Hangover Remedies & Cures That Kick Your Ass

Finding hangover remedies to feel better and get fast relief is always a challenge.

Every human being is different.

There are many different causes of hangovers and this means that combining several different hangover remedies is sometimes the only solution.

1. Home Remedies for Hangovers

There are so many stories about home remedies for hangovers.

Some are true, others are myths.

We’ve all heard of hair of the dog, Bloody Mary, coffee, cold showers.

But these are all myths and don’t cure anything!

What you need instead is a 100% reliable list of home remedies for when you’re hungover.

2. Preventing Hangovers

Plenty of experience has taught me that preventing hangovers the night before is much more effective than trying to fix your head when it’s too late the morning after.

But what really works?

It does all of this while you sleep.

What else?

Drinking water alone before sleeping is helpful, but you can still get hungover. This isn’t as effective as some people claim.

Taking vitamins before sleeping is a far better better way to wake up with a much clearer head.

You can see why if you read more tips on how to prevent hangovers before they even happen.

3. Natural Hangover Remedy

If you are against drugs and medication, like me, then you’ll be looking for the most natural remedy for when you’re hungover.

Finding the right remedy isn’t always simple but there are some that really do work.

How do I know? Because I’ve tested them all. 

Find the best natural remedy for hangovers

4. Medicine for fast relief

You may completely forget to take your vitamins and water drink the night before. Your memory isn’t always great with alcohol of course.

It’s funny how sometimes you don’t get too drunk, but you still feel terrible the next day.

In fact, it’s not that funny, it’s evil.

Sometimes, you can’t even be bothered to find a natural remedy.

If that’s the way you feel right now then the best way to fixing a hangover may be to pop some medicine.

I spent years trying different solutions for fast relief.

Some were disappointing. Others were extremely effective.

Others I found out were dangerous for your liver after drinking alcohol.

Now I know all about every one of them. 

The fastest way to cure hangovers with medicine

5. Hangover Pills

Pills for for getting rid of morning after headaches or preventing hangovers are sometimes pretty effective.

You’ve probably heard of “Drinker’s Mate”, or “Chaser”.

Want to know which ones really work?

I tell you all about it. 

What hangover pills really provide you with relief?

6. Hangover Food

Eating your way out of a hangover sounds like the ideal remedy!

But does it work?

More importantly, can you handle it? 

The best food hangover remedies

7. Drinks to fix you when you’re feeling bad

Sometimes, vitamin drinks, tea, lemon juice, tomato juice and milk thistle can all help you get over being hungover.

Gatorade can also work wonders even the morning after.

  1. I know this may sound like a bad idea, but it always works for my faehtr every time he has a hangover, for some reason, food that is really done to be a little greasy stomach. Do not get all that you’ll diarrea or make you throw but only by a ride through town and go get some french fries (stay away from milk shakes, you do not want a brain freeze and a cat at the same time, lol) My faehtr actually eat burgers when he’s hungover, but that would be too hard on the stomach. If breakfast is time for you to try an egg mcmuffin from McDonalds.

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