A Whiskey Hangover – What Causes It And What Is The Remedy?

Getting a grim whiskey hangover is no fun at all. This tends to happen when you’ve been doing one of the following:

– Drinking low grade, cheap whiskey

– Mixing whiskey with bourbon

– Mixing different kinds of whiskey

– Mixing other drinks with whiskey

So now you know how you got to be a shivering, sweating wreck with a splitting headache, nausea and lethargy, what can you do about it?

Cure a whiskey hangover

Curing a whiskey hangover fast is probably what you’re looking for now.

Or otherwise, you’re here looking for ways to fix your hangover from whiskey the next time round.

Or even better, you’re intelligent enough to be looking to prevent your hangover from even occurring the next time.

If you like a drink but you’re feeling terribly hungover now, then you need a fast fix.

Follow these tips to get yourself feeling better fast.

1. Ibuprofen for a very bad hangover

If the pain is unbearable and you can’t handle it anymore, then taking some fast acting Advil to relieve the pain.

Advil is ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory which reduces swelling in your brain causes by the dehydration. It also blocks the pain receptors so you can’t feel the pain caused by the chemical impurities that were present in your low grade whiskey.

Sip a sugar drink with it to raise your blood sugar level simultaneously. 

More on the ibuprofen hangover relief cure

2. Get fresh air and exercise

If you can handle it, then getting some very clean, oxygen rich fresh air can help you recover faster from your hangover.

Medical staff and doctors who arrive at work after a party reach straight for the oxygen tank for deep breaths of pure oxygen.

Why? Because oxygen and fresh air provide your blood with much needed molecules which help your body to break down the alcohol faster, thus expelling it from your body.

If you’re walking fast, or sweating (remember to drink water) then you’ll be processing your hangover faster as well.

In fact, for many people, a good workout is their primary hangover remedy.

Not all of us like to work out though, and many of us who live in cities find it hard to get real fresh air.

This is where portable oxygen can be excellent for providing energy to the body and relieving headaches.

Ask anyone working in a hospital if it works. Doctors give you oxygen when you’re in pain and athletes sleep in oxygen tanks to recover faster from injuries.

The effects of pure oxygen on a bad hangover can be very fast working.

Portable Oxygen in a Can

3. Take vitamins

You should always have a stash of multivitamin pills in your cupboard.

Taking these the night before, right after you’ve finished drinking can work wonders to prevent hangovers.

These tablets should be taken with a big glass of water. They’ll work to replace lost electrolytes while you sleep, and to help your liver to process out the hangover faster.

You can try a tablet like PreToxx for Hangovers , which has timed release and is very effective at greatly reducing hangover symptoms.

These are entirely natural vitamins and don’t contain drugs.

If you forget to take them the night before then it’s best to take them as soon as you wake up, then to go back to sleep for an hour or two.

Even if you feel better you should take them to improve your health and build up resistance to hangovers.

4. Drink good whiskey

Follow these tips and you’ll rarely suffer from hangovers by drinking whiskey:

1. Drink only good quality whiskey

2. Don’t mix different types of whiskey in the same night (eg. don’t mix single malt and blended Scotch)

3. Avoid single malt. Avoid bourbon.

4. Don’t mix other drinks with whiskey (avoid Cognac, Tequila, Rum, wine)

If you stick to the same good blended Scotch all night, your hangover should be less severe.

Bourbon tends to be the main culprit in causing morning after headaches.

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