The Best Hangover Drinks To Feel Better The Next Day – Fast!

The best Hangover Drinks

Here is my tested list of hangover drinks that help cure and prevent hangovers.

I’m a believer in the benefits of simultaneous vitamin replenishment andalcohol detox, both which are beneficial to your general health.

1. Multivitamin drink – effervescent

The best of the hangover drinks is a multi-vitamin drink Mix with cysteine or milk thistle. This is be an effervescent pill that dissolves in water.

– An effervescent vitamin drink after drinking alcohol is more effective than taking it the next day, when you’re already hungover (although it works for both preventing and curing).

– It includes just the right amounts of electrolytes to cover what you would have lost during your night of drunken antics.

– It’s effervescent and easy to carry around and the absorption of vitamins and minerals into your body and brain is far better and more effective.

– The fact you have to dissolve it in water also means you are rehydrated as you sleep.

– Some pills contain N-Acetyl Cysteine or milk thistle silymarin); or both to help your liver and protect it from damage.

– There would be a sugar version for when you feel weak and low in blood sugar level and a lite version for those who can’t take too much sugar or are on a diet

If you can’t find this kind of drink you can just take a Pretoxx multi-vitamin pill or equivalent after drinking and when you wake up.

As long as you have it with some water, you’ll be fine.

You should try my free guide which gives you the ten best hangover cures and prevention treatments.

2. Gatorade

Gatorade does nearly everything you’d expect from an ideal remedy solution to get rid of hangovers.

The smart way to prevent hangovers is to get it in powder form and keep it at home. You can take one powder capsule to drink after a session and another when you wake up.

It contains electrolytes, is rich in vitamins and rehydrates you nicely.

You can get Gatorade Powder for example which should do the trick nicely and last you for ages.

For my real complete verdict on Gatorade and hangover relief, see how Gatorade can prevent a hangover.

 3. Fruit juice

Fruit juice is a great hangover drink and fantastic for refreshing your slow head, especially when you drink it the night before.

Try to choose a fruit juice or two as your final drink(s) or mixer of the night or drink one when you get home, if you have no vitamins at home.

The best juices I have tested (apart from tomato, see below) are orange, cranberry and banana juice.

Banana juice is great because it has natural sugars which boost your blood sugar level, bringing you back to the world of the living.

For more on my bananas remedy and how to fix the milkshake, see how to make a bananas hangover drinks cure.

4. Coke or Pepsi

Cola can really help you by boosting your blood sugar level, which is part of the reason you feel hungover in the first place.

They also refresh and rehydrate you, waking you up and clearing your head to some extent.

I give a good verdict for the feeling and hangover relief, but not exactly the best for your health as it’s so high in sugar content.

With any sugar drink it’s best to drink it free of bubbles, let it run flat if you can so let it run flat.

If you don’t have any cola around or you can’t get up to find any, then dump some sugar in fruit juice or water and feel yourself come back to life.

5. Tomato Juice special

This is really a fruit juice but not quite the same for the extra ingredients which distinguish it from the average fruit juice.

It’s also one of the best hangover drinks for recovery for many people.

Some people claim that whisking an egg and dropping it in the juice is amazing, but I haven’t had the chance to test that yet.

Add salt and pepper for extra replenishment and a whip of tabasco for a clean out kick. Sit back and feel yourself come back to life.

6. Water

You can’t go wrong with lots of water to rehydrate your body and flush out toxins faster.

Try to have mineral water instead of tap water to replace all the minerals you may have lost whilst drinking.

Calcium and magnesium are to be found in small quantities in mineral water which help replace lost minerals.

7. The Hangover Tea

I just discovered a cool way of massaging your beaten brain after a night hammering it with the best of them.

Hangover Tea!

Some call it lemons hangover curebut I’m going one better. This is the real deal Hangover Tea. Read about the hangover tea remedy here

Or find out about more great cures and natural remedies for hangovers.

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