How to Prevent a Hangover with One Killer Natural Method

Knowing how to prevent a hangover can make life a lot easier.

Personally, I can’t stand wasting half my day, or sometimes my whole day, with a splitting headache and on the verge of vomiting every time I think of either alcohol or food.

It’s not just that the pain and discomfort are debilitating, it’s that I like to be active and do stuff. Whether it’s work or play, I can’t stand lying around hungover.

Once you find out how to prevent a hangover and get into the habit of it, all that changes.

Using just a simple technique leads you to wake up with a more or less clear head and much more energy than you would have without taking it.

It works approximately 9 times out of 10 for most of us and it’s only when you’ve done something a bit stupid like binge drinking, mixing your drinks or downing low quality alcohol that you may still get hungover when trying this technique.

Your hangovers will always be less severe though.

You should try my free guide which gives you the ten best hangover cures and prevention treatments.

A multivitamin with liver detox prevents hangovers

When we drink alcohol we lose a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from our bodies.

One of the causes of hangovers is the loss of these nutrients.

So what’s the best remedy or prevention trick?

Replacing what you lose and even boosting your vitamins levels a bit more than normal even before you even feel the effects of any hangover is great for preventing morning after headaches and nausea.

You take a natural vitamin pill with some water after drinking and before sleeping and you wake up feeling so much better.

You just need to find the right kind of vitamins that work better than the others.

Which multivitamin works?

Considering that you don’t want to be paying too much to prevent getting hungover, you should be checking out Function.

Ideally, take one of these before going out and two after drinking and before sleeping. That means it takes 2-4 pills to prevent a hangover successfully.

Personally, just 2 for me after drinking mean I wake up with a clear head, and able to perform normally.

As I work on Saturdays this is particularly useful.

Why is this hangover pill any good?

I like it particularly for two reasons. First, because it has vitamins C with magnesium and calcium. Essentially, if you take these vitamins in the right quantities after drinking, you sleep pretty well and wake up clear headed.

It also has 5HTP which helps to boost serotonin.

It contains cysteine and silymarin which means it can protect and detoxify your liver as you sleep; important when you drink alcohol.

Liver detox

What happens when your liver performs more efficiently? As well as your general health levels improving, having a high performance liver should be helping you get rid of hangovers faster.

Function has silymarin, the essential liver cleaning element that is extracted from milk thistle and it has L-cysteine. Cysteine is found in eggs and helps to clean toxins from your body.

These detox herbs are perfect for ridding your body of acetaldehyde (the toxin produced when your body breaks down alcohol), which is another cause of your hangover.

Just make sure you take one tablet before drinking and two more when you’re finished drinking.

More tablets to prevent hangovers

Looking around some more there are some great vitamins which boost energy and help to prevent you getting hungover.

Having oxygenated vitamins before sleeping and you might even jump out of bed the next morning!

I’m exaggerating, but this vitamin pill is so full of the best electrolytes that you’ll have some great energy levels the next day.

I’d say this one is great for those of you working in events and sales that need to entertain clients regularly.

All that eating and drinking takes its toll, but a boost of vitamins after drinking means you can still have a productive day the next day.

Oxygenating vitamins should work well for general energy and for getting more out of your day too, if you work or if you study.

  1. Avoidance. If this is not possible, drink pltney of water before you go to bed and a couple of Tylenol. If you wake up eat a piece of toast and drink more water and try to sleep. Smoke a little pot and television throughout the day works wonders, but if that is not possible, a little Hair of the Dog can help relieve you, really it depends on the male part only for a few days time to react. . . unfortunately. I’ve never seen one of these products, such as chasers tried, but it would be worth a try.

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