Cure A Speed Comedown – Relief From An Amphetamine Hangover

A speed comedown or amphetamine hangover is one of the most severe, especially in terms of symptoms.

Pains in the body, headaches, tiredness, anxiety, heart palpitations, paranoia and even depression can play a part in the worst of speed comedowns.

What makes it harder is that when you feel this way, it’s even more difficult to think straight. And you need to think straight in order to make yourself better and cure that comedown!

How To Cure An Amphetamine Hangover

Curing your pains, headache, anxiety and depression fast is a desperate mission.

Remember, that your speed may have been cut with another substance that hurts you and that is contributing to the nasty comedown. This doesn’t help things of course.

There are a few techniques which help people who suffer from speed comedowns to feel better fast.

1. Food and drink

Even when your appetite is very low, you should force yourself to eat something.

Sometimes when you begin to eat, you find that your appetite starts to come back as a result.

You’ll have lost some calcium too, so replacing this is important.

Eat bananas (potassium, magnesium), honey, green vegetables and some potatoes or pasta for diluting the levels of amphetamines in your blood.

Drink plenty of green tea, water and smoothies to boost electrolyte levels and natural energy.

2. Calming nerves with health supplements

Natural health supplements are generally plant derivatives. If you can avoid taking medication for a speed comedown, then I’d advise you to do so.

Once I was suffering from a speed comedown and had to go to work the next day. As you can imagine, working was very hard when you consider the public transport, computer screens and having to deal with people in an office.

When I took a pain killer to get over my speed comedown, I felt very strange for a while. I wouldn’t advise mixing more drugs or medication with speed. As you don’t know what your speed has been cut with, it’s fairly risky.

Which natural supplements do people use?

The most successful natural supplement known for its calming effects is5-HTP.

Many people take 5HTP when suffering from either an ecstasy hangoveror sometimes people use it to recover fast from a cocaine comedown. 

5HTP is a precursor to boosting serotonin and can relieve symptoms of depression associated with your speed comedown.

Another supplement that people use is Xanax which has an excellent natural calming effect and can help to promote natural sleep.

Try one of the above supplements to help get relief from your speed comedown but take care and read the label beforehand.

3. Detoxing faster

If you can handle it, then detoxing fast from speed is the best way to flush the amphetamines from your body.

Detoxing involves some form of exercise and will help you to rinse your body of the substances that are causing your speed comedown.

How do you detox fast?

Remember that your nervousness is the extra “energy” that speed has given you. Expending this energy will not only help you to feel better faster, but you’ll also be ridding your body of the toxins.

In order to do this, you’ll need to drink plenty of water, juices and green tea.

You’ll also need to exercise. Your heart may still be racing, so don’t overdo the exercise. A brisk walk in a green area is by far the best way to start to sweat toxins from your body, while breathing fresh air in pleasant surroundings.

Whatever happens, you need your blood to circulate around your body at a decent rate.

Go for a 2 hour walk after eating food and after drinking lots of liquid. Take water or juice with you to keep drinking on your way.

The air and exercise helps you to expend the excess energy that you feel in the form of nervousness.

4. Taking a hot shower

If it’s night time and you are really lost, alone and unable to do any of above except for eating, then many speed users swear by taking a hot shower.

This can certainly help you too.

A long hot shower relaxes you, improves circulation and may even help you to sweat out some toxins. A hot bath can do the same.


                5. Alcohol

Amphetamine hangovers shouldn’t really be treated by alcohol. You may end up with a real alcohol hangover as well as an amphetamine hangover.

Obviously this isn’t what you want.

However, if you really have nothing else, then drink some red wine.

Speed users have claimed that drinking 2 glasses of red wine is highly beneficial to them when suffering from speed headaches and anxiety.

6. Marijuana

Nearly every user of speed, cocaine and ecstasy has tried taking marijuana to relax when feeling the first effects of a speed comedown.

Many people report that weed is beneficial to calming nerves and stimulating appetite.

If you smoke weed to help you to come down, then drink lots of water and eat some food too.

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