Treating Hangovers That Slap Your Head

Treating hangovers is tough because we suffer from so many different types of hangover.

Therefore, the remedy varies according to your condition.

Rather than treating your hangover with a cure the next day, you’ve surely realised that the best way to avoid getting hungover is simply to prevent it instead of than waiting until you wake up the next day when the pain is already there.

But we forget

The unfortunate truth is that many of us forget to take a vitamin drink or to have the right amounts of water, fruit juice and food after drinking and before sleeping in order to prevent their hangovers.

Why is this? Because we’re basically too drunk to remember what to do and despite leaving the multivitamin effervescent pill on the pillow so we don’t forget to take it, we do forget.

In our inebriated state, we do sometimes forget, contrary to all the great advice that people give us about how hangovers can be prevented, we totally forget everything.

Treating hangovers isn’t a simple matter and finding the right cure or remedy for your evil condition can be a challenge as we all know.

If you’ve read about the different levels of hangover you can suffer from, you’ll probably looking to match your condition up with the correct remedy or cure.

So for treating each type of hangover in a different way, here’s what I recommend.

1. Next Day Buzz

The next day buzz is hardly a real hangover. You’ll maybe get away with drinking an espresso coffee and water. Yes coffee is not generally recommended for treating hangovers, but this time you can give it a go to wake you up as it won’t dehydrate you too much, hopefully.

Pop a vitamin drink too and enjoy your lunch.

2. Gas Head Hangover

Tired and unable to think too straight or concentrate for too long, you need a bit more of a pick up for treating your languid state.

Drink lots of fruit juice throughout the day and have a multivitamin. Make sure the foods you eat are starch based like pasta and toast and maybe have a banana. Don’t eat too much otherwise you may fall asleep.

See the hangover food and hangover drink pages for more on what to eat and drink to treat hangovers.

3. The Classic Hangover

To remind you of how you feel:

You still feel a bit drunk the next morning and have a classic next day headache, dry mouth and your guts are moving around a bit.

Hmmm. The recommendation for treating this type of hangover is:

– eggs and bacon

– 2 bananas

– lots of water and fruit juice throughout the day

– an energy drink without caffeine

4. The Beast Hangover

Now we’re talking. You really went for it last night if you’re suffering from The Beast today. A bee stung your brain, your breath is worse than Rover the dog who just ate a 2 week old steak he found in a bin in the street and you feel like you’ll vomit if you even think about alcohol.

You’re never going to drink again, ever. Well, until Friday maybe.

A tough, delicate condition to overcome.

To get back on track, you need:

– big multivitamin pill (preferably effervescent)

– sugar drinks, (like Coca Cola or Pepsi) to rehydrate & increase your blood sugar level

– when you can handle it, eat a banana with honey on it

– have a hot shower or a bath to sweat out some alcohol, then blast cold water on your face and on your head

Try to resist having a painkiller unless your head is really still unbearably painful, even after drinking and eating all.

5. The Worst Bad Hangover

If your hangover is any worse than the beast, you must have the worst bad hangover. I feel very sorry for you and I understand what you’re going through.

As far as a cure goes, you’ll just have to stay put, drinking water or sugar drinks before you can stomach anything solid.

Try to sleep through the pain.

  1. Hey this a really great i wish i found it along time ago everything on here i going to do. Just the fact you put what do according to the hangover level. Would help if mixed the coconut water with gatorade? if i cant handle putting down anything food wise.

  2. You could try that but it might make you want to puke on the wall, that’s the only thing. Otherwise, if you can hold it down, it sounds like a great hangover remedy.

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