to successfully detox from alcohol at home

Alcohol and low libido

Notably in men, the negative effects of alcohol can lead to long term impotence and low libido.

Fortunately for men, erectile dysfunction caused by alcoholism can be reversed or at least, partially reversed in many cases using only natural methods.

This is obviously very positive news for those men who need to revive their libido following periods of heavy drinking.

How do you cure erectile dysfunction caused by alcohol?

The best place to find out dedicated to solving libido problems is“Improve My Libido”, a dedicated resource site that you may find very useful for improving general health and libido.

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