How To Quit Marjiuana, Stop Smoking Weed And Get Clean

Having troubles to quit marijuana or stop smoking weed is quite normal.

Once you’re dependent on THC circulating in your blood, you can’t go longer than a day or less without smoking some weed to keep you calm and in “normal” condition.

You can’t be addicted to marijuana, or pot

Marijuana is not an addictive drug as such.

What happens is that you get hooked on the feeling. It’s not like tobacco or cocaine which your body gets physically addicted to.

Weed is psychologically addictive if you like, although it’s not officially recognized as such. A better way to say it is that you get dependent.

When you try to stop smoking marijuana you’ll have difficulty sleeping, strange, vivid dreams and you’ll feel very wired, as though you’ve been drinking too much coffee.

What to do if you can’t stop smoking weed

My best advice for you if you feel you’re dependent on weed is to slowly cut down your cannabis consumption first.This shouldn’t be too hard and is the first step to quit marijuana.

Every time you feel like rolling another one or getting that bong out, go and do something else.

Take a walk, get some air. Go to the gym or see a friend who doesn’t smoke.

Often, if you hang around with pot smokers you feel like you need to participate.

Late at night

The late at night pot smoke is the hardest one to refuse.

Cannabis gets us off to sleep nicely and with sweet, warm dreams a lot of the time.

When you stop cannabis, it’s pretty tough getting to sleep.

You’ll have issues sleeping without your last smoke and you know it.

To start with, at least make your final smoke is a weaker one as each day goes by.

Eventually you should be able to get by with just a weak puff before bed.

Guides to help you quit cannabis

If these tips aren’t enough and you know you need more, there is help.

You can get comprehensive and complete guides on how to quit marijuana.

This guide to quitting cannabis caught my attention because it focuses on detoxing too.

Getting off weed is far easier if you detox, so I’ll give these programs my backing.

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