Cocaine Hangover Or Comedown – Find The Best Cure Now

cocaine hangover or comedown can be pretty hard mentally as well as physically.

Coke is a class A drug in many countries, meaning it’s considered pretty potent. To cure it isn’t easy in every case and may take days, weeks or months.

“I got cocaine in ma brain, I got cocaine.”

We know coke makes you feel clear headed, confident, wired and energetic. However, the buzz wears off after 15-30 minutes, until the next poodle’s leg hits your blood stream that is.

Many users have a few lines during a night out and as a result, feel weird and uncomfortable the next day.

How do you feel?

If you’ve had a heavy night on the powder, then you probably had a disturbingly bad and short sleep.

If you were drinking alcohol and taking cocaine, then your hangover could well be pretty severe as you’ll be dehydrated too, intensifying any lingering headache.

A tight, nipping head is a symptom many people get from a cocaine hangover or comedown.

You might be feeling irritable (very common), agitated, restless and yet unable to concentrate on anything.

Your nose is hurting and blocked up one side and you feel tired and maybe a bit angry or depressed or worthless.

Your heart may be beating irregularly or too fast, which makes it uncomfortable.

You are unlikely to have much of an appetite.

Regular or short term user?

If last night was a coke binge from out of the blue, then consider yourself better off than those who have a long term heavy cocaine habit.

Long term heavy cocaine users get worse hangovers because they need more and more coke to experience the high. Their comedowns involve sometimes intense craving for more.

They are effectively insatiable as they never reach the nirvana high they feel like they are striving for.

You could say their comedown is mental as well as physical. They are addicted. The remedy is a long term treatment program with daily monitoring.

Are you a long term user wanting to detox and clean out? 

Symptoms of cocaine addiction – do you have them? 

How to quit cocaine – techniques to stop taking coke 

You can beat coke addiction with this natural technique 

A short term user will still get a cocaine hangover or comedown though and will need some tips on how to get through it. This is why I give you some tips on how to cure a coke comedown.

So I have a real cocaine hangover, what do I do about it?

The best treatments to help you recover from a cocaine hangover vary and you might have to try a few before you find out which one is effective.

Why not just try them all?

Here we go…

Herbs for detox and mood lift

Fortunately there are some great ways to feel better relatively fast for coke takers.

The best known one is St. John’s Wort which rocks for improving mood for most people.

However, not everyone takes this (READ the label first).

Otherwise, if you have trouble sleeping then 5HTP can help to promote deeper sleep.

I’ve taken 5HTP and I find that it calms me and helps me to sleep.

5HTP helps to detox so you could well sweat at night, but it’s poison you’ll be sweating out, so don’t worry! I’ve taken 5HTP too and the immediate reaction was that I became calmer. It also detoxed me.

Eat to help you get over your coke comedown

Sometimes, the most obvious solutions are the ones that are right under our noses.

Whilst many people may go to the pharmacy in search of a little known amazing remedy combination of pharmaceuticals, the solution is probably easier to find in your local grocery store.

Get down and do some shopping now. Try to avoid the shops with long queues and preferably find a place where food is fresh and not processed and packaged.

What’s the best food for coke comedowns?

Gazpacho: Tomatoes, onion, olive oil, garlic, basil, capsicum (red peppers) all blended together with ginger, salt and pepper.

Balanced meal: Broccoli, mushrooms, onions, new potatoes, lean pork off the bone or chicken (leg or breast). Season it with a sauce that doesn’t contain any dairy products.

You are allowed one glass of red wine to chill you out a bit! Only red and only one.

If you really can’t be bothered to cook, go to Chinatown and find a place where only Chinese people eat. Order something with lots of ginger and vegetables and some rice or chinese dumplings.

Drink to detox a cocaine hangover

Another coke comedown tip so obvious you might forget to do it.

Drinking helps flush out the toxins. Coke is a bit of a toxin. Don’t get drunk while you’re feeling down from a coke blast, it won’t do much. You need loads of tea, mineral water and fruit juices. Stock up with it.

How do I know what to drink?

Oh dear you’re feeling grim today. Go and get loads of green tea. This is easy to find anywhere these days.

Now buy 4 bottles of mineral water. Drink your first bottle with a vitamin pill, preferably an effervescent one. Then drink the other bottles. Go on.

Now load up on green tea. Make a whole pot of the stuff and go for it.

An option to make it nicer is to add honey which is just good stuff all round, as well as tasty. You can try honey and cinammon in your tea as this helps blood circulation, which will help you drain the bad stuff out faster.

For more info, check my hangover tea remedy. Load up on pineapple, grapefruit and tomato juice. These rock for picking you up out of your dull apathy. 

What drinks are the best ones for picking you up?


Hard to believe but true. Yet again, so obvious yet so under-rated.

Go for a 5 mile run. Go cycling, go swimming. If you hate fitness, go for a 5 mile fast walk.

You need your body to metabolise the bad stuff and you need your blood to circulate. Sweat out the junk.

Make sure you’re fully hydrated before doing any of this and be careful, as coke can leave your heart a bit over worked. Don’t do anything if you start feeling bad.

Exercise is not for everyone. If you have doubts, any whatsoever, just go for a walk, preferably where it’s green and if possible, where the air is fresh. Don’t overwork your body. It’s already been battered by the powder.

You may feel like the effect is coming back as you start to exercise. For the first 5 minutes or so, it’ll be hard. But keep at it and you’ll feel it gradually easing off. Half an hour later, you may well be feeling as though you never had any in the first place.

You need to sweat!

Mental Distractions

Rather than sitting around wanting to pull your own teeth out, or playing that video game in some stuffy room, change your mind a bit.

Call a friend, one who’s easy to talk to and who would understand. Look through your contacts and bell a chum who you haven’t heard from for a while. Meet up. Go outside in the park, get some sunlight.

Go and watch a good film, preferably one which makes you laugh.

Call up an ex and see how they are. That’ll take your mind off your silly coke hangover alright! 

Maybe you don’t have a cocaine hangover – is it something else?

Breathing Exercises to get through a cocaine hangover

Strange but true, simple deep breathing can help you get rid of a cocaine hangover. It may not cure your dodgy condition completely, but it will make you feel better if done properly.

Find a quiet place and lie on your back. Empty your mind by thinking of a number or an object only. Think only of this, and it will stop other thoughts coming in to invade your mind.

Now take long, slow and deep breaths. Master the empty mind technique and stay this way as long possible. Feel yourself breathing and feel your whole body.

If you can do this for over 40 minutes and keep your mind completely empty, you’re pretty exceptional.

  1. Very well written, i had a binge last 3 days but i don´t use regularly (and don´t want to), grade A stuff, my nose is good, no burns or runny fluids, i ate a lot today! after work i will take a marijuana puff to relax but really, the stuff was so good, my only complain is i feel a little tired. Thanks again, i´m taking some green tea with honey and will walk back home to sweat a little.

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