How The Oxygen Hangover Cure Can Have You Feeling Better In Minutes

It’s funny because using a pure oxygen hangover cure as hangover prevention or a remedy for a hangover the next day has always been something I was aware of, but never something I really looked at in detail.

Then I saw an ad for it. “Oxygen in a can” it said.

I was “kind of” aware of the oxygen hangover cure helping you to recover because I realise that my hangovers are always less severe when I go skiing or snowboarding, or when I hit the countryside pubs and wake up with green grass around me. Fresh air hangovers just lack the intensity of city ones.

Why is this? Why do we recover faster from being hungover when driving a few balls around a country golf course?

It’s for the same reason you should always try to have a window open in your room after drinking, just like I mention when I explain how to prevent hangovers.

Good air quality can prevent hangovers

The answer is simple: the air quality of course. If there is less pollution and more oxygen in the country air, you recover much faster.

Now that you can get portable oxygen, you can fix a hangover when you wake up, wherever you are!

We obviously aren’t all doctors or divers with unlimited access to our own air supply whenever we like. So portable oxygen is the more affordable alternative.

These cannisters just for those of us who get hangovers and headaches. The main consumers are sports athletes and those who have injuries of some kind and who need to recover faster.

A Hangover when scuba diving                            

For those of you that have ever been scuba diving, you probably took to the sea with seasoned pro divers.

I was at Key West once and our instructors were real party animals who would sometimes arrive late and bleary eyed.

When I asked them how they did this so often and so hungover, they told me that their oxygen tank works wonders on an evil headache.

One of them actually puked when he was 20 metres under the sea though, so maybe it doesn’t totally cure everything!

This doesn’t mean you should dive hungover though. It’s not advised and you may get decompression sickness because of dehydration. Don’t do it.

So why does oxygen, or pure air, help you recover faster?

Ever hear about top level atheletes sleeping in oxygen tanks so they could get over their injury faster and in time for the start of a major tournament?

When you’re hungover, your body has just taken a hit from the alcohol, plenty of which is still in your blood. You’re still breaking down the alcohol and the side effects of this are the hangover symptoms you’ll be feeling.

Oxygen plays an important part in any kind of recovery. When your liver is breaking down the alchol into acetaldehyde, it takes 3 oxygen molecules to break down 1 alcohol molecule.

The acetaldehyde is then subsequently broken down into water (comes out in your pee after being removed from your blood) and also into carbon dioxide (which is expelled when you breathe out).

If you’re loading your body with oxygen, it will be breaking down the alcohol and expelling from your body much faster.

So what’s the verdict? Do I buy this little oxygen can?

If you’re a crazy drinker then, yes why not? You can try it out.

I agree that the portable oxygen is great at helping relieve your hangover headache and reducing nausea.

You’ll certainly get over a hangover faster than you would otherwise.

But I’ve got no cash to buy this oxygen tank thing

If you don’t want to spend any cash, then just sleep with the window a bit open, or make sure you freshen the air in your room before sleeping. Turn off any radiators.

I have yet to try taking a blast of oxygen hangover cure to get rid of a hangover myself, but I think I’m going to get one pretty soon.

I’ve met people who work in hospitals who use their own oxygen supply as a remedy for the morning after headache quite regularly.

Or just become a scuba diver

Or alternatively just take up diving and get yourself your own oxygen hangover cure tank.

It’s not cheap, but you can make a cool hobby out of it and have a tank on standby to cure your hangovers. Sounds pretty good to me! Just make sure you don’t dive hungover and you follow all the precautions.

Really though, instead of waiting until the next day, it’s far better to take a multivitamin pill the night before to completely prevent getting hungover in the first place.

    1. The best way, not one (Apart from the obvious) is to take a B comlpex and drink a lot of water during the day before you plan the evening, getting drunk. This is what a hangover. The Alcohol strips your body of B vitamins and dries you!

  1. Oxygen helps lowers blood alcohol content in system and help with metabolizing alcohol in liver. Many famous casinos have oxygen bars located inside so people can enjoy their vacation and keep gambling without feeling crappy. IT works, no doubt, do you buy bottled water? Then oxygen in a can is the next big thing!

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