Get Hammered And Eat Pickles To Cure A Hangover

You’ve heard about the pickles hangover cure and you want to see if pickled onions or pickle juice really work.

Bizarrely, people are saying pickled onions monster munch crisps or chips help cure a hangover.

This is bullshit though. They just get hungry and feel like eating them is what they really mean.

Pickled onions or pickle juice though, are an excellent natural hangover remedy for all you drinkers.

How did I find that the pickles hangover cure works?

This Christmas I went to see my family. I never make pickles myself, but my Mum always has a massive jar of them waiting, especially when me and my bros are around.

One morning I was feeling a bit rough. The pub the night before had seen us mix the beers with Scotch. Now, normally, as it’s fairly good beer and reasonable Scotch whisky, you shouldn’t get hungover from this.

However, one of my bros went and added a Bourbon into the mix, thinking we were all drinking that instead of Scotch.

I think that was the cause of the beesting to the brain I had the next day.

Yes I was pretty drunk but getting hungover from Scotch and beer isn’t so common for me.

So how did I handle it?

I was a bit ropey the next day. A man on the edge you might say. Could have gone either way.

With some positive thinking though, I kept things together. A walk outside in the countryside and some fresh air saw me get rid of some of my hangover. I tried some deep breathing once outside and this helped.

After all, fresh oxygen can work wonders.

By the time I was back from the 15 minute brisk stroll outside, I was feeling better but still ropey.

After all, I hadn’t managed to stomach any real food yet and I knew I had to in order to make it go away and bring me back to life.

I also knew that lunch was ready and it was gonna be tough!

So what happened?

So I sat up to the table for lunch. Kind of dubious about the food in front of me.

Normally, I have a great appetite when I go home and I eat loads. However, feel rough as a dog’s ass didn’t really make me so ready to put anything in my mouth. My body was telling me this.

Then I saw the good old jar of pickles near to me. Remembering vaguely that I’d read somewhere that about a pickles hangover cure and that pickle juice was considered an effective remedy for hangovers for people in Poland I thought it would be time to give it a try.

So what happened (again)? Did the pickles hangover cure work?

Munching the little pickled onion totally cleared my head! And this was immediate.

The fresh and sharp taste was like a wave of fresh and clean air into my brain. The fog was cleared instantly and I felt normal already! Wow.

I then proceeded to eat loads of food and totally forgot I was hungover. I didn’t even feel like I’d been out the night before. Well, maybe a bit but no headache and my appetite was back big time.

So how many of these do you need for a pickles hangover cure to work?

In the end, I ate four! They were giving me a little buzz each time, so I went for it.

I was getting a bit greedy though. I saw that two of my bros were looking a bit tired and worn out. They weren’t eating much either. No doubt, they were hungover too and were refusing to admit it.

So, naturally I made them both eat a pickle each. I didn’t tell them why. But afterwards they were astonished, admitting that the pickle totally cleared out their heads. Their moods seemed to pick right up too.

Why do pickles cure your hangover?

Having found out what goes in a pickle, it started to make sense to me:

  • Onions (hangover recovery food on its own)
  • Vinegar (wake up juice)
  • Salt (recommended for hangovers)
  • Sugar (can bring up your low blood sugar level)

So a pickle is basically an all-in-one hangover home remedy. Pickle juice must be pretty good too, although I have yet to try it out.

So what’s the verdict?

A definite massive positive verdict for curing a grim, hungover condition.

What a find!

Now, depending on how bad you feel, you may find that just pickles on their own aren’t quite enough, although they’ll definitely help loads. You’ll need to combine them with other hangover cures and remedies. However, they are a real pleasant surprise and I’d advise keeping some in your place.

I’m off to make some now actually. Enjoy.

  1. Burnt toast with grilled chseee and soda with lots of carbonation. The charcoal in the burnt toast sucks all the toxins, the alcohol is transformed into the melted chseee is a food puts back on the stomach and the soda replaces the fluids and glucose (a sugar alcohol) is lost. The carbonic acid speeds up the work. And promise never to drink again. This promise itself automatically canceled after noon.

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