Hangover Cure Drink! Which Ones Rock Your Pants

hangover cure drinkMany people are looking for the most powerful, buttloaded hangover cure drink that blasts away all the pain, replaces all of the lost minerals and gives you the hangover horn all at the same time.

“Is that really possible?” you keep saying to yourself.

Maybe, just maybe.

As well as instantly getting rid of the nausea, headache, skanky bad breath, churning gut and general hangover-induced apathy, the right kind of drink will blast through your scutty excuse of a morning and help you to do one or all of the following:

  1. Get you up and off to see your chums in the park
  2. Get you to work and have a relatively normal day (or pretend to)
  3. Get you to the nauseous, sickly supermarkets or shops full of annoying people who get in your way and breathe on you
  4. Go to meet your new French girlfriend’s parents for the first time, and eating steak tartare without sneaking off to puke
  5. Get you down to the pub to start again and get ready for tonight’s party.

Pretty good really a hangover cure drink if it works right?

First up, a warning: Don’t drink coffee.

Anyone who tells you “oh you should drink coffee, because I know everything, me me me” is clearly a liar who  has never been drunk.

I have tried coffees with a real hangover and I can tell you, it’s for bullshit munchers. It makes your hangover worse and you get irritable and feel like punching people in the supermarket. F*ck it.

Instead I review a few of my favourite drinks that really do cure hangovers just like a rat that lives in the fridge.

1. Tomato Juice With Egg

This is for relatively painful hangovers where you need help. You may even been taking painkillers like ibuprofren, or you may not but either way,

How Does It Work

Apart from tomato juice being loaded with natural vitamin C that you lost the whole night drinking and pissing, it rehydrates you. The additions boost your blood circulation, get your heart pumping and the cysteine in the egg can help your liver to blast out the acetaldahye which is what causes nausea.

hungover girlHow To Do It

So add to it some salt, pepper, cayenne (or tabasco), garlic, ginger, vinegar and definitely some onion and you’re on. Make sure you add onion as this is a fantastic hangover blaster and cuts straight through your nausea.

Now for the egg; if you don’t like the idea of a raw egg and you’re a pussy, just fry it and blend it once it’s fried. If you don’t even have a blender just break it up and mix it into your juice. You can also fry the onion and garlic for a short time before blending to make it easier to gulp down.

Now drink it down, there’s a decent chap. Feel the revival.

2. Massive Special Tea

So this isn’t just a normal tea. This is a brain massaging tea for moderate hangovers.

How Does It Work

Tea, although it does slightly dehydrate you, has a stimulating effect and clears some of the hangover fog. It’s kind to the tired, sharp hangovers and brings you back to life slowly.

Squeezed lemon juice is pure vitamin C. Cinnammon helps your  blood circulation and honey boosts your blood sugar level fast.

How To Do It

Get yourself a huge mug or even a pot ready and put your finest tea in there. It can be black or green tea but it has to be a stimulating tea, not one that sends you to sleep.

Add to your concoction a dollop of high quality honey, a teaspoon of cinnammon and especially add 1 whole squeezed lemon.

Stir it all in, let it brew and you’re away..

3. Cola Bottle Baby

hangover remedy drinkPerhaps most effective used with a painkiller for the worst ever hangovers, a cold cola drink rocks for blasting away your symptoms. And even if it has caffeine in it, it doesn’t seem to matter.

How Does It Work

Cola was originally invented as a hangover cure drink, so don’t be surprised that it helps.

The sugar solves your weakness, cola seems to settle your stomach and some feel good chemicals just wake you up.

How To Do It

Add a squeezed lemon for better effet and drink out of a can or glass bottle. Avoid those nasty plastic crap bottles as they leach chemicals and they taste like shit anyway.

Crushed ice makes it taste even better.

If your hangover is really evil, combine it with ibuprofen.

It’s On…

So there you go, the best hangover drinks around. I don’t fack abaaht do I.

Hopefully these’ll give you some much needed relief in times of hardship.



Get Hangover Relief Fast And Get Up

1. Instantly Fix a Hangover

Suffering from a bad hangover is no fun at all.

You don’t want to stay in bed. Or if you do, then you want to feel better right away.

Instant hangover relief is almost impossible, but you can fix your head in around 30-40 minutes.

How does it work?

It involves ibuprofen and flat cola.

You need this right now.

But hold on, you need to know how to take it.

Get fast relief from the best hangover cure

2. Natural relief from being hungover

I prefer natural remedies for hangovers and I know many of you agree with me too.

Ever wondered which cures really work?

I’ve tested every single one, and I’ve come up with some great recommendations for providing faster relief.

Some of these solutions may be in your kitchen right now, lying just a few feet away.

The best natural hangover remedies

3. Diagnose your hangover to fix it!

Just as the causes of being hungover vary, the solutions for relief vary too.

There are many different types of hangover and loads of treatments that correspond with each condition.

Diagnose yourself now

Save loads of time by finding out the right remedy for your morning after condition. 

How you can get hangover relief adapted to your condition

4. Oxygen and exercise

To feel better fast, you’ll need to exercise your body.

Getting the blood circulating is essential for recovery, if you can handle it.

Don’t be lazy, be brave.

Get out of bed, get some fresh air and stretch those legs.

Sweat out that alcohol. It’s nasty, poisonous stuff.

Fresh air is essential for recovery and healing your battered body and brain. 

How oxygen can cure hangovers fast

5. Headache Relief

Sometimes when we wake up hungover, most things feel fine.

Most things.

Because the one part of your body that doesn’t feel right at all, is yourhead.

And this is the one part which you’d prefer to feel good!

I have tested plenty of solutions that are adapted to fixing your head after drinking alcohol. 

Relief from headaches 

5 different morning after remedies 

How to cure a whiskey hangover fast


Pickled Onions Hangover Cure – Get Rid Of A Hangover

You’ve heard about the pickles hangover cure and you want to see if pickled onions or pickle juice really work.

Bizarrely, people are saying pickled onions monster munch crisps or chips help cure a hangover.

This is bullshit though. They just get hungry and feel like eating them is what they really mean.

Pickled onions or pickle juice though, are an excellent natural hangover remedy for all you drinkers.

How did I find that the pickles hangover cure works?

This Christmas I went to see my family. I never make pickles myself, but my Mum always has a massive jar of them waiting, especially when me and my bros are around.

One morning I was feeling a bit rough. The pub the night before had seen us mix the beers with Scotch. Now, normally, as it’s fairly good beer and reasonable Scotch whisky, you shouldn’t get hungover from this.

However, one of my bros went and added a Bourbon into the mix, thinking we were all drinking that instead of Scotch.

I think that was the cause of the beesting to the brain I had the next day.

Yes I was pretty drunk but getting hungover from Scotch and beer isn’t so common for me.

So how did I handle it?

I was a bit ropey the next day. A man on the edge you might say. Could have gone either way.

With some positive thinking though, I kept things together. A walk outside in the countryside and some fresh air saw me get rid of some of my hangover. I tried some deep breathing once outside and this helped.

After all, fresh oxygen can work wonders.

By the time I was back from the 15 minute brisk stroll outside, I was feeling better but still ropey.

After all, I hadn’t managed to stomach any real food yet and I knew I had to in order to make it go away and bring me back to life.

I also knew that lunch was ready and it was gonna be tough!

So what happened?

So I sat up to the table for lunch. Kind of dubious about the food in front of me.

Normally, I have a great appetite when I go home and I eat loads. However, feel rough as a dog’s ass didn’t really make me so ready to put anything in my mouth. My body was telling me this.

Then I saw the good old jar of pickles near to me. Remembering vaguely that I’d read somewhere that about a pickles hangover cure and that pickle juice was considered an effective remedy for hangovers for people in Poland I thought it would be time to give it a try.

So what happened (again)? Did the pickles hangover cure work?

Munching the little pickled onion totally cleared my head! And this was immediate.

The fresh and sharp taste was like a wave of fresh and clean air into my brain. The fog was cleared instantly and I felt normal already! Wow.

I then proceeded to eat loads of food and totally forgot I was hungover. I didn’t even feel like I’d been out the night before. Well, maybe a bit but no headache and my appetite was back big time.

So how many of these do you need for a pickles hangover cure to work?

In the end, I ate four! They were giving me a little buzz each time, so I went for it.

I was getting a bit greedy though. I saw that two of my bros were looking a bit tired and worn out. They weren’t eating much either. No doubt, they were hungover too and were refusing to admit it.

So, naturally I made them both eat a pickle each. I didn’t tell them why. But afterwards they were astonished, admitting that the pickle totally cleared out their heads. Their moods seemed to pick right up too.

Why do pickles cure your hangover?

Having found out what goes in a pickle, it started to make sense to me:

Onions (hangover recovery food on its own)

Vinegar (wake up juice)

Salt (recommended for hangovers)

Sugar (can bring up your low blood sugar level)

So a pickle is basically an all-in-one hangover home remedy. Pickle juice must be pretty good too, although I have yet to try it out.

So what’s the verdict?

A definite massive positive verdict for curing a grim, hungover condition.

What a find!

Now, depending on how bad you feel, you may find that just pickles on their own aren’t quite enough, although they’ll definitely help loads. You’ll need to combine them with other hangover cures and remedies.However, they are a real pleasant surprise and I’d advise keeping some in your place.

I’m off to make some now actually. Enjoy.

A Whiskey Hangover – What Causes It And What Is The Remedy?

Getting a grim whiskey hangover is no fun at all. This tends to happen when you’ve been doing one of the following:

– Drinking low grade, cheap whiskey

– Mixing whiskey with bourbon

– Mixing different kinds of whiskey

– Mixing other drinks with whiskey

So now you know how you got to be a shivering, sweating wreck with a splitting headache, nausea and lethargy, what can you do about it?

Cure a whiskey hangover

Curing a whiskey hangover fast is probably what you’re looking for now.

Or otherwise, you’re here looking for ways to fix your hangover from whiskey the next time round.

Or even better, you’re intelligent enough to be looking to prevent your hangover from even occurring the next time.

If you like a drink but you’re feeling terribly hungover now, then you need a fast fix.

Follow these tips to get yourself feeling better fast.

1. Ibuprofen for a very bad hangover

If the pain is unbearable and you can’t handle it anymore, then taking some fast acting Advil to relieve the pain.

Advil is ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory which reduces swelling in your brain causes by the dehydration. It also blocks the pain receptors so you can’t feel the pain caused by the chemical impurities that were present in your low grade whiskey.

Sip a sugar drink with it to raise your blood sugar level simultaneously. 

More on the ibuprofen hangover relief cure

2. Get fresh air and exercise

If you can handle it, then getting some very clean, oxygen rich fresh air can help you recover faster from your hangover.

Medical staff and doctors who arrive at work after a party reach straight for the oxygen tank for deep breaths of pure oxygen.

Why? Because oxygen and fresh air provide your blood with much needed molecules which help your body to break down the alcohol faster, thus expelling it from your body.

If you’re walking fast, or sweating (remember to drink water) then you’ll be processing your hangover faster as well.

In fact, for many people, a good workout is their primary hangover remedy.

Not all of us like to work out though, and many of us who live in cities find it hard to get real fresh air.

This is where portable oxygen can be excellent for providing energy to the body and relieving headaches.

Ask anyone working in a hospital if it works. Doctors give you oxygen when you’re in pain and athletes sleep in oxygen tanks to recover faster from injuries.

The effects of pure oxygen on a bad hangover can be very fast working.

Portable Oxygen in a Can

3. Take vitamins

You should always have a stash of multivitamin pills in your cupboard.

Taking these the night before, right after you’ve finished drinking can work wonders to prevent hangovers.

These tablets should be taken with a big glass of water. They’ll work to replace lost electrolytes while you sleep, and to help your liver to process out the hangover faster.

You can try a tablet like PreToxx for Hangovers , which has timed release and is very effective at greatly reducing hangover symptoms.

These are entirely natural vitamins and don’t contain drugs.

If you forget to take them the night before then it’s best to take them as soon as you wake up, then to go back to sleep for an hour or two.

Even if you feel better you should take them to improve your health and build up resistance to hangovers.

4. Drink good whiskey

Follow these tips and you’ll rarely suffer from hangovers by drinking whiskey:

1. Drink only good quality whiskey

2. Don’t mix different types of whiskey in the same night (eg. don’t mix single malt and blended Scotch)

3. Avoid single malt. Avoid bourbon.

4. Don’t mix other drinks with whiskey (avoid Cognac, Tequila, Rum, wine)

If you stick to the same good blended Scotch all night, your hangover should be less severe.

Bourbon tends to be the main culprit in causing morning after headaches.

Treating Hangovers That Slap Your Head

Treating hangovers is tough because we suffer from so many different types of hangover.

Therefore, the remedy varies according to your condition.

Rather than treating your hangover with a cure the next day, you’ve surely realised that the best way to avoid getting hungover is simply to prevent it instead of than waiting until you wake up the next day when the pain is already there.

But we forget

The unfortunate truth is that many of us forget to take a vitamin drink or to have the right amounts of water, fruit juice and food after drinking and before sleeping in order to prevent their hangovers.

Why is this? Because we’re basically too drunk to remember what to do and despite leaving the multivitamin effervescent pill on the pillow so we don’t forget to take it, we do forget.

In our inebriated state, we do sometimes forget, contrary to all the great advice that people give us about how hangovers can be prevented, we totally forget everything.

Treating hangovers isn’t a simple matter and finding the right cure or remedy for your evil condition can be a challenge as we all know.

If you’ve read about the different levels of hangover you can suffer from, you’ll probably looking to match your condition up with the correct remedy or cure.

So for treating each type of hangover in a different way, here’s what I recommend.

1. Next Day Buzz

The next day buzz is hardly a real hangover. You’ll maybe get away with drinking an espresso coffee and water. Yes coffee is not generally recommended for treating hangovers, but this time you can give it a go to wake you up as it won’t dehydrate you too much, hopefully.

Pop a vitamin drink too and enjoy your lunch.

2. Gas Head Hangover

Tired and unable to think too straight or concentrate for too long, you need a bit more of a pick up for treating your languid state.

Drink lots of fruit juice throughout the day and have a multivitamin. Make sure the foods you eat are starch based like pasta and toast and maybe have a banana. Don’t eat too much otherwise you may fall asleep.

See the hangover food and hangover drink pages for more on what to eat and drink to treat hangovers.

3. The Classic Hangover

To remind you of how you feel:

You still feel a bit drunk the next morning and have a classic next day headache, dry mouth and your guts are moving around a bit.

Hmmm. The recommendation for treating this type of hangover is:

– eggs and bacon

– 2 bananas

– lots of water and fruit juice throughout the day

– an energy drink without caffeine

4. The Beast Hangover

Now we’re talking. You really went for it last night if you’re suffering from The Beast today. A bee stung your brain, your breath is worse than Rover the dog who just ate a 2 week old steak he found in a bin in the street and you feel like you’ll vomit if you even think about alcohol.

You’re never going to drink again, ever. Well, until Friday maybe.

A tough, delicate condition to overcome.

To get back on track, you need:

– big multivitamin pill (preferably effervescent)

– sugar drinks, (like Coca Cola or Pepsi) to rehydrate & increase your blood sugar level

– when you can handle it, eat a banana with honey on it

– have a hot shower or a bath to sweat out some alcohol, then blast cold water on your face and on your head

Try to resist having a painkiller unless your head is really still unbearably painful, even after drinking and eating all.

5. The Worst Bad Hangover

If your hangover is any worse than the beast, you must have the worst bad hangover. I feel very sorry for you and I understand what you’re going through.

As far as a cure goes, you’ll just have to stay put, drinking water or sugar drinks before you can stomach anything solid.

Try to sleep through the pain.

THC Detox – Treatments To Detox From Weed

It’s not unusual to want to find out how to do a full THC detox.

Some people want to detox from weed just to feel better in less time and to be free of cravings to see their dealer. Detoxing from THC can help to improve your health and help you to get better quality sleep.

Drug tests

Needing to detox from marijuana is also quite common given that many employers and institutions now carry out random drug tests on people to verify that you’re not engaging in the consumption of illegal substances.

Most people admit to being amazed that any trace of illicit substances in your blood or urine can result in you actually losing your job and in your life taking a turn for the worse.

However, this is the world we live in, we have to deal with it and if you need to find a fast THC detox right away, then these tips can help.

What is THC?

First of all, THC is the ingredient in marijuana that makes you high. Put in scientific terms, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive substance in cannabis.

THC can stay in muscle and fat tissues and will stay for at least 30 days, meaning you could fail your drug test if you don’t get rid of it fast.

Treatment 1 – Food And Drinks For A Weed Detox

Drinks that remove THC from your body faster are easy to find.

You’ll need to drink twice the amount of liquid that you normally do.

Drink 4 litres per day of water. Add to this good fruit juices, such as tomato, pineapple and banana juices.

Get yourself lots of green tea and try to be constantly drinking and refilling your cup, so as to drink over 5 cups per day.


Stick to protein and vegetable based foods such as fish, eggs, chicken, turkey, broccoli, celery and bananas. Avoid eating carbs such as white carbs (bread, pasta, rice) which can slow down your THC detox process. Don’t bother with sugar either.

Drug test THC detox drinks

If you have a drug test coming up in just a few days and you’re worried about it, relax, there is a solution.

Go here to find drinks for an URGENT THC detox

Treatment 2 – Exercise For A Full Marijuana Detox

Whether you take magic detox drinks to blast out the traces of THC from your fat tissues, or whether you want to detox to feel better and stop smoking weed, exercise is important.

There’s really no excuse for not exercising. There are numerous benefits to staying in shape, and you’ll feel much better as a result.

You’ll also find it easier to give up weed, having a different distraction and focus in your life and helping your body to expel the THC at a faster rate.

Concentrate on intense workouts that increase your metabolic rate, cause you to sweat and tire you out.

Make sure that you’re sufficiently hydrated when working out and eat a good, balanced meal afterwards.

You should work out every day if you’re serious about really detoxing from THC, alternating your workouts.

Tension Headache Relief – Finding Permanent Cures

Finding tension headache relief if you suffer from recurring headaches that are caused by poor posture, bad circulation or eating the wrong foods is far easier if you understand the causes of your headache.

No one wants to be having to buy expensive medication each time a bad headache appears out of the blue (as they often do). Not every painkilling pill works for headaches and we can’t always find the right one when we need it.

So what are the long term or permanent solutions for providing sufferers with tension headache relief?

How can you cure your headache problems for good? The most effective methods are the following.

Improving circulation in the head and neck

The pain you feel from tension headaches and from various other types of headaches is often due to poor circulation in the neck and shoulders.

Poor blood circulation caused by incorrect posture is very frequently a cause of recurring bad headaches.

Tension and stress in your life can further contribute to the tightening up of the muscles in your neck and result in a terrible headache that can last for hours.

Finding a solution for tension and stress

An alternative method for reducing the stress in your mind and thus in your body is hypnosis.

There’s no need to seek out a hypnotherapist as self-hypnosis solutions can now be found for many different problems, one of which is stress.

Downloading an MP3 file and playing it back to yourself using your MP3 player is all you need to do to start the process.

Hypnosis to live stress free has helped many people who suffer from tension head pains to live a calmer, more relaxed life.

Muscular tension

Head pains are also a result of muscular tightness, which you may or may not be aware of if it’s happening to you.

Tight muscles constrict blood flow to your head, causing pain and discomfort.

The muscular tension in your shoulders, head and neck can be relieved by using a massage machine, such as a deep-tissue, kneading massager.

Some automatic massagers receive excellent reviews from migraine sufferers due to their ability to automatically knead the tension away from your upper back and your neck.

Migraine sufferers testify that this automatic massage machine can completely cure their migraines permanently.

Improving blood circulation

When you have a headache, you may feel tightness around your temples and straining on your blood vessels.

Even when your posture is apparently optimal, your back is straight and you haven’t been looking at a screen all day, headaches can tend to pop up unexpectedly.

Improving your blood circulation is just one of the ways to get tension headache relief using natural methods.

Low fat and carbs

If your diet hasn’t been great for a while, it’s very important that you fix it right away.

Reduce your intake of white carbs such as bread and pasta. Avoid any junk food and especially avoid soda drinks.

Go easy on caffeine and drink more water. Eating more fresh fruits and replacing carbs with vegetables can help to improve your blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Furthermore, a healthy diet can help you to manage the challenges of everyday life free of stress and free of headaches.

Take vitamins

You may be suffering from headaches because your body and brain are deficient in essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium and vitamin B. Such deficiencies can even be preventing you from reaching deep sleep which in turn, causes you to feel more tired and stressed.

Taking homeopathic herbal headache remedies has been beneficial for many headache sufferers who wish to avoid taking painkillers each time a headache comes along.

For helping to prevent head pains, vitamins that boost levels of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6 which can give tension headache relief.

Eating bananas, which contain magnesium and potassium, can also have a very beneficial immediate effect on relieving your pain.

Regular Exercise A regular exercise program further helps your blood circulation to remain constant in order to stop headaches occurring.

Many people testify that migraine relief programs help their general bodily circulation, reduce stress and improve general well being.

Only permanent treatments are effective and the great news is that they work for good!

Cure A Speed Comedown – Relief From An Amphetamine Hangover

A speed comedown or amphetamine hangover is one of the most severe, especially in terms of symptoms.

Pains in the body, headaches, tiredness, anxiety, heart palpitations, paranoia and even depression can play a part in the worst of speed comedowns.

What makes it harder is that when you feel this way, it’s even more difficult to think straight. And you need to think straight in order to make yourself better and cure that comedown!

How To Cure An Amphetamine Hangover

Curing your pains, headache, anxiety and depression fast is a desperate mission.

Remember, that your speed may have been cut with another substance that hurts you and that is contributing to the nasty comedown. This doesn’t help things of course.

There are a few techniques which help people who suffer from speed comedowns to feel better fast.

1. Food and drink

Even when your appetite is very low, you should force yourself to eat something.

Sometimes when you begin to eat, you find that your appetite starts to come back as a result.

You’ll have lost some calcium too, so replacing this is important.

Eat bananas (potassium, magnesium), honey, green vegetables and some potatoes or pasta for diluting the levels of amphetamines in your blood.

Drink plenty of green tea, water and smoothies to boost electrolyte levels and natural energy.

2. Calming nerves with health supplements

Natural health supplements are generally plant derivatives. If you can avoid taking medication for a speed comedown, then I’d advise you to do so.

Once I was suffering from a speed comedown and had to go to work the next day. As you can imagine, working was very hard when you consider the public transport, computer screens and having to deal with people in an office.

When I took a pain killer to get over my speed comedown, I felt very strange for a while. I wouldn’t advise mixing more drugs or medication with speed. As you don’t know what your speed has been cut with, it’s fairly risky.

Which natural supplements do people use?

The most successful natural supplement known for its calming effects is5-HTP.

Many people take 5HTP when suffering from either an ecstasy hangoveror sometimes people use it to recover fast from a cocaine comedown. 

5HTP is a precursor to boosting serotonin and can relieve symptoms of depression associated with your speed comedown.

Another supplement that people use is Xanax which has an excellent natural calming effect and can help to promote natural sleep.

Try one of the above supplements to help get relief from your speed comedown but take care and read the label beforehand.

3. Detoxing faster

If you can handle it, then detoxing fast from speed is the best way to flush the amphetamines from your body.

Detoxing involves some form of exercise and will help you to rinse your body of the substances that are causing your speed comedown.

How do you detox fast?

Remember that your nervousness is the extra “energy” that speed has given you. Expending this energy will not only help you to feel better faster, but you’ll also be ridding your body of the toxins.

In order to do this, you’ll need to drink plenty of water, juices and green tea.

You’ll also need to exercise. Your heart may still be racing, so don’t overdo the exercise. A brisk walk in a green area is by far the best way to start to sweat toxins from your body, while breathing fresh air in pleasant surroundings.

Whatever happens, you need your blood to circulate around your body at a decent rate.

Go for a 2 hour walk after eating food and after drinking lots of liquid. Take water or juice with you to keep drinking on your way.

The air and exercise helps you to expend the excess energy that you feel in the form of nervousness.

4. Taking a hot shower

If it’s night time and you are really lost, alone and unable to do any of above except for eating, then many speed users swear by taking a hot shower.

This can certainly help you too.

A long hot shower relaxes you, improves circulation and may even help you to sweat out some toxins. A hot bath can do the same.


                5. Alcohol

Amphetamine hangovers shouldn’t really be treated by alcohol. You may end up with a real alcohol hangover as well as an amphetamine hangover.

Obviously this isn’t what you want.

However, if you really have nothing else, then drink some red wine.

Speed users have claimed that drinking 2 glasses of red wine is highly beneficial to them when suffering from speed headaches and anxiety.

6. Marijuana

Nearly every user of speed, cocaine and ecstasy has tried taking marijuana to relax when feeling the first effects of a speed comedown.

Many people report that weed is beneficial to calming nerves and stimulating appetite.

If you smoke weed to help you to come down, then drink lots of water and eat some food too.

Red Wine Headache Remedies

Having a red wine headache can be pretty unpleasant.

Waking up after having drunk just a few glasses of wine the night before, you’re pretty surprised to have pains around your temples, around your eye sockets and feeling groggy and slow.

Sometimes, you don’t even drink that much and still wake up with a bad head!

My tips can help you to prevent hangovers from red wine and teach you how to spot poor quality wine so you don’t get hungover again.

What is the cause of a red wine headache?

The main cause of headaches and hangovers the morning after drinking red wine is congeners.

These are chemical impurities that occur as a result of the fermentation process of wine.

You may find that drinking lots of water does nothing to make your headache disappear when congeners give you a headache.

When you feel hungover and you have a headache but the rest of your body feels more or less fine, it’s often down to congeners. 

Find out more about congeners and a red wine headache

What tips can help to avoid hangovers from red wine?

The ideal tips for avoiding hangovers and a red wine headache is to stick to higher quality red wine and avoid mixing it with other types of alcoholic drinks.

Choose your wine

If you’re at a dinner party, take a look at the bottle before filling your glass. Insist on checking out the wine before drinking it.

This could save you the next morning. People who drink better quality red wine rarely get hungover, unless they drink too much of it.

Gauge the quality

How do you know if your wine is of decent enough quality to avoid getting hungover?

Here are a few tips:

The year it was bottled

Look for wines which display the year on the label. If there is no year available, avoid drinking that particular wine.

Opt for wines that are around 3 years old as they’re often in optimal condition to be consumed.

Of course, the wine can be younger or older than 3 years of age. Beaujolais can be consumed the same year as it was bottled for example.

But as a general rule, a wine that displays its year is better than one that doesn’t.

The name of the wine

If the wine has a specific name and vineyard, it’s more reliable that a generic, mass produced cheap wine.

Look for names like “Chateau de…” or “…Vineyard”.

Often with a reasonable wine, the label will be more classical and with writing on it.

Wines with colours and drawings on the label and little else are rarely anything but low quality.

Avoid vin de table or table wine

Never drink wine with “vin de table” on the label, unless it’s just one glass only. This is table wine, and is really only used for cooking or for cheap, headache inducing drinking. 

These are great hangover tips to avoid headaches

What is the best remedy for a red wine headache?

If you have a hangover headache from too much poor quality red wine or you’ve mixed with other drinks, then I have some great natural remedies and tips for you to get rid of it fast.

For example, taking a multivitamin pill before sleeping and after drinking can help you avoid getting hungover. You should wake up feeling far less hungover than you would if you didn’t take it.

These work pretty well by replacing electrolytes, boosting vitamin levels and detoxing your liver. In theory, this is what you need to avoid the morning after head pains.

If all else fails, there is a last resort fix that works very fast that you can buy from the pharmacy or find in your medicine cabinet.

How To Quit Marjiuana, Stop Smoking Weed And Get Clean

Having troubles to quit marijuana or stop smoking weed is quite normal.

Once you’re dependent on THC circulating in your blood, you can’t go longer than a day or less without smoking some weed to keep you calm and in “normal” condition.

You can’t be addicted to marijuana, or pot

Marijuana is not an addictive drug as such.

What happens is that you get hooked on the feeling. It’s not like tobacco or cocaine which your body gets physically addicted to.

Weed is psychologically addictive if you like, although it’s not officially recognized as such. A better way to say it is that you get dependent.

When you try to stop smoking marijuana you’ll have difficulty sleeping, strange, vivid dreams and you’ll feel very wired, as though you’ve been drinking too much coffee.

What to do if you can’t stop smoking weed

My best advice for you if you feel you’re dependent on weed is to slowly cut down your cannabis consumption first.This shouldn’t be too hard and is the first step to quit marijuana.

Every time you feel like rolling another one or getting that bong out, go and do something else.

Take a walk, get some air. Go to the gym or see a friend who doesn’t smoke.

Often, if you hang around with pot smokers you feel like you need to participate.

Late at night

The late at night pot smoke is the hardest one to refuse.

Cannabis gets us off to sleep nicely and with sweet, warm dreams a lot of the time.

When you stop cannabis, it’s pretty tough getting to sleep.

You’ll have issues sleeping without your last smoke and you know it.

To start with, at least make your final smoke is a weaker one as each day goes by.

Eventually you should be able to get by with just a weak puff before bed.

Guides to help you quit cannabis

If these tips aren’t enough and you know you need more, there is help.

You can get comprehensive and complete guides on how to quit marijuana.

This guide to quitting cannabis caught my attention because it focuses on detoxing too.

Getting off weed is far easier if you detox, so I’ll give these programs my backing.

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