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Get Hangover Relief Fast And Get Up

1. Instantly Fix a Hangover Suffering from a bad hangover is no fun at all. You don’t want to stay in bed. Or if you do, then you want to feel better right away. Instant hangover relief is almost impossible, but you can fix your head in around 30-40 minutes. How does it work? It involves ibuprofen and flat cola. You need this right now. But hold on, you need… Read Article →

A Whiskey Hangover – What Causes It And What Is The Remedy?

Getting a grim whiskey hangover is no fun at all. This tends to happen when you’ve been doing one of the following: – Drinking low grade, cheap whiskey – Mixing whiskey with bourbon – Mixing different kinds of whiskey – Mixing other drinks with whiskey So now you know how you got to be a shivering, sweating wreck with a splitting headache, nausea and lethargy, what can you do about… Read Article →

Treating Hangovers That Slap Your Head

Treating hangovers is tough because we suffer from so many different types of hangover. Therefore, the remedy varies according to your condition. Rather than treating your hangover with a cure the next day, you’ve surely realised that the best way to avoid getting hungover is simply to prevent it instead of than waiting until you wake up the next day when the pain is already there. But we forget The unfortunate truth… Read Article →

How to Prevent a Hangover with One Killer Natural Method

Knowing how to prevent a hangover can make life a lot easier. Personally, I can’t stand wasting half my day, or sometimes my whole day, with a splitting headache and on the verge of vomiting every time I think of either alcohol or food. It’s not just that the pain and discomfort are debilitating, it’s that I like to be active and do stuff. Whether it’s work or play, I can’t stand… Read Article →

Pretoxx Hangover Cure – Does Preventing a Hangover Really Work?

I came across Pretoxx hangover cure (or hangover prevention) pills when testing various commercial hangover treatments that are available on the market today. On a quest for the perfect hangover preventing pill, I wanted to see whether Pretoxx would help me wake up with a clear head, no nausea or shaking, no lethargy and pains. Did it work? First of all, what is Pretoxx? Pretoxx hangover cure is a health supplement that… Read Article →

How The Oxygen Hangover Cure Can Have You Feeling Better In Minutes

It’s funny because using a pure oxygen hangover cure as hangover prevention or a remedy for a hangover the next day has always been something I was aware of, but never something I really looked at in detail. Then I saw an ad for it. “Oxygen in a can” it said. I was “kind of” aware of the oxygen hangover cure helping you to recover because I realise that my hangovers are always less severe when… Read Article →

The Top Ten Best Natural Hangover Cures

If you’re like me you’ll be wanting only the best natural hangover cures and remedies. A remedy that involves hangover medicine isn’tnatural after all. Our ancestors’ bodies were accustomed to natural plants and herbs to cure hangovers, so that’s what we want to give ourselves. Most natural hangover cures have to involve herbs and plants. Without further ado, here are my top natural remedies for hippies with hangovers! 1. Vitamin with a drink Rather than stuffing… Read Article →

The Morning After Remedy – Get Relief for YOUR Pain

Trying to find the best morning after remedy is no joke when you’re crawling around, close to vomiting, with a darth vader headache and breath that makes your dog run off whimpering with pain. And then you try some new remedies and cures that you’ve looked up through your bleary eyes on the Internet, only to find that they don’t work at all and they’re FAKE! Hair of the dog? No chance…. Read Article →

Head Or Neck Rub Is A Massage Hangover Cure

Ever heard the one about getting a blissful head and neck massage hangover cure? Yep, part of having a hangover is a tight headache and we all know about that. So you’ve followed all the best hangover tips and tricks,you’ve been trying out various home remedies and you still feel as though Medusa is projecting shards of blinding white light deep into your head through your eyes after poking them with knitting needles. It’s ok,… Read Article →

Ibuprofen Hangover Cure For Fast Results

An ibuprofen hangover cure works extremely well most of the time, but I’d advise against getting used to it and taking it too often. Why is this? I recommend hangover prevention if you possibly can do this instead. How do you prevent a hangover successfully? I do it by taking a large glass of water and a pretoxx multivitamin pill which boosts levels of depleted electrolytes while you’re sleeping. It’ll also help to protect your liver… Read Article →