New Daily Persistent Headache – How To Treat NDPH Syndrome

New Daily Persistent Headache (NDPH) is a chronic headache condition that was recognised only a few years ago as a recurring disorder.

Finding a treatment for NDPH those who suffer from it is a priority.

New Daily Persistent Headache can be very painful, having a negative impact on many aspects of life.

Keep in mind that many people who believe that they have NDPH could be mistaken.

Checking to see if you have NPDH

NDPH obviously occurs on a daily basis and consists of a pressure or tension type headache that builds up during the day, occuring at no particular time of the day.

To be a New Daily Persistent Headache sufferer, such headaches will have been occurring daily for months.

The condition may have developed following an illness of a cold or flu type, or an infection, possibly in the sinuses or ears.

Finally, many of those who suffer from NPDH complain of feeling mild nausea symptoms at the same time.

Treatment For NDPH

You should exercise caution when looking for an effective treatment for New Daily Persistent Headache syndrome.

Using too much medication can be detrimental to your health and can even lead to more headaches.

Furthermore, you should consider a variety of different treatments and solving the cause of the problem, rather than focusing on treating the symptoms, which is what many doctors might try to recommend you.

The challenge in finding the best treatment, is that NDPH is different for many people. For a lot of people, the condition is similar to chronic migraine.

The most effective approach is to look at treatment which removes the cause of your headaches.

You may not be aware of the causes of your chronic daily headaches, you should be prepared to try a few different methods of treating it.

Improving body position

Many headaches are caused by poor posture (body position) and bad circulation.

You should have a good pillow for sleeping. This is essential to optimising circulation, keeping your neck and head in the correct position and ensuring that you reach deep levels of restful sleep at night.

The best pillow is one which supports your neck and head, allowing it to move freely in different directions when you sleep.

A great example of a pillow that’s unbeatable for improving body position while sleeping is a waterflow pillow.

The investment on a good pillow will bring you back much more in terms of comfort, improved performance and especially reducing the money you may be spending on doctor’s fees and medication.

Improving lifestyle

Headaches are sometimes caused by blood circulation.

If you are already paying attention to how you sleep, sit and stand then there may be another reason for your chronic headaches.

How can you improve your circulation?

Massage can help, and so can reducing your intake of white carbs and increasing your intake of healthier foods such as raw vegetables, organic fruit and water.

Drink more water, fruit juices and exercise more frequently.

Performing yoga or tai-chi (you can easily find videos to use at home) at home every morning is highly beneficial for your body and helps countless people to avoid headaches and various health problems.

Other treatments for NDPH

Finally, there are effective treatments that are available online that involve combining a number of techniques that resolve the causes of the problem directly, ensuring that you never suffer from NDPH again.

The most important thing is that these programs are written by former headache sufferers, which is definitely an advantage.

If I wanted to learn anything at all, I’d ask an expert in that field who has experience of the subject. This is why you should take a look at a migraine relief program.

  1. Me too! I also find my left hand feels a little strgnae . slightly numbed and cooled along the lower edge and along my little finger. Occasionally the visual disturbance looks different to this: an electric blue shimering light like a three pointed star. I find it very hard to speak and simple words escape me. For example it took me 40 minutes to remember the word for celary. No headache but a general feeling of weirdness.

    1. I think the older I get less and less I do (maybe I’m getting too much pirtcace!) But I’m also a little orange juice drink in the morning and eat a few cookies on make sure you stay hydrated if you keep an angle on anything you touch the board and went to the line of alcohol poisoning, if so the only thing that would be another time and rest to help IV of the bell (Do not paramedics) good luck undAch yes for the nausea try ginger a ginger root to keep in the freezer if you are sick and throws himself peel, cut into slices and pour hot water over it let stand for a few minutes and sip add honey if you must . Best for nausea

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