Pretoxx Hangover Cure – Does Preventing a Hangover Really Work?

I came across Pretoxx hangover cure (or hangover prevention) pills when testing various commercial hangover treatments that are available on the market today.

On a quest for the perfect hangover preventing pill, I wanted to see whether Pretoxx would help me wake up with a clear head, no nausea or shaking, no lethargy and pains.

Did it work?

First of all, what is Pretoxx?

Pretoxx hangover cure is a health supplement that is used to prevent you from suffering from hangover symptoms and which can have beneficial effects on your health if taken regularly.

It’s available in capsules and contains only natural herbs and vitamins. More specifically, it contains vitamins and herbs that are designed to prevent your body from feeling the unpleasant side effects of drinking too much alcohol.

How do you take Pretoxx hangover cure?

Pretoxx works best if you take it every day as some of the ingredients are beneficial to your liver and help you build up a healthy resistance to hangovers.

It’s recommended to take it before and especially after drinking and before sleeping.

To avoid dehydration it’s best to take the tablets with a large glass of water.

Do you take it between drinks?

Pretoxx is made in such a way that you don’t need to keep taking it throughout the night, unlike other hangover prevention pills. After all, who remembers to actually take pills every few drinks? And who wants to be seen popping pills in a nightclub? It’s a sure way to get kicked out.

What’s in it?

The ingredients are:

Vitamins B1, B6, B12: this is main vitamin group that gets depleted when you drink. Low levels of B vitamins can leave you feeling slow and lethargic, with a headache.

Vitamin C: As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C helps to prevent the effects of toxins from making themselves felt.

Milk thistle: An age old herb used for promoting healthy liver function.

N-acetyl cysteine: Cysteine is found in eggs (hangover food) and is great for cleaning up toxins. It does this by boosting the liver’s levels of glutathione, used to help the liver detoxify your body.

Prickly pear extract: This has been proven in a study to reduce levels of nausea.

On paper, Pretoxx hangover cure should be great for preventing a hangover. You just have to get into the habit of taking it with plenty of water before bed. But did it really work?

Pretoxx put to the test

I decided to test Pretoxx on a night when I knew a few different drinks would be flowing. What better way to test hangover prevention pills?

So after taking 1 tablet, I started off on red wine at an evening art exhibition. I had about 3 glasses of wine (good quality) then moved on and had a couple of vodkas at a friend’s place before going out.

Once we hit the bars I knocked back about 3 pints of beer. Then I think I had two smaller beers at a club.

Fairly drunk

This wasn’t a huge binge drinking session, but by the end I was getting pretty drunk. The beer I had was around 6% alcohol content and I tried a couple of different brands to mix things around a bit. By the end, it was a fairly drunken night although I remember most things.

Back home I had another pretoxx with water and went to bed.

When I awoke the next day I’d forgotten I’d even had any pills. It wasn’t until mid-afternoon that I remembered that I had been trying a new prevention pill.

I’d reached mid afternoon feeling awake and quite normal. When I started wondering why I felt quite good after a night of drinks mixing and talking codshit to strangers, I remembered what I’d had after drinking, the night before.

The verdict

I’d say Pretoxx works pretty well and tackles all of the symptoms we suffer when hungover.

You wake up with a much clearer head, no nausea and no pain. You’re more energetic than normal and can get up and do things, instead of lying in bed.

You still have a dry mouth and maybe dry eyes, but that’s from dehydration. You might still feel a bit tired too, although not as tired as usual. So it’s up to you to drink more liquids before bed or when you wake up in the night.

In my opinion, Pretoxx is a great way to prevent hangovers without the hassle of taking pills every few drinks.

The only improvement that could be made is making an effervescent version of the tablet. Maybe version 3 will surprise us.

Where can I find Pretoxx?

Pretoxx is available at Amazon for $15 for 30 tablets.

  1. Wow. I’m not sure if this is funny or just really scary. I know at some point I’ll have to have the diussscion with the wee ones that just because there ARE products out there like this doesn’t mean you should have to make use of them. Egads.

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