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Cure A Speed Comedown – Relief From An Amphetamine Hangover

A speed comedown or amphetamine hangover is one of the most severe, especially in terms of symptoms. Pains in the body, headaches, tiredness, anxiety, heart palpitations, paranoia and even depression can play a part in the worst of speed comedowns. What makes it harder is that when you feel this way, it’s even more difficult to think straight. And you need to think straight in order to make yourself better… Read Article →

How To Quit Marjiuana, Stop Smoking Weed And Get Clean

Having troubles to quit marijuana or stop smoking weed is quite normal. Once you’re dependent on THC circulating in your blood, you can’t go longer than a day or less without smoking some weed to keep you calm and in “normal” condition. You can’t be addicted to marijuana, or pot Marijuana is not an addictive drug as such. What happens is that you get hooked on the feeling. It’s not like tobacco… Read Article →

MDMA Addiction – It Just Isn’t For Real!

First of all, forget about MDMA addiction. Being addicted to ecstasy is not technically possible. MDMA is simply not an addictive drug. Ecstasy, or MDMA is a drug which you can come to depend on. However, please don’t believe that you’ll be addicted to it. You can become dependent on ecstasy, just like marijuana dependency is possible. MDMA addiction and withdrawal symptoms are just not possible. It’s very important that… Read Article →

A Marijuana Hangover – Cure The Hangover From Weed

Do you have a marijuana hangover or hangover from weed? Are you searching for a cure or remedy right now? Smoking too much poor quality weed can send you off into a superficial sleep, cause you to wake up too early with a dry mouth and give you a lingering headache the next morning. You’ll feel tired (but unable to sleep), lethargic, you’ll not have much motivation to do anything and above… Read Article →

L-Tyrosine Benefits, Effects And Uses

If you’re wondering what the uses, side effects and possible L-Tyrosine benefits are then you’ve probably heard about this naturally occurring amino acid from somebody who takes it. The best of the L-Tyrosine benefits is that it can calm stress hormone levels and help with sleep deprivation. This is particularly useful if you cannot sleep after a heavy night using cocaine, speed or ecstasy. Notable side effects of taking narcotics are sleep… Read Article →

How To Quit Cocaine – Cure The Habit

Knowing how to quit cocaine can save your life. Coke is a serious stimulant which has very negative long term side effects and health symptoms. Cocaine is an addictive drug, unlike most other drugs, and when you start to wonder if you’re dependent on it then it’s the time you need to kick the habit right away. What you should know is that it’s not physically addictive, butpsychologically addictive. This… Read Article →

Dealing With Your Ecstasy Hangover Or Mdma Comedown – Cures and Remedies

Drugs give us a hangover too and an ecstasy hangover (or MDMA comedown) may not be the worst, but nonetheless those of you who take it have to be ready in case you have a rough day. MDMA comedown First of all, real MDMA doesn’t often give you a bad feeling or a ecstasy hangover the next day. Many people actually still feel very happy the day after consuming ecstasy as the… Read Article →

Cure A Drugs Hangover? Weed, Ecstasy, Cocaine…Whatever Baby.

Many of us are aware you can suffer from drugs hangovers or a hangover caused by drugs (also known by many as a comedown) and you might be wondering what the best remedy or cure is. This site covers alcohol hangovers and guess what – alcohol’s a drug too. And it’s a fairly potent, harmful and potentially addictive one. So let’s find you some treatments which cure your cocaine, ecstasy, speed or weed comedown right now…. Read Article →

Cocaine Paranoia – How To Feel Better From Negative Effects

Cocaine paranoia, or feeling paranoid from cocaine use is a common symptom or side effect of using cocaine. Feeling worried, anxious and nervous is a typical symptom of both short and long term cocaine use. Cocaine paranoia can be fairly extreme if you’ve been using it for a long time. It can lead to aggression, hostility and even criminal behaviour. The Signs Of Cocaine Paranoia When do you know if cocaine… Read Article →

A Cocaine Headache – Find The Ideal Remedy Or Cure For Relief

Finding a cure for a cocaine headache is no fun. The headache itself is actually very painful and can be as bad as physical torture according to some users. Having a horrendous headache after cocaine is different and arguably even worse than a pounding hangover headache.  At least when you’re hungover, finding a fast solution to headache relief is relatively easy with an ibuprofen headache cure.  However, when it comes to a… Read Article →