Red Wine Headache Remedies

Having a red wine headache can be pretty unpleasant.

Waking up after having drunk just a few glasses of wine the night before, you’re pretty surprised to have pains around your temples, around your eye sockets and feeling groggy and slow.

Sometimes, you don’t even drink that much and still wake up with a bad head!

My tips can help you to prevent hangovers from red wine and teach you how to spot poor quality wine so you don’t get hungover again.

What is the cause of a red wine headache?

The main cause of headaches and hangovers the morning after drinking red wine is congeners.

These are chemical impurities that occur as a result of the fermentation process of wine.

You may find that drinking lots of water does nothing to make your headache disappear when congeners give you a headache.

When you feel hungover and you have a headache but the rest of your body feels more or less fine, it’s often down to congeners. 

Find out more about congeners and a red wine headache

What tips can help to avoid hangovers from red wine?

The ideal tips for avoiding hangovers and a red wine headache is to stick to higher quality red wine and avoid mixing it with other types of alcoholic drinks.

Choose your wine

If you’re at a dinner party, take a look at the bottle before filling your glass. Insist on checking out the wine before drinking it.

This could save you the next morning. People who drink better quality red wine rarely get hungover, unless they drink too much of it.

Gauge the quality

How do you know if your wine is of decent enough quality to avoid getting hungover?

Here are a few tips:

The year it was bottled

Look for wines which display the year on the label. If there is no year available, avoid drinking that particular wine.

Opt for wines that are around 3 years old as they’re often in optimal condition to be consumed.

Of course, the wine can be younger or older than 3 years of age. Beaujolais can be consumed the same year as it was bottled for example.

But as a general rule, a wine that displays its year is better than one that doesn’t.

The name of the wine

If the wine has a specific name and vineyard, it’s more reliable that a generic, mass produced cheap wine.

Look for names like “Chateau de…” or “…Vineyard”.

Often with a reasonable wine, the label will be more classical and with writing on it.

Wines with colours and drawings on the label and little else are rarely anything but low quality.

Avoid vin de table or table wine

Never drink wine with “vin de table” on the label, unless it’s just one glass only. This is table wine, and is really only used for cooking or for cheap, headache inducing drinking. 

These are great hangover tips to avoid headaches

What is the best remedy for a red wine headache?

If you have a hangover headache from too much poor quality red wine or you’ve mixed with other drinks, then I have some great natural remedies and tips for you to get rid of it fast.

For example, taking a multivitamin pill before sleeping and after drinking can help you avoid getting hungover. You should wake up feeling far less hungover than you would if you didn’t take it.

These work pretty well by replacing electrolytes, boosting vitamin levels and detoxing your liver. In theory, this is what you need to avoid the morning after head pains.

If all else fails, there is a last resort fix that works very fast that you can buy from the pharmacy or find in your medicine cabinet.

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