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Hangover Cure Drink! Which Ones Rock Your Pants

Many people are looking for the most powerful, buttloaded hangover cure drink that blasts away all the pain, replaces all of the lost minerals and gives you the hangover horn all at the same time. “Is that really possible?” you keep saying to yourself. Maybe, just maybe. As well as instantly getting rid of the nausea, headache, skanky bad breath, churning gut and general hangover-induced apathy, the right kind of… Read Article →

Pickled Onions Hangover Cure – Get Rid Of A Hangover

You’ve heard about the pickles hangover cure and you want to see if pickled onions or pickle juice really work. Bizarrely, people are saying pickled onions monster munch crisps or chips help cure a hangover. This is bullshit though. They just get hungry and feel like eating them is what they really mean. Pickled onions or pickle juice though, are an excellent natural hangover remedy for all you drinkers. How did I find that the pickles hangover cure… Read Article →

Hangover Tea! A Great Brain Soothing Beverage

Ever hear of the hangover tea remedy? Some of you have been telling me to try having a fresh lemon for a hangover remedy or cure, maybe with tea or just hot water. So I thought I’d try it for y’all. I’m such a good person, getting hammered and trying out hangover cures for the good of man and womankind. I do exist to get rid of your hangover after all. That… Read Article →

Hangover Food To Cure Headaches And Evil Bad Breath

You need some hangover food now. We’ve all been told that certains food are hangovers remedies. But which ones really work? How many times have you heard the following? – “Eat before you go out drinking won’t you?” – “Don’t drink on an empty stomach” – “I ate a greasy meal after drinking and woke up feeling fine” Why do these age old sayings survive? Because certain good hangover food has sugars and… Read Article →

The Best Hangover Drinks To Feel Better The Next Day – Fast!

The best Hangover Drinks Here is my tested list of hangover drinks that help cure and prevent hangovers. I’m a believer in the benefits of simultaneous vitamin replenishment andalcohol detox, both which are beneficial to your general health. 1. Multivitamin drink – effervescent The best of the hangover drinks is a multi-vitamin drink Mix with cysteine or milk thistle. This is be an effervescent pill that dissolves in water. – An effervescent vitamin… Read Article →

Gatorade Hangover Cure. Does It Get Rid Of A Hangover?

So many of you claim that Gatorade hangover cure puts you back on track to get hangover relief, or at least picks you up really fast. For those of you in places like the UK, the equivalent is Lucozade. But does Gatorade cures hangovers on its own enough? Or do you have to combine with other stuff to make the ideal hangover remedy? What does a Gatorade hangover cure do? Gatorade is really targeted… Read Article →

Gatorade For Hangovers – A Real Remedy?

Many people report that taking Gatorade for hangovers is very effective for replacing lost electrolytes and replenishing the body from a night of toxic alcohol consumption. Gatorade is originally a sports drink that has become famous for helping to cure hangovers since party animals realised that it replenished vitamins and boosted energy, as well as rehydrating the body. While having Gatorade is great the morning after, some hangovers are just too severe… Read Article →

Does Bloody Mary Give You Hangover Relief Or Is Everyone A Liar?

I love a well made Bloody Mary. Whether it’s a real remedy for hangovers remains open to debate. It depends on the type of hangover you’re suffering from.  5 different levels of hangover and how to deal with them Bloody Mary is not quite typical hair of the dog Theoretically, a Bloody Mary is a hair of the dog hangover remedy. Anything that you take with alcohol the next day… Read Article →

The Bananas Hangover Cure – Some Food To Bang Your Hungover Head

Ever tried the bananas hangover cure? Me neither. Only joking. Of course I’ve tried it, many times. I generally recommend this remedy for people waking up with an bad hangover headache. It’s more adapted to the type of hangover where the head is the main focus of pain rather than when your guts are churning. Why is the bananas hangover cure more suitable to fix a headache type of hangover? For two reasons: 1…. Read Article →

A Bacon Sandwich – Can it Cure a Hangover?

Can a bacon sandwich cure a hangover? Certainly it can help you climb your way out of one. How does it work? Making a simple, grilled sandwich of good quality bacon wedged nicely in between two slices of toast can help process your hangover out whilst simultaneously clearing your head. Add some pickles to the mix (eat them beforehand) and you’re on your way to a full hangover recovery. Obviously, don’t expect… Read Article →