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THC Detox – Treatments To Detox From Weed

It’s not unusual to want to find out how to do a full THC detox. Some people want to detox from weed just to feel better in less time and to be free of cravings to see their dealer. Detoxing from THC can help to improve your health and help you to get better quality sleep. Drug tests Needing to detox from marijuana is also quite common given that many employers… Read Article →

The Negative Effects Of Alcohol – They Really Exist

If you’re a drinker, becoming aware of the negative effects of alcoholcan certainly add a few years to your life. When you become aware of how alcohol can affect your brain and body, you become conscious of putting into practice some common sense health tips and you might start to drink sensibly. Overwhelming amounts of evidence conclude that consuming alcohol in moderate or low amounts is beneficial for your health whereas excessive… Read Article →

What Milk Thistle Can Do For Your Liver After Alcohol

Heard about milk thistle extract or silymarin being supposedly good for your liver, especially after a night drinking alcohol? Or maybe you thought it would help you recover from your hangover? First of all, what is this stuff? Milk thistle is a simple plant which is meant to grow in the hills of some countries like Scotland. Right? What is the point in this stuff? It can detoxify and clean your liver, which is especially beneficial if… Read Article →

Alcohol And Your Liver Health

As a drinker, you should look after your liver health. If you enjoy a few beers, spirits or if you like wine, it’s a good idea to look after your liver and keep it in good shape. Here is some information that could be interesting for you and help you see why, throughout my site, I advise strongly against using painkillers after a night out drinking and promote all the natural hangover… Read Article →

Ecstasy Drug Test – How To Remove MDMA Traces From Urine

When faced with an ecstasy drug test that will detect MDMA in your bloor, hair or urine, you may panic that the results will show up as positive. Even if there is no real reason for concern, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to getting tested for drugs. Failing a drug test can mean losing your job and can have many consequences on future opportunities. If there… Read Article →

How To Detox From Weed FAST Without Feeling Like Dog Excrement

When people need a fast detox from weed, it’s often because they have a test 24 hours later. The most common questions at this point are: “How long does a detox from weed take?” “Can I detox from marijuana in 24 hours?” Everyone is different and every body has its own speed of detoxing. Therefore, there is no simple answer. Cleansing all the THC from the body in just 24 hours… Read Article →

Cocaine Detox Program – Treatments For Detoxification

A successful cocaine detox program is exactly what you should be searching for when trying to stop taking cocaine. Cocaine is a psychologically addictive drug and it will be very hard to give up a long term coke habit. Since cocaine is psychologically and not physically addictive, the solution to giving up the habit has to come from inside yourself. A cocaine detox program is what can help you to deal with the withdrawal symptoms… Read Article →

Cocaine Detection – Times Needed For Detox From Blood And Urine

There are many different theories when it comes to cocaine detection times and the number of hours or days that it takes to fully detox from cocaine so that it doesn’t show up as positive in a drug test. Unannounced drug tests can be very unpleasant as many people have found out. Having a drug test sprung upon you unexpectedly can result in job loss, expulsion from the institutions and… Read Article →

Binge Drinking Losers, Hangovers And Alcohol Poisoning – Ooh

We’ve all heard of the phenomenon that is binge drinking and you may be wondering how bad your hangover can be if you’re considering indulging in this currently popular hobby. As you may expect, common sense prevails and your hangover is likely to be far worse that a normal one following a bingeing session in town. In fact, you can even get real alcohol poisoning after a binge session. So my best advice for you is…never… Read Article →

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms – Detox In Less Time

Detoxing can be tough, and experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms can cause a recovering heavy drinker to have unbearable cravings for alcohol. Although symptoms vary from person to person, withdrawal symptoms can consist of shaking, uncomfortable headaches, cold sweats, difficulties sleeping and heart palpitations. Not everyone suffers from such severe symptoms, but for those that are detoxing, staying off of alcohol and giving up completely would benefit from some advice on how to… Read Article →